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Thread for all off-topic discussions/comments/chat etc

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by nk4FIAT, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. What is an average car according to you sir??? A car which moves from point A to B and attains a max speed of 50-60 kmph and driven only inside city and an utterly no nonsense car??then swift it is sir..or a nano??
    Or a car which can do speeds from 0-120kmph at ease and has brakes to control the car at that speed which can be driven anywhere ranging from highway to no roads?

    If driving a car on the highway at 120 kmph on gq and an accident occurs because of the excellent brakes which failed to stop the car then I must admit it is a crime(on the same hand in my average punto I have stopped without any problem)to push our average car..but being an average aaam junta(indian), I fail to understand why other people who inspite of knowing the issue fail to acknowledge it Nd blame other people who face accident.

    I am amused at the way you assume stuffs, with your age and experience this was totally uncalled for.This makes a mockery of your attitude towards all the average car owners(read swift)..
    And please drive a swift on the highways at a decent speed which you can control and god forbid if you come across such a state then please share your experience with us.

    I really am amazed at every guys taking a pick at anything that goes on without even knowing what they are talking about, guys we can always agree to disagree.But when are we going to agree??

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  2. Exactly.They never had excellent brakes but the power to brake ratio was sufficient enough to handle for a joyful experience.
    Ofcourse we educated indians buy a car or for say anything make a detailed study and then take the plunge, but I fail to understand if some issue crops up, or some part is defective which needs to be recalled by the manufacturer, which the manufacturer fails to do(they did upgrade the discs of some old gen swifts, this was not termed a recall as a recall would tarnish the brand image.but why other customers should suffer??because they dont have that high level political link up)if some owners crib about the issue then what is the point of other guys who mostly dont even own that car or have driven it for some distance to come and bash our thoughts instead of trying to help us find a solution??
    Unity is something meant for text books after all..

    I am sorry if I have offended anyone..Peace!!

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  3. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    :lolTHEY never liked when you call a donkey, DONKEY. That's why the words like ASS were introduced.
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  4. Atleast a ''member of the horse family'' might give some sense of pride for the DONKEY..

    When a person is suffering instead of trying to help him out, pelting stones at him or blaming him for his suffering really makes me wonder aint we all human beings supposed to help out each other out? Or is this practice a history??

    Ps:: a very dear friend of my father lost his and his families life, he was the first person to escalate the issue but never got a solution....May his soul RIP

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  5. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hope it wont hurt you but I have owned and been driving Punto 90hp little earlier than you.Never mind.
    Punto 90 hp is just an average commuter car.Of course it has just a bit of extra road stability compared to rest of its kind but in No way it is use full or safe above 80 kmph.
    The Car is heavy and Brakes are insufficient for any stunts. even puny Toyota Liva has better brakes than Fiat punto 90hp. You may argue Newer Punto's are better...Huh Yawn...zzz. !

    Regarding fear, you are putting words in my mouth.There is nothing to be scared in Swift,i20,Punto,Indica Vista if driven safe in Limit.They are well made car for the purpose that is to travel from Point A to point B.
  6. It means you have owned your car(punto 90 hp) for more than two years and all this time you found it is just a bit stable? ?is it driven by your driver by any chance ?
    When you are talking about liva, you must be owning it to know the difference to that extent..right??

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  7. LIVA has better brakes compared to a Punto ??? in THE Earth or in Krypton. Does Toyota really know about this ? Oh man thousands of questions arising in my Mind. Any why would some one argue for the newer puntos when the older is still better than the most.
  8. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Come on dude have a life.
    There are lot of other goodies in Fiat cars which most are Ignorant of,never heard anybody ever uttering in this forum since last 2 years of joining or maybe I missed in between the baseless blame pages stating how bad other cars are.
    Anyway to each, his own.

    Hi Srida,
    I am not just shooting in Air blindly.

    My friend circle Have
    5 swift,
    2 Ritz,
    2 Liva,
    1 i10,
    1ford figo,
    1 PuntoE,
    1 punto90hp(mine).

    Punto E was bought absolutely out of brilliant impression given by Punto90hp,of course swift owner envy both Puntos till this date.But swift is most driver friendly out of the lot followed by Figo then Punto .

    1st liva owner was inclined to Punto but after a TD he bought Liva, second one followed him especially due to lower price.
    2 ritz owner knows one thing about cars,that they have a 4 wheeler to to follow us.

    and story goes.

    So We get a immediate chance to keep a typical 'Petrolhead' check on our cars as which is performing to what.

    Of course I feel proud when all these people respect Punto for many reasons, not to what is being bragged in TFI.
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  9. I really respect your experience in Performance Check on various cars. If I had not driven a LIVA / i20 / Swift, I would have blindly accepted your statement because I blindly believe in people who have real exposure. But I have driven all these cars and it was a shocking surprise when I read those words "Liva Has Better Brakes..." Because I stopped two of my collegues going for a LIVA pointing out the build, steering, stability and Braking in comparision to my Punto 90 HP. They both didnt buy a Punto which is a different story. Till I read your post about the brakes, I was thinking you have a point and you are talking about all these comparing a Punto to some other better car or may be a Palio. I am not trying to bash LIVA, I respect that car for the space and agility but nothing else. I would never understand why Punto scored lesses than LIVA in your performance checks.

    Even I hate when Punto is bragged for what it is not. But it is not very common in TFI. After all the bragging, I would think why can't FIAT also make these TFI'ans stop complaining about the Low GC, poor fit and finish, niggles, gear ratios, 0-100, speakers, seating position, ergonomics and what not.
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  10. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Ha, am i hearing this from the same Jayadev who used to wax lyrical about his P90hp? That accident really took the mojo outta you, i guess!
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