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Tizzie comes home : The Linea T-Jet 2013

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by puchoo, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    For months i have been delaying getting my HSRP plates done thanks to a factor of little time , laziness on weekends and the fact that the center i got is a good 20 Km's away from my place. Add to it generic apprehension of crowds and "babu" processes and i have had the receipt tucked away with me for over 4 months.

    Yesterday however i decided to be a bit active and go across and get it done. With news about it being implemented aggressively post December decided i might as well bite the bullet and get it done. A few photos and details of the process in case it helps anyone.


    As one can see from the above route map i pretty much had to go from one end of Delhi to the other. This one is located in Timarpur New Delhi , one of the furthest ones i could have possibly got in Delhi.

    However , call it luck i managed to get there in about 40 minutes only . My SA from fiat had told me to try and arrive well before 1 PM as they break for lunch post that , and lunch breaks can stem from the official 1 hour to 3 hours depending!! Also post 230 PM there is an increased inflow in terms of the crowd and the process would take longer. I managed to get there a little after 12 PM.


    The above photo is of the center. Its located in a very empty and shady looking market , the corners of which are filled with school kids smoking and trying to woo the many school girls around as well. The center as you can see is pretty deserted with only 2 people standing outside it. Rather unimpressive and unkempt as well. Inside there are 3 computers with a lot of number plates lying around and a few operators who think they are the cats whiskers because they know how to use a computer. The supervisor spends most of his time strolling outside and making runs to the "paan shop" . The male operator thinks even more highly of himself because he appears to know how to use MS powerpoint as well , something his lady colleague seems to be mesmerized and impressed with.

    The dear lady has nothing to do with the center - although looking at the photograph one might think she owns it , better yet owns the company but she is the local vegetable seller whose kitty funnily seems to comprise of carrots and potatoes only. However she is most interested in the process and gets up and takes a close look at all the cars coming there. For a minute i thought that in order to facilitate my plates i might have to buy some vegetables from her and appease the supervisor in the process but fortunately that was not the case. :)

    One point i would like to mention - look at the receipt you would have got from your car dealership and ensure that the RTO as well as the showroom stamps are present. Mine did not have the showroom stamp present , the SA simply had not put it on and i was none the wiser about needing it. Its once i submitted my papers that the supervisor between his spitting requirements told me they will not process me without the showroom stamp ,a few calls were made and the SA yelled at , a favor called in and thankfully it went under processing.

    They asked me to fill in a small one page form which basically acknowledges that i have got the plates and what the car details were.

    Then it all starts....


    The old plates are taken off. In the picture above you can see a blue milk carton , that's the tool box !! After every screw removed the person used to strike a pose as can be seen above ............... apparently not only is it tiring to remove a screw , you can also flaunt it.


    The new number plates then start getting put on. They use a drill to drill into the bumper at 2 points post visually lining up the plates on both ends of the car. It is seemingly a very immersive and mentally relaxing / stimulating process as the person sat there like that with my plate for about 5 minutes. I did walk around to see if he had fallen off to sleep but fortunately (for me) he was awake. I said nothing for fear of disturbing his thought process and getting possibly a not so straight plate.

    After about 5 minutes he yelled for someone to come and hold one end of the plate so he could drill into the other end , i offered to help but was turned down. It appears that i am not qualified for such a job and could possibly screw up the perfection that he was striving for............... never mind that its my car.


    Post the holes he put in 2 rivets and went to get the rear ones done. This is what the rivets look like. Basically long cylindrical tubes which go into the holes. They have currently just been placed to hold the plate in place ( and you can see what a good job is being done on that front!! )


    After both plates have been put - did i mention they ran out of widgets and 15 minutes were spent going through the milk carton and then the office to find some more - this chap shows up. He is the muscle man of the market , much of that reputation comes from the tool he uses to tighten and break off the extra length of the rivets as is being done above. Fortunately this only took about 30 seconds for both plates.


    The last task was putting another sticker on the inside of my windshield which has the license number and some car details on it. I actually honestly did not know that this was required as well. On inquiring as to why this was needed given the plates and the fact that all these details are mentioned in the RC book along with other documents of the car i was promptly , in a roaring voice , told " To prevent theft" - i could not help but tease a bit and asked him that if the sticker was all that it took to stop my car getting stolen , they should have just put stickers in the first place to being with and ignored the plates..... i did not get a response as he walked away to get a fresh Paan.

