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Tips and advice for better driving and living

Discussion in 'Safety First!' started by K_K, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Great Tips.
    Yeah I faced this issue as well earlier. Trick it to keep the RPMs high and downshift in time to avoid loss in power. More the incline lower the gear you should tackle it. Also drove slow on the bends, especially when its raining or at night.
    Also avoid driving too close to heavy vehicles on an incline, if they stall you might be in a pickle :)
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  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    "2. Keep AC off (even if the engine power is sufficient, if the weather permits) and open the windows - two fold advantage - extra power for better speed and you can listen to the horn/noise of vehicle which is beyond the curve and not yet in view."

    Then how the feature of "AUTO CLIMATE CONTROL" is utilised here ?
  3. R Alavandar

    R Alavandar

    Sorry for the loooong delay. In fact the AC will not be used at all, it will be switched off. With wider ghat roads (like Lonavala, Mumbai-Goa sections, Shimla, even ooty) we need not do this since hair pin bends are absent and visibility at turns is good. Whereas, on narrow ghat roads it is better to keep the windows open to hear the horns of vehicles which are not yet visible (beyond bends/ hair pins) but are heading towards us
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  4. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    you can try third gear only if you go at one shot up the hill.. (with no traffic in front) if you see rpm dropping shift to lower gears and push up, if you stop in between and try with a higher gear then definitely it will breakdown..
  5. sungoa2010


    TIPS from Fiat India website

    It is worth to read the following tips given at Fiat India website. Fiat India

    Monsoon Care - Maintenance Tips

    Wiper Blades:

    • Keep wiper blades clean and replace if worn out
    • Check functioning of wiper motor
    • Top up washer tank with washer fluid

    • Check for water seepage
    • Check for clogging in A/C water drain pipe
    • Check for damages & rusting

    • Check tyre condition and maintain a recommended inflation level
    • Over / under inflation is dangerous on wet roads
    • Get your vehicle brake system checked by Fiat Authorised dealer

    Air Conditioning :
    • Check the functioning of air conditioning
    • Check the mode selection, fresh / recirculation and mode buttons
    • A/C System is useful in controlling the misting / frosting in the cabin
    during rainfall & winter

    Lights :
    • Check the functioning of all lights (headlamp, reverse & tail lights?etc)
    • Check the fog lamp - critical for night vision the monsoon and also alerts

    Exterior Care :

    • Exterior & interior of vehicle need to be kept clean & dry
    • Wash paintwork with an approved car detergent

    Mansoon Care- Safety tips

    Brake Pedals
    • Periodical checking of the brakes, especially after driving through water
    • Functioning of brake can be checked by tapping them gently
    • Repeated brake applications helps

    Road Rules

    • Wet roads will make the car skid
    • Anticipate water splashes as visibility get blocked
    • Do not stop suddenly if splashed. Slow down and switch on hazard
    lights to warn motorists behind you.

    Safety Checks

    • In floods, take extra care & precaution while driving
    • In high water levels the exhaust muffler should be kept above water level
    to avoid engine from stalling
    • In case the cabin area is flooded, avoid running your engine
    • Check for open pot holes & manholes while driving
    • Check window operations and door locks for emegency exits

    • Maintaining a safe driving speed is very crucial in monsoons.
    • Fast driving through puddles may push or splash water into the engine
    and causes it to stall.
    • Drive at a slow speed. This helps the drivers to be prepared for sudden
    stops due to disabled cars, debris and other hazards associated with
    wet weather driving.
    • Keep safe distance from other vehicles while driving
    • Incase of skidding, apply the brakes with a steady, light but firm pressure

    • Avoid outside lanes where water collects at curbside
    • Use the center lanes while driving in the rain

    • Avoid distractions
    • Avoid eating, drinking, talking on cell phones, applying makeup while
    driving. Also, minimize tuning stereo.
    • If it's necessary to engage in these activities, pull over and stop in a safe
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  6. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
  7. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi Guys,
    I have noticed this several times and more often driving at crossings, when you are taking a turn at the signal or a curve usually the right side view of the road is blocked by the A pillar, its impossible to look at when negotiating curves on the highways too. Any ideas pls.. :anyone
  8. sabrina850

    sabrina850 Timido

    stay calm, and study. on the skills test part when you tense up your reaction are not smooth and on the written test if you have read the book and know it well you shouldn't have any real problems. approach it like any other test you might take, eat before you go , use the bathroom and stay off the phone.

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