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The "White Knight" comes home - Linea Emotion 1.3 MJD BNW

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Arryan, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Good to know that "Diesel leak" issue got fixed at the first place!

    Regarding feeling heavyness, are you saying that after 80 KM (in 5th gear) car feels heavy? If its so, I never felt heavyness after Linea crosses 2K mark in rpm meter,
    my Linea 2012 is 2 months and 5 days old with 64xx on Odo.

    Not sure if I understood the question correctly because you said that you never got a chance to take Linea above 80 KMPH and at the same time you said that you feel car becomes heavy after that hence the confusion :)

    Yes, you would love Linea even more once you take her to her own territory i.e. highways!
  2. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3

    What I've felt during this one month is that the car touches 80KMPL very easily even within the city limits with slight press of the accelerator. But to move it above 80KMPH I require to press the accelerator hard and also require some free lenght of road ahead of me to do so. This is what I meant by saying that the car feels heavy above 80KMPH.

    I got the first oppurtunity to do a highway ride on the first of September when I took my family to Raipur, 40KM one way. On the way several times I crossed 100KMPH mark on 5th. gear at 2500rpm, as was indicated by the speed limit buzzer. I actually don't have the habbit of looking at the odo while driving. The car was smooth and stable at such speed.

    Well I think I'm being too cynical about the car. I hope the things would smoothen up as the car crosses 2500-3000KM. Till then better to enjoy the drive and not to think about anything else.
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  3. Keep giving your beauty frequent shots of 100-120 KMPH and this feeling will go away :) I feel the need to press pedal A hard after 120 KMPH.

    Perfect! Just enjoy the drive!!
  4. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Got an oppurtunity to take the family for an outing on Gandhiji's birthday. It was a short trip of 80KM (oneway) to a famous temple of the area. The route was all along NH6. Got a few pictures of the car there.
    CYBERSHOT 044.jpg

    CYBERSHOT 033.jpg

    CYBERSHOT 037.jpg

    CYBERSHOT 039.jpg

    CYBERSHOT 042.jpg

    CYBERSHOT 049.jpg
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  5. Did you get chance to take your beauty beyond 80 KMPH, if yes then how was your experience?
  6. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Trip to Durgapur : Family meets together for the Durga Puja.

    This puja vacation we were planning for a visit to my hometown at Durgapur, West Bengal. Plans were being made but my leave was uncertain, thereby putting a question mark on the journey itself. My mother and sister were being impatient as we could not confirm the dates till the last moment. The original plan to leave on 15/10/2012 had to be deferred as my leave was ultimately sanctioned from 19/10/2012 after much persuation. The whole itinerary had to be recast and we headed straight to Durgapur to enjoy the Durga Puja with my mother and sister's family at Durgapur.

    I would like to convey my thanks to all the members in this forum and other forums who have provided valuable information on the road conditions and alternate route suggestions. It has really helped to make the journey smooth and reach home safely with my family.

    The Linea had to undergo the First Free Service at 2530 KMs on 12/10/2012 instead of the usual 5000Km because of this journey. As per my estimate the odometer reading would be somewhere around 5700/5800 by the time I return back, so to keep the warranty valid the servicing had to be done prior to the journey.

    Inspite of all my efforts, I could start the journey only at 6:15 AM on 19/10/2012. The road was smooth four-lane from Bhilai-Raipur-Arang, a distance of 75Km. From Arang to Patewa, Chhattisgarh (40Km) the road is single but good, but thereafter upto Singhora (and further upto the the CG-OR border) for about 110Km the road was in very bad condition. After crossing over to Orissa I took a small break for 15 minutes and my wife used this opportunity to arrange for an elephant ride for my son. Two elephants were standing in the middle of both the lanes at the border check post and extracting money from the truck drivers. My wife requested one of them for the elephant ride and they readily agreed, so my son had a great enjoyment in the middle of the NH.

    From the border to Sambalpur the distance of around 92Km was not bad; four laning work is going on in this streach. After a little bit of manoeuvring within Sambalpur could locate the direction for NH42 to Cuttack. The 265Km to Manguli Chowk, NH5 was serpentine single road mainly through forest area and well maintained. Somewhere in between the forest area we took a half-an-hour to forty minutes break and enjoyed the home made lunch. In the way had to cross through Angul, where I filled the tank, and through Dhenkanal town, both of which were crowded. Actually I missed the Dhenkanal by-pass and crossed through the town, which was crowded with last minute shopping and all before the puja. Finally I reached Manguli Chowk at 6:30PM, thus covering 582Km in 12 hours.

