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Thinking of my First 4 Wheeler

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Knool, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. Knool


    Hi i'm New to this Forum, My Name Is Hassan. i'm thinking of buying my first 4 wheeler.

    Requirements: Everyday Office 50 KMs, Weekend short trips and once in 2-3 Months Visiting my native round trip 1100-1200 70% on Western Ghats(hill Area).

    I love both fiat vehicles Punto and linea very much after going through series of Video and Text reviews.

    1. Punto reach 0-100 15+ seconds, Isn't it too slow and will this vehicle solve my purpose driving in western ghats every 2-3 months?
    2. 1st and 2nd shift is not as quick as other vehicle in its category so this may throw a challenge driving on Ghats?

    3. How about Linea to my requirements (Seeking Details explanation please)?

    Sedan over Hatch in Bangalore city traffic congestion i'm just afraid to think, Anybody here who is having Linea in bangalore please write your experience taking out linea in bangalore specially in 6-7pm(My Office shift start at 6:30pm peek traffic time)

    Just Confused and lots of Questions as this will be my First 4 wheeler.

    and my Third option is Skoda Rapid it has very good handling and comfort like Linea and good Pickup too..

    Guys please help me deciding vehicles ?

    All Vehicle i need diesel Varient only.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio


    Welcome to TFI.,

    To my knowledge, Driving on Ghats is a skill and you will need to carefully cross each section of the road. All you need is patience while you drive and swerving FAST is not recommended. If you are worried Punto/Linea 's Pulling Power in the ghat section, I would say "not to worry" . Because the road presence and grip it offers is excellent than any other vehicles. Both of them will be a good choice for you.. It will not throw a drive challenge for you.

    There are lot of folks here at TFI done ghats section driving on Linea's, so they will definitely point you the best..

    Yes, City traffic is worst. It is for all of us.. :) You will find tough time in the peak roads and sometimes also for parking space.. You can think and decide..

    Personally, I have not driven Rapid Yet, so could not compare and comment..

    All the best..

    Mohan R
    Drive Safe, Always wear seat belts!
  3. if you are buying a car for racing Punto/Linea may not be the cars to to buy but once you are in power band, it can maintain the same with calm/poise then most of cheap Japanese/korean counter parts.More over it one of the safest cars in the segment.

    Do a test drive in open stretch like Nice road and decide, both these cars are fun to drive and you will have pay 2X price/segment to get the similar traits in car.
    I would suggest TD'ing is the best way than internet and believing somebody's experience.
  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    The short gearing of Punto/Linea actually makes it easier pull on the ghats section. With it's legendary handling ghats is the best place to drive them. Test drive the cards you've shortlisted to understand this, the forum can only give opinions and experiences. But it's your car. Happy shopping

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  5. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Your posts confuses me:confused:. Are you deciding the first 4 wheeler based on the traffic conditions or the speed in ghats. Suggest you to rethink over it. If your need demands a sedan, then you can think about the Linea if not I would suggest to stick to Punto. Both the cars are fanatastic handlers, have good drivebaility with good ride quality.

    I would not drive in the ghat sections with 100 kmph on my speedometer, its simply too dangerous. But on the other hand cars like Linea & Punto beg for such roads as they can handle the twists and turns with relative ease. Its the traffic I am worried about rather than the roads:cry:.

    Also you should have started the thread not in the ownership reviews section but in the What car section, you can request the mods to move the thread to appropiate section.

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