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Tizzie comes home : The Linea T-Jet 2013

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by puchoo, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Me wanting to acquire the tjet is not a new story , in fact it’s an old long one which started in 2012 and concluded 10 months later!

    In 2011 I had just got myself a Fabia 1.6. A fabulous buy and a great great car. Excellent build quality , a peppy 1.6 mill , very low maintenance, silent and smooth and a lot of fun to drive. I had seen the Honda’s and the Verna’s and while one had the budget to buy a sedan I for some reason kept going back to this car and finally bought it. There was no t-jet considered at all , I simply had not noticed her.

    In September a discussion started in the house about my wife getting a new car and it was decided that she would take the Fabia given how much she liked it and i would look for another car for myself. Straight off the block we were only looking at petrol options given that the driving distance on a daily basis simply did not warrant a diesel

    Started looking around , and this time the Tjet caught my eye , owing more to the massive discounts which were running on the car at that time which were about 200,000 INR. Lots of research and reading many many threads on TBHP got me to walk into the Fiat Caffee showroom in Delhi. Drove the car and immediately fell in love with it. I had found a piece of machinery which not only satisfied my requirements in the form of a sedan but one which gave a class leading driving experience. The decision was sealed and we decided to move ahead with the purchase and I booked the car within a few days………….

    Now the saga began.

    All the cars were 2010 / 2011 stock and the T-Jet was going to be phased out – hence the discounts , it also meant a lot of confusion at the dealership. After I made the first booking they failed to confirm the color in time (despite confirming verbally) and I cancelled it and told them to update themselves on the stock. About a week later post a call from the sales executive I booked again only to run into the same color confusion all over again. Booking cancelled again. The story repeated itself some days later but this time owing to some personal work I was unable to confirm and by the time I could speak on the subject again the color was gone and I received news that 2011 models were over. As much as I loved the car , buying a 2010 model simply did not make sense , mentally too many risks attached and I let it be.

    For the next weeks I scoured the Delhi / NCR area hoping to find a 2011 T-Jet with another dealer. Multiple calls , many follow ups with Fiat Caffee as well as fiat themselves yielded no results and I gave up. For a while after that I kept getting calls about a white T-Jet from 2010 which I kept saying no to and eventually that was sold as well and I resigned myself to missing the chance to own a car which I was fairly sure would have been a lot of fun for many a years to come.

    The only option available now was to find another car. My instinct was to buy the Laura , there were some good discounts on but more importantly I felt I would be very happy with that as well. A different segment but bang on with respect to power and driving dynamics that I wanted – unfortunately despite many months of discussions my wife simply did not feel comfy spending that much money and in hindsight I can but only appreciate her efforts in keeping me reigned in , despite the discounts one was still talking north of 16 Lacs OTR and by now we were sitting in 2013.
    Off and on for the next weeks the search continued and the following car list was drawn up (just personal opinions , no offence intended to any owners of these cars )

    City – tried and tested , good to drive , AVN model available and all in all a good buy. But with the city I would not have settled for anything below the paddle shift grade but that was still secondary because I was not “blown” away with the car , I have never liked the interior quality of the City and the OTR with the paddle shifters was close to 11. The dealership experience was great as always but the car failed to “connect” with me.

    Verna – decided to give her a shot again as well with the hope that the suspension would be better now but It was not. It felt exactly the same with the rear slipping away fairly easily and enough on the bouncing front in Delhi itself at speeds which were only 60% of what I would typically drive at on the highway.

    Vento – did not take a strong look at it , I had driven it enough times and had someone in the family who owned one was not overly excited or enthusiastic about it. Plus the last time , the VW guys had the South Delhi dealership had really managed to rub me the wrong way – a “ I am doing you a favor by selling this car “ attitude , this time around it was no different.

    The three main contenders thus were already excluded!! Now I was really In a jam , at this point my wife decided to be a little more generous with the budget ( I think she was just running out of patience and did not want to wait much more for the Fabia) but it did not help much , I started looking at the XUV 500 and the Cruze. Both ruled out , there was nothing wrong with the XUV , simply did not need something that big , the Cruze was excellent on the power delivery front but I was once again not happy with the interior quality , especially in the back. A colleague has it in office and I have had the opportunity to ride in it many times.