    Just after Manguli chowk I had to take a break for tea. Actually I was having a problem of misaligned headlamps. I was having a problem with the headlights right from the beginning and I got the headlamps alignment and focussing reset during the First service. But when I put on the headlights, the left one was focussing just in front of the car and the road ahead was in the dark. I took a break to see if the same can be fixed by some roadside mechanic, but in vain. I did not show any concern for this and continued with the journey but at a slower pace.

    The journey from Manguli Chowk to Kolaghat (340KM) was smooth sailing on four-lane road, except for some culverts with broken surface. Crossed Jaleshwar at 10:00 PM without any hitch and took a break for dinner just before Kolaghat bridge. We had a long break for an hour and had a leisurely dinner and there itself we decided to cover the rest of the journey in a relaxed manner so that we can reach home in the early morning instead of disturbing everybody in the middle of their sleep.

    We started at 01:15 from Kolaghat, filled the tank on the way and crossed the famous bridge without any hitch. Just when I thought that the road ahead would be tension free, I was caught in an ugly jam for about an hour or more. I went down to search for possible exit but soon realised that there was none for I was in the middle lane of a three lane formation and there was no sign of any movement from the trucks. The cleaner of the truck behind me informed me that there is a gap in the devider just ahead of us and I should exit from there to the right lane and continue. After some fifteen minutes the same person managed to make some way through the trucks for me to exit. I followed his advice hesitantly and drove through the wrong side for quite some distance before I could change over to the right side of the road. To my astonishment I later found that this is very normal between Kolaghat and Kolkata on NH6 and between Kolkata and Durgapur on NH2. At many times I found trucks, busses and private cars going through the wrong side of the road at full speed.

    Crossed Panagarh in the wee hours of the morning without any problem. The road has been widened at Panagarh, though it is still single road. Finally reached home at 6:00 in the morning taking 23:24 hours to cover a distance of 1152Km.




  7. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    My son enjoying the elephant ride :


    The trucks coming from opposite direction on a four lane highway (NH2) :

    It was after a gap of 10 years that I got the opportunity to spend the Durga Puja with my family, was obviously very exited and enjoyed the opportunity to the fullest. Met all my cousins and relatives, most of whom are settled at Durgapur. The children, led by my son, were eager to see the village life. So took time off and took everybody to our village in Bankura district. Everybody enjoyed the half day outing and the traditional style of celebrating the puja in the village, met a few relatives after many many years. It did freshen up old memories specially for my mother. Overall really enjoyed the five days stay at Durgapur.

    The Durga puja is still celebrated in the traditional way in the village :

    The same puja in the cities have become commercial :


    On 25/10/2012 departed for Bokaro, Jharkhand, a distance of 152Km along NH2 upto Govindpur and NH32 through Dhanbad. The journey was smooth and without any happenings.

    On 27/10/2012 went to Kolkata from Bokaro, a distance of 320KM through NH2. Crossing through Panagarh was again smooth in the afternoon and had a little hesitation locating the roads after entering Kolkata. My wife’s sister stays in Kolkata and she took us to their ancestral house in Mahishadal, Paschim Mednipur near Haldia. I was shocked to see their ancestral palace and the antic furnitures and other things.

    The Mahishadal Palace :

    A Bengali film (Khoka Babu 420) was being shot at that location and we met a few Bengali filmstars.

    A vintage car - Opel :


    A copy of the "Sanad" confering the "Raja Bahadur" title by the British :

  8. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Famaily meets for the Durga Puja : The return trip.

    Both me and my wife decided that we will start the return journey from Kolkata at night and try to reach home by afternoon next day. As the plans were disclosed there was a huge protest from my in-laws, but my wife pacified them, I don't know how. But later on they took an horly report till we reached home safely.

    The day was spent in-doors all sitting along and chatting various topic. We all enjoyed this because you don't get much oppurtunity to sit idle at home and chat the whole day long. Took our dinner early and was ready for departure at precisely 10:30PM. Before that I should mention that at Kolkata I had parked the car in a petrol pump as there was no facility in the house and the road ahead was a No-Parking zone. I never used the car within Kolkata for the three days. The petrol pump guys did a cleaning and checked all fluids and air in the tyres when I went to take the car. After all hugging and good-byes we started from Lansdowne Road, Kolkata precisely at 11:00PM. Took about thirty to forty minutes to come out of the city and was soon crossing the Vidyasagar Setu. Got the tank filled at BP Coco at Kolaghat and we were ready for the journey.

