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The Wipro Chennai Marathon 2012 Dec 2nd

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Sree3070, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Sree3070

    Sree3070 Amatore

    Hi Folks..

    Its long time we are discussing about cars cars and cars Now lets have some discussion on our health… what’s your thoughts on running ??

    Why running

    Running can be tiring and painful and yet millions of people around the world run regularly to keep themselves fit. Most kinds of physical exercise are beneficial for remaining healthy, but a lot of people prefer running over other forms of physical exercise. This may be because running does not require expertise and specialized equipment. It is free and accessible to all who want to practice it.

    Management of Weigh

    Brisk walking, jogging and running are all considered efficient ways of losing fat and managing a healthy weight. The major difference between running, jogging and brisk walking is the intensity. Running increases your heart rate and improves circulation. Increased aerobic capacity keeps you fit and eases daily activities such as climbing large flights of stairs. It also helps you improve the health of your heart and reduce risks of cardiovascular problems like angina, heart attacks and high blood pressure

    Improving Mental Health

    Running is good for both your body and your mind. A lot of runners experience a sense of elation and happiness after a run. Running releases endorphins in your brain. These are chemicals that enhance mood. Endorphins also naturally help relieve stress. Since running increases release of endorphins, it improves sleep, raises self-esteem and keeps you in a good mood. The aerobic benefits of running can help work out feelings of anger, frustration and stress. This relaxes your mind and is greatly beneficial especially on a particularly stressful day

    To live longer with our FIAT cars we need to be healthy so why don’t we start spending some time for our health as well. I have decided to participate in this years Chennai Marathon I am sure that some of our members are already participating in it. Those who are not, let this be opportunity to run to a healthier life.


    The countdown for The Wipro Chennai Marathon has begun. The excitement builds up not only for home-grown long-distance runners, but for those beyond the city who gravitate to marathons that meet international standards

    In its scale and vision, TWCM is expected to advance Chennai as a destination for avid and competitive marathoners and give it a place alongside Mumbai and Delhi with their premier annuals, the Mumbai Marathon and the Delhi Half Marathon, which are listed as Gold Label Road Races by the Monaco-based International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

    Event Details

    *The Wipro Chennai Marathon (TWCM), powered by Chennai Runners, will be flagged off at IIT Madras on December 2 .

    *Full and half marathons, a 10km run and a run for special children are the categories.

    *United Way of Chennai, which serves as an intermediary between the corporate and social sector, is the charity partner.

    *The registration fee is Rs. 500.

    *All participants will get T-shirts, medals, certificates and breakfast.

    *All runners will get timing chips.

    *Registrations can be done at The Wipro Chennai Marathon - TWCM

    Courtesy: Internet

    Hope we can meet at the starting point in IIT Chennai on Dec 2nd


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  2. halfclutch

    halfclutch Amatore

    Are you a wiproaite bro?
  3. Sree3070

    Sree3070 Amatore

    Noooo ...... No wiproaite...

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