    The Sunny , Scala were never on the top of the list but did check them out and rediscovered why they were not on the top of my list to begin with. It seemed that a compromise would need to be made – either we just stick with the existing setup for a while or I go in for the City and be done with it , I was honestly by this time starting to tire out as well mentally.

    Then the gods smiled!!

    News of the T-Jet relaunch came out and clearly that solved my dilemma. The decision was made and all I had to do was wait for the car. At this point the launch period was April – my SA who I was in touch with off and on during these months called me to let me know to expect the car by the 10th/15th of April which by now was less than 1 month away.

    Then disaster again….!!

    The launch got postponed , instead of getting a call to tell me when the car would be available for viewing I hear that there is now a delay till June ( clearly by this time I had absolutely no faith in this new deadline either) , fortunately a couple of office trips outside the country helped tide the time over and this time around it really did seem that Fiat would live upto the deadline and they did.

    The official launch in Delhi was the 14th ( why they would have another launch after 1 week of all the information being out is questionable) . I landed up at the Cafe for paying the booking amount only to learn that I had walked into the official launch. And it so transpired that mine was the first booking of the T-Jet in India and as an acknowledgement I was asked to unveil the car along with my wife

    I booked the Emotion grade - It took another 3-4 days for a test drive to take place. They only had one car which was being run around across the NCR region , Dynamic. As I write this I believe they still have no emotion variant available for viewing and mine is the first one in Delhi. Another 10 days went in getting the documents and the processes for the loan etc sorted out , there was considerable lack of information at the dealership end on many aspects well after the launch as well – availability of remote , spare wheel being an alloy vs steel , extended warranty cost etc etc.

    During this time another incident took place which almost made me cancel the booking for a 4th time! I had opted for the oceanic blue color , for a good 10 days no one told me that there were any problems in terms of availability or delay and that I can expect delivery between 7-10th of July. On a random follow up call to get the VIN I was informed that Blue and Black had not been made in the first batch and I wished to change then delivery could be as per the original timelines or else an additional 15 days – I blew my top and escalated it at Kashyap as well as Fiat , within 2 days I received an email from Fiat , followed by a call from the dealer with my VIN and Sales docket number , color confirmation and that delivery timelines would not be effected and lo and behold I got her home on the 7th of July.

    I did manage to get some goodies out which I have listed below for reference but clearly nothing remotely close to the discounts which were being offered in 2012. I am also acutely aware that waiting for 2-3 months would have possibly meant that some offers would have come out but I simply did not have the energy , as I write this there are bookings coming in consistently for the T-Jet but they are slow and the car is not flying off the shelves , would not be too unrealistic to have something like ‘free insurance’ coming out soon. At any rate , I give a lot of credit to Fiat for re-launching this car and I hope that their decision yields something positive for them and that it’s enough to have her in the market for others to experience as well.

    Free RSA
    Free Body Kit
    Corporate discount
    Booking discount ( was basically offered a gold coin which I deducted against the cost of the car)

    While not as lucrative financially as it has been , the car is cheaper than before by about 40,000 ex-showroom Delhi. But there has been some cost cutting involved on which I am a mixed bag of thoughts. The Alloy wheel is now steel and this one stings especially given how much I love the design. 2 headrests at the back instead of 3 as were earlier , some color changes internally (don’t think they effect the cost) but beyond this the car is pretty much the same. The engine is now locally manufactured and is another reason the cost is on the lower side. Frankly I think with the just the engine manufacturing here now , they could have saved enough of this 40,000 and not needed to sacrifice the other stuff – but none of them are deal breakers.

    The dealership experience has been “so-so” , I took a liking to my SA who has been with me now for the last 10 months but overall this is an area they and fiat need to work on extensively and quickly to improve , people with less patience and love for their cars are not going to go through , for example
    I was informed there was no remote control , sent an email to fiat to confirm the same and they told me I will get a remote
    Delivery process took 3 hours!! Confusion over where to take it from , we went to one place and the car needed to get driven there from the other PDI not done properly in terms of overall cleanliness of the vehicle from the inside , waster a good 60 minutes getting that done prior to delivery – managed to get a free dry cleaning servicing endorsed onto the car General lack of pro-activeness.

    A special note for my Fabia , it’s been a great 1.5 years with her and I am sad to see her go , especially that slick transmission - but she is still in the family and a few drives here and there every month are definitely going to keep taking place .For me the ownership experience was even better because I had a pretty decent ASS 2 minutes away from my office with some really nice people.

