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Timtara.com - a bunch of thieves and frauds

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by rsinfo, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    I would advise all the TFI members to stay away from Timtara.com. They would just take your money & then send you on a journey which has no end.

    I had placed an order for a Sony Vaio laptop on 31/08/2012 vide order no. 10317896 from Timtara.com. I paid online by credit card & the laptop was supposed to be delivered with 21 days of the order.

    Since that day, I am chasing Timtara.com helpline people but they simply don't have any answers. They just keep on saying the order status is "Awaiting Shipment" & it would be shipped to me ASAP.

    On 27/09/12 I got mobile no. of Mr. Ritesh Kumar , who claims to be from legal cell, and he is also telling me the same story. Every time I call him, he tells me to wait for 1-2 days as the order is being processed. Even today [08/10/2012] he told me to wait till tomorrow.

    And its not only me. Many cases have been filed in consumer courts throughout India but the company keeps on doing its fraud [sorry, meant business].

  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sorry to hear about your experience! Are the credit card guys offering anything in such cases?

    Thanks for the heads-up regarding this.

    This is what encourages people to continue doing frauds again and again.
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  3. Sorry to hear about this...Cant you ask for a refund?
  4. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    In India, credit card companies are only interested in minting money. Once they have debited your card & received their commission, there job is over. Unlike in US where they could be asked to refund the money, you can't do anything over here.

    Getting a refund is also a painfully long process. People have been stuck for 6 or more months.

    The only option I am contemplating is another case against them along with FIR with police against the directors/owners of the company.
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Why don't you cancel it?
    Do try to communicate with helpdesk on emails, so that you will have some proofs.

    I just checked mouthshut, and it confirms your story.

    In online world, we always should not go just by price but spend sometime to see how is the service, specially if we are buying some costly item.
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  6. You should be able to raise dispute with credit card company and get a refund.I recently did this with American express.
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  7. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi.. you could have opted for cash on delivery.. anyhow try to locate the address and contact them personally..
  8. it's always safe to order on COD "Cash on Delivery" even you can reject the product if you don't like or some error.

    I have seen that ecom sites are offering some extra discount "promo code" if you are paying advance (credit card / netbanking) and "Mango Man" stuck in the offer of "Banana"

    Is they withdrawn money from your Credit Card.. generally it shown into your unbilled statement till.

    Before approaching to courts, you need to send the legal notice thru Advocate, so do the 1st step.

    All the best.
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  9. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Thanks for all your replies.

    Its not that I am not careful. I have been purchasing things through net for quite some time & this is the first time such things have cropped up.

    Unfortunately, in India you can only dispute a charge on your card. If you have made a genuine payment to a merchant, the part of the card issuer is over. He is not bothered about the authenticity/reliability of the merchant. In this case, the transaction was genuine so I can't dispute that.

    I have already sent these clowns a notice email & have received a canned reply. I think that would held up in court as notice served. A formal notice would be sent soon.

    COD is a good option, but as rakesh8051 rightly says, you loose some discounts. I am thinking now of ordering 1000's of goods thru COD from Timtara & then sending them back ! Hope would teach them good lesson.
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  10. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Always buy electrical items from "FLIPKART.com". There service is quite good !! and always choose COD which gives us more protection !!

    rsinfo : Why You Not Bought Laptop from official SONY Store ??? SONY stores are almost every major cities.....
    Always try to Buy Item from official store , if they are available in your city...Dont try to save few hundreds rs.
    Even I bought My laptop from HP Official Shop , Nokia Mobile from Nokia Priority Dealer and LED TV from SONY Official Showroom. etc.
    I Know , buying from Official shop may little expensive but its secured and you checked product before giving full Money !!
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