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Thread for all off-topic discussions/comments/chat etc

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by nk4FIAT, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    I agree.

  2. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    Bro, i am not an auto enthusiast nor an expert. I have driven VW polo quite a few times on Outer ring road and E city flyover (same roads where I drive my Punto too).

    In my opinion Polo and Vento are a disgrace to VW. I agree they are quick, they accelerate well, 0-100 is faster etc but do you think this is the best VW could give in a premium hatchback ? Yeah, Talk about VW's Jetta, Passat, Toureg and Pheaton etc, they are real VW cars and every time I see them, I start drooling :D

    Am not a die hard fan of FIAT and defending it, I've had my own share of troubles in owning a Punto 90HP but honestly, feel of the overall car, steering, ride etc is way much better than a Polo or any so called premium hatchback in the segment is offering (except Skoda Fabia, I somehow like that car).

    This is totally my opinion and opinion can differ from person to person.

    Cheers :thumbup:

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  3. Ruined??? Haha..a little lag on the paper has irked you sooo much?

    Every machine has its set of flaws and oomph factors..
    As an automobile enthusiast almost all in the forum have appreciated the positives(once on the highway) and forgot about the so called flaw..
    But nonetheless fiat should make a better gearing ratio in the upcoming cars to cater to people with different needs..
    and for me I am happy to kick my 10.5 quintal beast from 0-100 in whatever time I dont care...

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  4. Post deleted
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  5. linuxmanju


    Sir, with highest respect to you, I myself am a fiat guy.. With Figo,i20 and wagon R at my disposal I still pick my Punto 90 HP everytime . if you for some reasons think I am against fiat think twice and search elsewhere in different Forums what I have said on Punto and you will know.

    What I said was when an engine can do a lot better why detune it so much ?. If your horse can win races does not mean that you starve it to death and ask it to race. You have a state of the art engine but few others with a tiny 3 cylinder engine and the other one with 4 valve engine can accelerate faster . I know suspension setup ,chassis and high-speed stability everything is great, but that still does not make a car any faster. All I am saying is fiat India should learn how to tune an engine from MUL.

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  6. Honestly I am not much concerned about what other cars you have neither did I mean to offend you.
    I never felt my 90hp to be slow(and yes I have a few other cars which accelerates or seem to do so at a little less time)..

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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    The 1.3 Multijet is not detuned in India by any stretch of imagination. The power output is the same as in the European market.

    Only the Multijet 2 is pushing out more power, but that's a different ballgame.
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  8. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Hehehe arnab bhai, this reminds me off an funny irked argument stricked last saturday with my parents near bommanhalli traffic. A Alto passed by with TN reg.
    Father: See that car, it comes in just around 3L, we could have gone easily for that. Why waste 9L on this.
    Me: Dad, thats very light weight highly unsafe in all matters. There were instances even at 80, that car on hard breaking just goes out of control.
    Father: See that guy is driving on this road too and its Maruti and its sales are off the charts
    Me: Whatever dad, that car is just a good for B2B conditions. Its always unsafe in it on highways and not much powerful either. I dont feel like i am driving a car, but a luna/tvs 50
    ======By tis time, the traffic kept moving and this alto guy over took me, while i slowly started off====
    Father: See he over took you by few feets and you are still behind. Doesnt it look a better car for just 3L and can beat your 9L.
    Me: Dad, try to understand, its me who is going slow. he might not care if he bumps into some 1 or some damagas happen but me always on safer side and careful. After all, why hurry???
    Father (Moms background support): Nevertheless son, we should have gone it and see you say its no good for highway. Isnt that old man driving from TN? How did he reach bangalore if it was not good enough.
    Me: with this feeling :A i said do you know he is driving all the way down from TN? So lets relax shall we...
    With this granny interjected by saying, we already bought and thats it. Why discuss huh...
    Conversation end... I had the feeling of :A for rest of the hour or 2.
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  9. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The culprit here is the selection of the gear ratios aka the old gearbox. Also FIAT not giving it the whooosh feeling of the turbo to make it feel powerful. Who cares about the better driveability. The swift simply struggles on the ghats with the lag due to taller 2nd gear.
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  10. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Respect your views. But Can't agree and oppose that only a 0-100/0-60 makes a good & capable car. Tell me You are doing 0-100 in 8.7 second, and started driving with 120 within 10 seconds, suddenly a Human/Car/Animal comes infront of you, do you like to check 0-100 or 100-0 here. This is the most considerable part where so-called auto enthusiast don't think. Car means responsibility, not a driving maniac in race track.

    For your information I have done multiple long trip with my punto . With 76 hp I have done constant 110-120 KMPH (Hyd-Bangalore), (Hyd-Vizag/araku). Used to get 85-90 Kmph avg speed with high mileage. As per your information I think this is sufficiant to judge Punto from performance ( This is 76 hp, not 90Hp). If you don't believe have a ride with me and check this figure, you are most welcome for this to change your views. I agree on bad gear ratios in Fiat.

    My post may be looks like little harsh, I am sorry, but I can't agree on your view.
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