    Kolaghat to Kharagpur was usual highway cruising and nothing to mention here. The first obstacle came at Jaleshwar where we got stuck up in a huge jam. Got out of the car and tried to figure out some way to get out of the nasty jam but there was no way so came back to the car and tried to relax. Then suddenly a person tapped my window twice and adviced me to get out of the highway by taking a left turn just metres ahead of where we were stranded and pass through Jaleshwar town. The alternate road was known to me courtsey TBHP but my wife was scared to take a lonely road at midnight. I convinced her and just as I got the oppurtunity I came out of the jam by taking a U-turn and passed the streach through Jaleshwar town and joined the NH5 again. This saved us a lot of time as the jam was very common at Jaleswar checkpost and on top of that there was an accident between a bus and a truck ahead on the road and the trucks were standed there from 6:00 in the evening.

    The streach from there to Cuttack was smooth as expected and we saw many busses plying between Kolkata and Cuttack with "VOLVO" written very prominently on Tata buses. If you observe closely then in very small letters it was written "NO" before the VOLVO. We noticed several busses with "No Volvo", "Like Volvo", "Volvo Jaisa" written on the busses but only the word Volvo is prominently visible in radium colour. We reached Cuttack (Manguli Chowk) at 04:15 in the morning and breaked at a roadside shop for tea.

    We moved on leisurely through the forest area around NH42 towards Sambalpur enjoying the beautiful sunrise and reached Bargarh, Orissa after crossing Sambalpur at 11:30AM and stopped at Hotel Ganapati for lunch. As it was very early for lunch it took a lot of time to prepare the lunch after the order was placed. We were not in any hurry and all relaxed in the sofas waiting for the lunch to be prepared.

    We started at 1:30PM after the lunch and this 100KM or so after entering Chhattisgarh was where we were struck again due to very bad roads. The car was literally crawling at 15/20 KM speed and it was taking a toll on my patience. However, we crossed the streach of bad roads and then it was familiar territory for me. We reached home safely at 6:30 or 6:40 in the evening.

    That was the end of the first long journey on the White Knight and I am absolutely delighted that the white knight performed brilliantly throughout the whole trip. The Linea has passed the endurance test with flying colours. Thanks Fiat for making such fantastic cars and the capability of the Linea is truely revealed on the highways.

    I am really thankful to my wife for giving me company throughout this long trip and she stays awake all the time choosing the different songs to be played on the music system and talking to me. I should also express my thank to my 11 year old son who makes the back seat of the car his kingdom and keeps himself busy by sleeping or reading something and sometimes navigating the roads through Google maps on my mobile.

    The total journey spanned for 2789KM and I had to spend Rs. 7800.00 (rounded off) for fuel and the car returned an overall mileage of 17.2KMPL for the whole journey.




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  9. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    As the winter arrived a lot of dust was accumulating on the car and the car was looking really dirty. I was not getting time to clean the car.

    So ordered the Jopasu Duster from eBay on 26/11/2012 and the cost to the pocket was Rs. 1223.00. The packet arrived on 29/11/2012 and contained the following items :-

    a. The Jopasu Duster.
    b. The Mini Duster.
    c. The Magic Wipe (microfibre cloth).
    d. The Magic Glove (microfibre cloth).


    The product is really good and easy to use. Loose dirt on the car is cleared in one swipe and it does not leave any marks on the car. Now a five minutes effort in the morning and the car looks absolutely clean everyday.
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  10. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    I was having a problem with the fuel cap of the car. The plastic fuel cap would close properly, there was no problem with it. But there was a problem with the outer metal cover on the body. It would not close if pushed, as is normal. This problem developed or rather I noticed this problem when I was on my way to Durgapur in Oct'12. My son promptly discovered a way to overcome the problem. What we did was my son pulled the lever (at driver's foot) and held it and I pushed the fuel cap and pressed it. Then he let the lever go and the cap locked properly.

    I was living with the problem as I never thought it to be a serious issue and I normally get a tankful maximum twice in a month, so it was not something that irritates me regularly. But saw the same problem in the "Niggling Linea issues" thread in some other forum and that is when I thought to get this sorted out as soon as possible.

    I visited TASS yesterday while going back from my office. After hearing the issue, the mechanic came with some grease on his fingertips instead of any tools (as the car was parked outside the dealership) and applied the same on the latch and everything was OK.

    I was like :shocked

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