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Thick Black Soot from Exhaust

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by askariah, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. askariah


    The car is at the service center and I'm at work currently, so unable to post a video now. But trust me, the amount of soot coming off was much much more than what is normally acceptable in any car (read diesel) It is not deposits, but black exhaust like you could see from a truck. And yes, I'm not going to sit back.
    I've spoken to a friend who is a sales officer in IOCL and will be lodging a formal complaint against the outlet and pursuing the same.
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  2. Herbie

    Herbie Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.4

    ..and yes on a lighter note..you need not post the video ;)
    we can clearly see the smoke coming from your exhaust!

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  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Try cleaning the fuel filter and refill diesel from Shell outlet.
  4. askariah


    I know, right?
  5. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    As your car is still running all right except for the somoke, an easy way out will be to fill 5 ltrs every 75 kms assuming a FE of 15 kms/ltr ( 6 fillings total ) will dilute the adulteration levels progressively. The next option is to pull out all the fuel and fill new fuel. Any way it would be ideal to take out some fuel to send it for testing.

    Our forum member@bhai is an expert to identify fuel adulteration, especially with kerosene. You can PM him and get the simple test process !!

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  6. Aviator

    Aviator Amatore

    Delhi / Hyderabad
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @ askariah

    Dude I am very much interested in this thread. Do post all the updates. I think 50% fuel sold in India is adulterated. I just want to see that what action does IOC takes. I myself saw a petrol pump which got sealed by IOC due to adulteration. It was in a village in Haryana. Some people from village who used to purchase diesel for farm equipments like tractors etc. filled complaint and was permanently sealed and IOC also took legal action against the owner. My uncle used to know that idiot pump owner.

    So if you have some time, you should file 1) Police complaint 2) Report this to IOC. If they took some serious action against him, that feeling will be priceless to you :dancing

    How is your car now??
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  7. greatmana2000

    greatmana2000 Novizio

    Smoke upon heavy acceleration is normal . If the EGR valve gets blocked due to soot the ECU injects more fuel into the cylinders and when combustion happens there is a little unburnt fuel . This unburnt fuel slowly burns the carbon deposits . The ECU activates this feature only when the engine is revved high . This is a normal process . SO just dont jump the gun . If the fuel pump sells adulterated fuel , then they will continue to do so . Until then you can empty the fuel by driving and get fuel refilled at another station .
  8. askariah


    Thanks for all the genuinely concerned comments and suggestions. To make things clearer again, though I'm not an expert, I have seen a fair share of diesel cars and that's why I took a call about the amount and color of soot. Now to the updates:
    1. Corrective measure - Got the fuel tank cleaned and the oil filter changed - As of now the car seems to be running fine, checked the amount of soot coming out during heavy acceleration and it is around 85% less than what it was.
    2. Approached IOCL through multiple channels, friends working as sales officers, online complaint and finally what worked - a mail to the Executive Director (Consumer Sales) Mr. Meshram. The very same day I got a call from Mr. Rajesh, the IOCL sales officer who is in charge of this part of Bangalore, who told me that we will go together and collect samples from the filing station and send it for testing in the IOCL lab. Mr. Rajesh is one of those characters whom you don't want to mess with if you are a shoddy petrol bunk owner - simple, idealistic, plays it by the book and most importantly emphatic towards the customer. So we met up, went to the station where he explained the process in detail to me and collected the samples as stipulated by the rules. This entire exercise took around 1.5 hrs, where in 3 samples where taken from each of the two tanks, density checked & recorded, matched it with the recording on the filling invoice, double sealed, obtained signatures from myself & the filing station. After this when we were about to part, I informed him there's another IOCL dealer nearby from where also I had filled once. Without blinking an eye, he tells me that he is ready to do an inspection there also on my phone call. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.
    As for the test results, it remains to be seen what it reveals and how it shapes up. Will share it once the results come and in the meantime will spare some time to have the other station inspected as well.
    Bottom line - there are processes still in place and people (though few) who are ready to help you out with these kind of situations.
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  9. GaganTakker

    GaganTakker Amatore

    New Delhi

    Get your Diesel sample from your car and get it tested
    who knows service centre is culprit
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  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    The worst part in all this is there is no real way of telling the quality of diesel by just measuring the density as even adding kerosene to large extents wont bring down the density.
    I'm yet to find out a reliable way and also contemplating ordering a diesel test kit from outside if possible.

    Anyone here having knowledge about testing fuels please speak up!!

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