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Discussion in 'Hangout' started by nk4FIAT, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Well said thulasi,
    same thing happened recently when i been to FIAT exclusive service centre pune,when i faced the noise in left shock-abs the advisor told me that the same shock-abs have been changed and when i saw in invoice its mentioned as right side shock-abs have been changed.Technical Skill wise they are lacking and now atleast for the replacement :mad:

    Now i have left my car with TASS for the same noise ,waiting for the diagnose report.

    RANGANATH Timido

    Fully agree with you.
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  3. gurus

    gurus Amatore

    Is Fiat changing the slogans for Linea and Punto? I could see below in Fiat India website.

    Born of Passion, Designed for Admiration
    Crafted with Passion. Powered by the Same Emotion

    Step On
  4. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

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  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    So what could the possiblity here?

    1. Dealer might have done mess up with the cars? Has he given crap pieces knowing already the issues in it? The victim says he has done proper PDI. Still under the hood whats wrong none can say right?
    2. VW itself has done wrong quality checks and dealer is innocent?
    3. Any thing else you can think off?

  8. Any car can have internal mechanical failures as most of the parts come from different vendors and they are all assembled at the plant,so neither the dealer nor VW is responsible directly in this,but what they could have atleast made sure once a customer has already got a lemon,maybe get some special checks done so that the replacement car doesnt turn out to be one again.
    VW aftersales support is really nothing great to speak about,but their way of not even communicating to the customer about the proceedings is really not acceptable.
  9. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    But arnab, in his first car case the reverse wasnt working. This should have atleast checked and checked at the plant right. I am sure an important part of car like gear box should be taken care with high priority next to engine right?

    May be we can accept that in the engine stallign case, but again how can engine stall just like that? Was it due to a battery or a fuse! I just dont know. Hope VW folks apologies to him and serve him better very soon.

  10. During the pdi it is must the customer take atleast a short TD of the car,at least roll it for 100m change gears etc.Checking the exterior of the car for rust and stuffs and saying I have done a thorough PDI purely speaks of negligence on our part.
    Engine stalling due to battery or fuse doesnt seem to be the scenario here.As VW SC are quiet competent to check small problems as such...The problem maybe something big here,and above their capability to handle.Maybe engineers from VW factory have already been summoned to check the car by now..

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