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Thinking with my heart....always : Team Fiat-Yamaha

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by spartan, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. spartan



    I guess I am sure a late comer here,specially when I see my other Fiat brothers from another domain already here. Sadly, none of them told me about it..and that includes you..Mr.M aka. Phrozenfire.

    Okies, back to my introduction.

    It was early 2009 when I was planning to pick my first car.A lot of research and planning. A lot of online sweats. A lot of petrol & diesels spent (driving others' rides) etc. Then came the big news about the Punto launch.
    I started hounding Mr Manjunath (SA- Concorde Motors). On a fine march morning, I rode up to the Concorde motors, enquired about the Fiat SA.
    Told him that I knew that GP is being launched and that I would go for the top end diesel. Thankfully, I was taken seriously :D. Kept in touch with him every week.
    Fiat confirmed the launch of GP.
    June 10 : I ride upto the showroom, flash my cheque book and pay up 50k for the booking amount of GP Emotion pack : Medium Grey. :
    Official booking hadnt started yet. So, my booking was marked for a Linea Active.
    Had not seen the colors either. Manjunath confirmed that it was a shade closer to the dark grey on ANHC, and that was enuf for me.
    My vision was simple : Silver alloys+ grey body + black tints : a gentle progression from light to dark
    Punto launch was on June 17th,booking started on June 21st.
    June 25th : My car is at the yard
    June 27th : A nice drizzle, and my gleaming beauty is ready to roll.
    The First GP delivered anywhere in India(dubious... :D), and definitely the first GP in Bangalore :dance

    And thats how I became the member of the Fiat family.
    Add to the fact that I had a Yamaha Gladiator already, I also got enrolled to the Fiat Yamaha team.
    My other ride is a RE TBird.
    Both the bikes are anything but stock.All modifications done by me with the help of my friendly neighborhood mechanic.
    Been working under the hood since the ripe age of 14.So, I still have some grease stuck under my nails.
    I am the average indian joe who loves reading, riding and kishore kumar.Some foreign movies, a glass of single malt.

    Done with speed(Ninja ZX7R), done with slow(Hercules MTB), Done nasty things that I dont remember any more.
    Love travelling and photography(unfortunately, spent all the cash on the car and still couldnt get myself the DSLR i promised myself).
    Eternal optimist and huge animal lover(no, I dont hug tigers/bear...not a good idea.....can get mauled).
    No one ever has seen me working till date..however, surprisingly, i still get a sum called salary in my bank account at the end of every month.

    Thats it..I have wasted enuf server space.
    Soumya Paul
  2. rajeev_pillai

    rajeev_pillai Regolare

    Kochi, Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Red carpet welcome to TFI.

    Are you working in any IT company as Project Manager??? ::D

  3. spartan


    Thanks Rajeev..

    I was in Mumbai till 2006.. :)

    Not a PM yet.. just a Service Manager..

    Will upload some nice pics of my beauty ...
  4. arulvr

    arulvr Amatore

    Hey there ~

    Welcome to the team ! I share the same set of machines as yours...Yamaha RX 100 & RE Electra '06 & now Punto... have safe miles ahead with your FIAT & RE !!

    Btw, do u service your TB @ Basvangudi - Srinivas by any chance ?
  5. spartan


    Thanks Arul..now thats more than a coincidence...
    Fiat :
    Service : Prerana
    Bodywork : Concorde

    Yamaha :
    Service : Umer bhai :) (Tilaknagar)

    RE :
    Service : Babu bhai/Asad (Tilaknagar again)
    The TB is a 05 model. Short exhaust. Bullet Standard Tappets. RD handlebars.With a maniac on top :D
  6. arulvr

    arulvr Amatore

    Sounds interesting...I've given away my Yamaha...but will never give up RE..that's something got into my blood already...just done 8k in Punto and falling in love with every ride.... glad we can team up for both bullet & Fiat rides here in Blr :)

    Cheers Mate ~
  7. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Welcom to Team Fiat India. Do upload some photos....
  8. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Warm welcome :) ,very interesting write up ::T ,glad to see another animal lover here(please ask people to shy away from crackers which make animals run helter shelter),but an humble suggestion,always drive slow,please. :steering
  9. Welcome spartan, i too love dogs/cats but i can't claim to be animal lover since i eat all kinds of non-veg food ::V
  10. spartan


    I drive sedately. As I said, I am done with speed, unless I get a go at the Nurburgring..
    Have done something as insane as 140mph on the Ninja under Dairy Circle flyover at 10am in the morning with no rear brakes.

    Back at home, I have 1 Lab, 2 parakeets, 9 cats, a dozen goldfish and nearly 100 pigeons..but then again..I am generally on a see-food diet..if its cooked, I generally eat it..
    Even tigers eat meat..so, eating meat cant be that bad.. :) (you might get a glossy coat)

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