    All in all it took me about 60-70 minutes to get all of this done. The actual time spent working was only 15 minutes , the rest of the time went in basically doing nothing. The overall experience was far better than i had imagined in terms of time as well as there not being a crowd but if this is the pace they work with , i am sure when they have 5-6 cars parked it will take much longer.

    No payment was made since it had already been done by the dealership to the RTO.
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  2. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    [SUB]‚Äč[/SUB]A bit late with these images but then better late than never i suppose! Finally installed the illuminated T-Jet door sills when the car went for its first service some weeks back. Still much more expensive than 99 RPM where they are available for about 1200 INR whereas at the workshop they are at about 2700 INR - but there was a service camp running so not only did i get a 10-15% discount on the price i did not pay for labor as well.

    Good quality and am very satisfied with them



    Those are not scratches that are present on the non illuminated photo but its the plastic cover which is still to be taken off.

    Service details in another post , for some reason i cannot locate my bill!
  3. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    So i think it is time to call the pandits or take the car for a pooja because its just a bad bad month for her.

    This is what happened today thanks to one of Delhi's finest lady drivers. Driving at 50kmph inside a colony road and looking in her glove box for something rather than the road. She did not even have time to apply the brake. Saw her coming in the mirror about 3 seconds before it happened , with her head and hand near the glove box but very little i could do except take my hands off the steering wheel and foot off the clutch.

    Estimated damage at 35,000 or so , insurance will take care of it all

    1. Bumper completely gone
    2. Lights are both cracked though not visible in the photo
    3. license plate lights gone
    4. chrome beading gone
    5. Mud flaps etc bent out of shape
    6. Boot lid has got lifted up and jammed in the lock position. While the upper panel is fine i am guessing once they open it the entire loading lip area would have gone inside a bit

    Drove the car to Kashyap at Okhla , everything mechanically seemed to be fine which is a relief , car was then transported to their Noida facility owing to certain tools required which were only there and the cashless settlement happens there.

    Expected time to get car back is 24-26th March , earlier if the insurance surveyor can come tomorrow else he wont be able to see the car till Tuesday thanks to long weekend owing to holi.

    Fingers crossed that they do a good job and the overall experience is good , if anyone has any tips on dealing with them , would be highly appreciated.


    and yes , the reflection of the people you see are those involved. Lady driver who later called her dad to the scene as well and their car.

  4. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Ouch Pucchoo.

    Sad to see Tizzie get hurt. But Tizzie is strong built and will recover very soon. Has the lady been gracious enough to get the repairs done from her 3rd party insurance or is it you who is bearing the cost?
  5. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Very sad to see your Linea in this state :(

    Wish they do good work and it will back to you soon in the stock condition.
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  6. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    I managed to extract some money from them but thats about it , the rest is going to be taken care of by my own insurance provider.

  7. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Thats pretty Bad puchoo!!:( . I just hope it recovers quickly to what it was earlier. Amen.
  8. gkabillan

    gkabillan Timido

    That is really sad, hey can u fix the bumper and boot lid with the latest 2014 linea? if yes try that one...
  9. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Thanks guys , the good news is that there is no structural , mechanical damage to the car so while its bad it is all cosmetic. And by the looks of it i should have the car back a few days earlier than originally calculated.

    Does anyone have any idea on how to get a replacement HSRP plate , as you can see the plate is broken as well , i have asked the workshop to keep it carefully and i will use it till i get a new one - except i do not know the process of getting a new one.

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  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    The front HSRP in my car got bent when a dog came in front all of a sudden. I am using the same plate but since yours is broken it needs replacement.

    I guess you need to visit the regional transport office where they take order for HSRPs for old vehicles and talk to them. Tell them that you had HSRP that got damaged and needs replacement. They can guide you.

    I am from Panchkula and the HSRPs for old cars are fitted at the RTA office located at the Panchkula ISBT. So my opinion is based on the procedure in Panchkula district of Haryana.

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