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Tjet FTA: The New Saga

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by vanandwiz, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    I am a proud owner of Linea Tjet+ Fox Trot Azure. It been 2 months of ownership and overall experience has been great (not without problems... will come to it later).

    Before going into the dealer experience, ownership experience and the story on the long drive. I will give a quick flashback on where it all started....
    Seven years ago... I had finally arrived in life... bought a new flat... so the next one was a car... and the hunt began. Started off to search for a second hand Maruti 800. I was too apprehensive about my driving skill; never driven a car before (just started with driving classes). I was almost certain that I will cause minor accidents.
    After a great deal of search and lot of convincing... finally ended up with a brand new Maruti WagonR. It was truly fantastic car and the driver in me was born. I started miles and miles of driving with aplomb and ease... have done 50K kms in the car and 45K was on the highway. The car was incredible when the highway traffic was moderate to dense... could easily zip through and cut across bigger cars. But on zero traffic zone... I was a sitting duck... the car was always nervous after 100 Km/hr...could not push further... car after car started overtaking me.... and finally one day... a volvo twin-axle bus gobbled me.

    So the search began for next car, a faster car and good highway car (this was about 2 years ago). My first thoughts were on Optra Diesel. Lot of offers were floating around but did not bite the bait. Since it was ten year old design; model that had stopped; also I had to stretch my finance greatly. I was slow in making my mind (took one year!!); the ads also stopped coming. On enquiry, found that the cars are not available. So it was a disappointment.
    So the next thing in line was Vento, Rapid and City (was OK with both diesel and petrol); the search was for the best highway car in my budget.
    Vento: took a TD on one of my friend's car. The dashboard was bit higher; felt the visibility was average in city conditions. Adjusting to Diesel was bit difficult; driving WagonR was so much easier. Petrol Vento had average reviews. High-end Diesel was quite steeply priced. Lacked decent in-car features. Ofcourse, it had a good road presence, good resale value, highway manners wer above average.
    Rapid: did not do a TD; checked with the showroom wala, there was a two month waiting time on Diesel cars and one month on petrol. Above all the showroom guy had quite an attitude; he was bit rude. Although, it might have been a better deal than Vento on most front. Showroom experience was enough to put me off.
    City: "well it is a City!!" that was the cliché from well known quarters. Had great style; good road presence; good visibility; wife was happy with rear seat and space. Was inclined in getting one. Probably get a Corporate Edition and spruce it up. But I would end up with approx 8L on road and sprucing with be another 80K. Alternatively get the fully loaded version with paddle shift; which was bit beyond my budget. But the reviews on highway manners were holding me back. Thin tyres!! Had a few hard braking with WagonR (155mm; Bridgestone Turanza) and the vehicle did well! So the question mark was always in the back of my mind; the risk of getting thin tyres for big car.
    Linea: did not consider due to lack of knowing it; may be, did not see the car enough on road; no ads….
    Verna: Big no, because of review-after-review on the poor highway manners.
    Manza: Look and feel was something I did not want.
    XUV500: created interest!! But bit out of budget; and ofcourse the waiting time.
    Desire, SX4 was out of contention because I did not want another Maruti.
    Fiesta new: too overpriced.
    Fiesta Old: well it is an old model; seen too often on the road.

    Back from flash back…. Present day… Chennai
    The search seemed endless…. And then one day the Tjet+ ad beamed prominently on the newspaper. The spec seemed fantastic; looked like it had all that I wanted and at a great price. Googled for more info on the car….. How did I miss so much info on this car?

    Checked with Concorde showroom Guindy on the next weekend. The initial response from the showroom folks was slow. But that allowed me check on the cars parked inside the showroom. Even after telling that I had come for Tjet+, the sales person was interested in telling about Punto MJD and got a quote for the same!! Also looked like no TD was possible on any cars because of the extra rush and lunch hour. I was about to leave; and then another sales-man appeared and casually enquired with me. Told him the story and Presto! TD was arranged for Tjet+. The TD was immensely satisfying. It brought big smile on my face; tried to control expressing it but it was hard to suppress. Just what I wanted! Got a quote for Tjet+; it was well within my budget. Onroad=8.4L; My old car=1.55L; Advance=50K; Loan=6.5L (total discount was 2.51)
    Also got a quote for my old exchange car; it was 1.5L. This seemed too low. But the insurance was about to expire in a month. Annual service was pending. One big dent in read bumper and another on right rear pillar. The battery was three years old; should be replaced anytime. The budget on all these seems to cost between 25K to 30K. Above all, the exchange bonus of 1L seemed too good to be missed. After some haggling got an additional 5K and the final price was 1.55L.
    Came back home and recited the exciting TD moments to my wife. Did not cease for one moment without talking about it. Started to read each review, ownership report from multiple websites. The one that was most impressive was from Sathya!! Seem to tell what I wanted to hear. That review sealed the deal and it has been an inspiration to write this long story.

