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Timing Belt Changed - Emotion Pack PETROL 1.4 FIRE

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Miltz, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. Miltz

    Miltz Novizio

    Linea 1.4
    @mhitesh - Changing belts is mandatory at 5 years so do that.

    What is the kms covered? When did you last service it?

    Your issue seems to be with the MAF sensor, however I suggest to get the EXAMINER connected at Fiat A SS and check for fault codes.
    As a DIY you could always open the AirFilter and check the filter if its too dirty - REMOVE it out (away from engine) and clean with compressed Air.
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  2. mhitesh

    mhitesh Amatore

    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.4
    @Miltz - Thanks for the reply.

    I have covered around 36K Kms, my monthly drive is around 600 - 700 Kms. The last service was in March, however after that I might have visited RS Motors more than 4-5 times for multiple reoccurring issues.

    This year my Punto has been troubling a lot and has been a frequent visitor to the clinic. Initially for a faulty ignition coil (neither Balaji nor Lifetime Mobilities were able to diagnose) due to which only 3 cylinders were firing. Then later for some minor niggles which have been reoccurring every now and then. I have got the error checks done a few times and also cleaned the air filter a couple of times, but that hasn't helped.

    I have been calculating the average based on the amount of fuel filled and the number of Kms traveled before empty or near empty. I have been doing this for over 5000 Kms now and can conclude that the average is around 8 Kms in the city and 9 - 9.5 on highways. The earlier average easily used to be around 11.5 within city and around 14 - 15 on highways (long drives).

    Also I have a strange issue where when the steering is fully locked towards the left and the car is in the forward gears there is a strange screeching noise which can be heard very loudly when the windows are opened. I got this issue checked a couple of times at RS Motors as they were suspecting a faulty motor pump but later was diagnosed to a belt which connects to the steering motor. After replacing the belt the issue got resolved for a couple of weeks, reoccurring again.

    I even got the Punto checked with a local mechanic who promptly noticed the very noisy cabin, sluggish pickup and vibrations on the accelerator pedal and also the screeching noise. He told me to drop the vehicle for at least half a day to correctly diagnose the issues. I was unsure to drop the vehicle with a local mechanic and also what about the availability of parts if he says something is faulty.
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  3. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Thanks for the detailed reply Miltz!

    Actually I was going to do a whole lot of pending work, other than the timing chain work itself, outside through a good mechanic who is known to many. I have a lot of other work relating to brakes, suspension etc. and I think when he does all of it I will get some good savings overall, besides some good quality work done through 1-on-1 inputs instead of a faceless worker(old or new? always a question mark) in a company workshop .

    I have been stuck with FASS standards for a very long time(my old threads describing some of my nightmares, fights for my customer rights for decent work etc. must be still on this forum). Just went there about 2 months ago and the lazy supervisor blamed almost everything wrong in the car on the monsoon and the rains - because he only wanted to do the main Rs 10k work done and wanted to ignore the other 10 smaller niggles and complaints.

    Faceless workers rule these FASS workshops and either they have told the Supervisors to completely ignore small complaints(which can actually be bigger issues once investigated) or they are also lazy. Believe me, I have listened in to many a conversation between workers and spoken to some and let me tell you - the guy(mechanic) who actually works on your car is the key to good repairs.

    The supervisor who usually meets and deals with customers like you and me are ignorant fools who are stuck between the FASS managements and workers. Most times, they know less than the average middle-aged car driver - and far less than for example a well read member of TFI.

    By now I even know the better respected FASS Managers and they know me too. I always call and meet the Manager before giving my car in the workshop. But to keep an ageing Fiat car running without replacing everything one by one, I think I must start getting work done on my own. FASS's main objective is to make maximum money through repairs, and they will never check whether a part can be rectified without replacing(a FASS Supervisor can even give you incorrect advise about part replacement).

    As a long-term owner of a Linea, I intend to replace only those parts which have been listed in the Fiat Linea manual, like you have also stated in your post(timing belt etc). Nothing else, if possible - which is where a good outside mechanic comes in. The mechanic has to be good, and if you manage to get one in your city then your long-term ownership solution for repairs and maintenance is right there.

    And of course thanks to TFI for some excellent info. which will always help me with my ownership experience.
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  4. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    How much did it cost, and did you also change the alternator belt and steering belt which are also near the timing belt and need to be replaced? I read about an alternator belt issue here on this forum although it is an old thread:

  5. Rags_india

    Rags_india Timido

    Linea 1.4
    Hi Maxtor, I got the timing belt changed today. The job was done nicely by Kashyap Fiat Delhi. It costed me as follows:-
    Timing belt: Rs 791(890 after tax)
    Belt stretcher or tensioner: Rs 2251(2532 after tax)
    Labour: Rs 1500 (1725 after tax)
    Total: Rs 5147
    Total job took about 4 hours including all the breaks those guys took. The parts replaced were genuine, made in Italy.
    During the process, I also saw 2 more belts taken out. Found out that they were alternator belt and steering belt. As per the manual, these are also required to be changed in 4 years. I asked the mechanic. He showed me the condition of those belts and told me that the belts are absolutely fine and there is no need to change them now. They were in good condition. If you have seen my earlier posts, my car is 7 years old but has done only 45k km.
    Regarding the condition of timing belt, it was not bad at all even after 7 years!. Yes, when he showed me the belt fully bent, I could see some wrinkles, which he said are not good, but certainly it would have run few more thousand kms. But why take chance? But the tensioner was not smooth. The bearing was little noisy when rotated. I also saw some rusting on the bearing. Good that I changed it.
    Overall I am happy that they did a decent job without overcharging. Thanks a lot for the previous posts and suggestions which made me more knowledgeable and confident about the approximate costs involved and the whole process. Otherwise I would have been skeptical about the money they have charged, time they have taken and the parts they have changed. My opinion is that change alternator and steering belt only if necessary.
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  6. Maxtor

    Maxtor Amatore

    New Delhi
    Thanks for posting your experience, really appreciated! I plan to change the other belts too mainly because they cost only about Rs 600-800 each and can be done at the same time.
  7. sidrock

    sidrock Timido

    Hello Team Fiat,

    I have been recommended to change the timing chain of my Punto diesel of 5.5 years and 80k kms. After a recent routine servicing I was told that it needs to be changed as there is some noise that the advisor noticed. I know it was due when it did 60k kms but was told by the advisor at that time that it can be deferred until next time.

    I know it is important but am not satisfied with the quote that I'm getting from the service stations.
    I am from Pune and both Sky as well as RS are quoting around Rs. 20 to 22 K for doing the job. This includes the parts (they mentioned gasket, auxiliary belt etc.) as well as labour. They mentioned that the additional belts may or may not be required to be replaced and their cost would be a difference of around 5k (included in the 20 - 22k).

    It would be really helpful if anyone could answer some questions below:
    Is this the right amount to pay for this job?
    Also, I feel that they are trying to replace some parts that are not needed to be replaced. Can I know what exactly is required to be replaced mandatorily and what can be replaced based on inspection.
    I am also not sure what is the noise that the advisor is talking about. Do we get a distinct sound when the timing chain is due?
    At 80k kms and with this change due, should I avoid driving long distances?

    Thanks in advance!!
    Happy new year to all:)
  8. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Not sure about your other queries, but definitely you should avoid long distance travel. It will have to be towed if broken down.
    Regarding charge for replacement i will suggest you to search the forum for same, if not yet.

    Also, try giving a call in Mumbai FASS and try to confirm about the charge.
    Happy New Year @sidrock :)

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