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Tizzie comes home : The Linea T-Jet 2013

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by puchoo, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    @Puchoo..in one pic your car has got Goodyear Eagle NCT 5 tyres and in another pic your car's spare wheel is of Apollo Accelere..why Fiat is giving spare wheel tyre of another tyre co's??
  2. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Thank you. I believe mine is not only the first Oceanic Blue T-Jet in the country but the first to be booked and delivered period! :-D

    Thank you and look forward to reading your review shortly

    I did at one point and the conversation got lost for some reason. I can check again. Thank you and will definitely post some more.


    Thank you , all credit needs to go to the wife for this color choice.

    Many thanks!!

    Thank you Nadeem! In reply to your other post yes , the spare wheel is Apollo so they are different. I can only attribute this decision to cost.

    Yes , i see what you mean i had not even noticed them because they do not really stand out while driving per say. I just checked with some older 2011 photographs and overall the design of the steering is identical , its just these 2 extra joints.

    From what i can recall the "feel" to be the quality of the leather wrap seems to be the same but best way to tell would be to have a 2013 and an older model together and compare - but what i can comment on is that there is no problem with the quality one bit.
  3. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore

  4. RKK

    RKK Amatore

    Enjoy your T-Jet dude. Even I took a test drive yesterday and I was thrilled. The time in which my car was showing 90ish something on the odo, TJet was doing 120. Simply amazing. The only things which I didn't liked were too high ground clearance and light steering, but then I was comparing with my old Linea.

    In any case TJet is way better car in its segment. The acceleration and sweet engine sound is highly addictive.

    I second you on this. :sadblue
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  5. Excellent review,I wish it had been more detailed one.
  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    What a Beauty:mischievous!! Linea looks breathtaking in OB. Congrats! I could easily make it out that you can take the cars where all hidden will be exposed, Words like "Disconnection between me and car" etc etc were really interesting.

    What i would describe the best cars of the lot that you tested... Laura TSI, Cruze and TJet.

    Must mention that last Laura was one of the best looking cars (Totally individual thought!!), new Laura must have enhanced lot of other depts. if not looks. How do you compare them, viz. Dynamics and fun to drive factor. What is there that you feel one car has and other doesn't. Let's get dispense with Rear seat comfort/cup-holders etc etc, which one is the most fun to drive in the end. Thanks!
  7. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla

    The steering for me is a little heavier than the Fabia which i am coming from so no problems there.

    Thank you!

    I agree on the Laura in terms of looks as well. If it came down to the T-Jet and the Cruze , i think the interior quality that the fiat offers is far superior. Like i wrote i have been in a Cruze a lot and while the performance is really great interiors do matter to me a bit . Between the Laura and the T-Jet , i would probably go with the Laura - performance is far superior , interior quality is far superior , you can get the TSI in DSG as well now . But the thing is it is unfair to compare , we are comparing the T-Jet which is about 9.5 OTR and then the Laura which is closer to 16-16.5 OTR - almost double.
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  8. C and D segment cars can't be compared as you are not comparing apples to apples.
  9. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Was all set to do a photo op yesterday but then it started raining heavily - managed to take a few quick ones before needing to run in :D

    Love the photograph of the alloys and how it has come out.

    BW1.jpg BW2.jpg rain1.jpg rain2.jpg Speedo1.jpg speedo2.jpg alloys1.jpg
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  10. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    No, i don't go along with the theory like this car can't be compared with that car, you have already done that and chose Tjet for your reasons:D. T-Jet was always best in it's segment so no use of including City/Verna etc etc. It's not my fault if you find a worthy competitor 1-segment above.

    which car is most stable, confident and carry its engine with authority over others? With lot more powerful engines, Laura/Cruze, their straight line performance should have an edge... but what about Brakes, cornering, steering, suspension, changing lane at high speeds? I won't be surprised if Laura holds an edge but still how better it is than Tjet?
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