    The week after I booked the Tjet+. Stuck a deal for the following accessories, floor mats, mud flaps, body cover, illuminated sill plate, reverse sensors, spoiler; all of them for Rs 6500; tried all for free but it did not stick!! Requested for mfg month; but could not get any details until I got the form 22 (the day before registration). The delivery date was set for 13-June (2 weeks waiting). Returned my old car in next couple of days. The wait started and it was long. As there was delay in knowing the mfg month I was getting restless and worried. Read a review somewhere that 2010 vehicles were also sold. But finally got to know that it is a May 2011 vehicle; one year old one!! But I knew it only after I saw the vehicle and did a PDI. By then I was satisfied that I have got a good vehicle (touchwood). I did not get the PDI list from this site. I got it from team-bhp. It was a generic one, not specific to fiat or Tjet+. But nonetheless got the essence and tried to do my best PDI. I was emotional and it was not comprehensive. Took my wife along for the PDI; somehow she did not like FTA initially and also critical on getting a Fiat and a petrol head. So my Mrs. did PDI to compensate for my misses. The car was not clean while doing a PDI but it was a transformed one when I got it delivered. The dealer also did a 3M car polish. So the effect was evident.
    Loan: Processed car loan though HDFC bank; fixed rate of 11% with pre-period EMI; also took a HDFC ergo car loan insurance (Had bitter experiences with SBI bank, my previous car loan provider; took a floating rate and the bank never bother to notify me for any change in interest rate; each time I checked with them on loan status I was in for shock; could never manage to get proper response.)
    Registration: The registration date provided by the dealer was not auspicious. We request for an earlier auspicious date. After some persistent convincing, the registration was done on the auspicious day. But delivery had to be on the non-auspicious day (All of this on my wife’s insistence). For me it did not matter as long as the delivery happened on the promised date.

    D-Day: by then loan was processed and dispersed. Registration was done. Called the showroom in the morning to confirm the delivery. Meanwhile we also got a gift for the sales persons. We were on time to collect our car. I had planned about 1 to 2 hours for the whole session. But it was much faster and smooth. Had our digital stamping (photos) done with our car. We also got a instant photo framed as a gift; which was bit of a surprise. But the bigger surprise was that we were chequered flagged out of the showroom!!!
    But the next 15~20 kms home was a big test. New big car on a busy evening rush hour traffic. Kept my fingers crossed (rather firmly on steering) till I reached home without scratches or bumps…..

    Will be back with ownership experience……….. (including some nightmares)…. I’ll be back!


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  2. congrats on the T Jet.It looks amazing in the ever wonderful colour,FTA.The prices are mouth watering too.You got a great deal there.Congrats on that.Where do you stay in Chennai ?
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  3. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Congrats... agree with vignesh.. that a nice deal u got...
  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats mate! Awesome selection! For me any day TJet rules in its segment! Happy and Safe motoring!
  5. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Congrats! It's the best machine available on our roads today for that price.
  6. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Congrats ! you have a Steal price for the worlds best performance car :)
  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Congrats! One AWESOME ride you got there.

    The yellow "stripes" of the ribbon are looking great :p. I reckon they won't look bad running through the entire length of the car!

  8. vanandwiz

    vanandwiz Amatore

    Folks... thanks for the replies and likes....... please also check-out the photos in my Album.....

    Vignesh, I stay in Tambaram, work inside MEPZ......

    Gurjinder, agree with you on the yellow stripes..... did not remove them for 4 days..... but my wife removed them off!!! :eek:...... did seriously contemplate yellow sticker stripes... or even racing sticker available for Punto as accessories..... but just wanted the whole experience to settle a bit.... or may be plan it next year........
  9. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Congratulations and best wishes, vanandwiz, for choosing the most rarest of the rare car.:) I am repeating here my favourite sentences::)

    FIAT car is a rare car.

    FIAT Linea is rarer car.

    FIAT Linea 1.4 TJet+ is the rarest car.

    FIAT Linea 1.4 TJet+ FTA is the most rarest of the rare car!
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  10. sungoa2010


    To reach till Tjet one has to be good hurdle jumper. Every time nonsense cars will appear in front. One has to successfully avoid each to reach that final point. Those who go for boats are the persons fail at the first point.
    You are a successful hurdle jumper. Congrats:D
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