    Initial driving experience
    Absolutely fantastic. The car is just a great all-rounder be it features or the driving experience itself. Found my comfy spot as well as far as the driving position is concerned very quickly. Got a lot of reading to do on the car which I am looking forward to in terms of owner manuals , Blue and Me. Paired the phone on the first day itself – absolutely perfect , seamless , was reading messages and making calls within 5 minutes. Despite the higher ground clearance I don’t think it has done much to change ride and handling – it’s all still as good as it used to be , only exception being that the rear wheel wells look a bit empty now despite the 16 inchers.

    Need to get used the shifting , the fabia was smooth and short , the TJet is smooth but long and it’s going to take me a few more days to get used to that however I find the clutch comfortable enough , there is substantial play in it but owing to the how soft it is , there have been no tired feet or knees so far. I have a feeling that the alignment / balancing is a little off but not very sure owing to how new this car is for me but will get it checked out once if the feeling does not go away.

    The major difference between the 2013 and the earlier T-Jets are

    No spare alloy - standard steel Apollo
    2 rear headrests instead of 3
    Rain sensing wipers and auto headlamps in the 2013 model
    This is a nice surprise - if one folded the rear arm rest down there used to be an ugly black metal type frame which used to show , now its been covered with leather
    Upholstery color appears to be lighter , and the area under the dashboard has gone whitish from the earlier black

    I have read a lot here about the quality of the 2013 Linea T-Jet being worse than before - i can only say that in my opinion its not. In fact i think Fiat has gone and fixed a few things which were not upto the mark before - ignition area , back cover for the rear arm rest etc. What i don't appreciate is the absence of the spare alloy.

    A sincere thanks to this community , a lot of my reading and information discovery has been thanks to the great content which has been posted here and with this review and in the times to come i hope to be able to help out as well.



    M head unit.JPG



























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  2. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    A few more photographs

    Picture39.jpg Picture40.jpg Picture41.jpg Picture44.jpg Picture48.jpg Picture49.jpg Picture50.jpg Picture51.jpg Picture52.jpg Picture54.jpg Picture55.jpg Picture56.jpg Picture57.jpg Picture58.jpg Picture59.jpg Picture60.jpg Picture63.jpg Picture64.jpg Picture65.jpg Picture67.jpg Picture69.jpg Picture70.jpg Picture71.jpg Picture72.jpg
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Whoa! Congratulations mate.

    I believe yours is the FIRST Oceanic Blue T-Jet on TFI.

    Enjoy it!
  4. Lunafiatic

    Lunafiatic Amatore

    Wonderful Mate! Welcome aboard. That is quite a beauty. Your story is slight similar to mine. Will post my story shortly. Congratulations once again for this buy. Drive safe.
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  5. bsrej

    bsrej Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulations Puchoo !!! and welcome to TFI family :D. Oceanic blue is an awesome color and I am also considering the same color. Please post more pics of the exterior angles..

    One quick question, did you checked with dealer on getting an alloy spare wheel at an extra cost ?
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  6. ops

    ops Amatore

    Punto Abarth
    congratulation. Keep updating the thread. Your input can valuable to other member. Your opinion regarding steering feedback, ride (plush or stiff or bouncing), Handling, interior fit and finish in comparison to old t-jet will be fantastic to read.
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Hearty Congratulations puchoo.

    Not only in TFI. This is the first oceanic blue tjet I am coming across. :)

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  8. snck

    snck Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations puchoo... And a very good write up too :)
  9. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Congratulations Puchoo..Great review..stunning pics..T-Jet looks classy in Oceanic Blue..This is the first Oceanic Blue T-Jet we are coming across on TFI and also on Team Bhp..i have been reading ur reviews about T-Jet and your car pics on Team Bhp in Linea T-jet test drive review thread..
  10. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Congrats buddy. You got an awesome car and the pictures are spectacular. FIAT should use some of these in their advertisements.

    I notice extra joins in the steering wheel cover - at 2 O'clock and 10 O'clock. Has FIAT changed the steering design? I have just 2 joins - at 5 O'clock and 7 O'clock. I am also not sure if FIAT has changed the quality of the leather wrap? Mine feels more like pleather - especially the gear boot and Handbrake boot.

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