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The "White Knight" comes home - Linea Emotion 1.3 MJD BNW

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Arryan, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Last time when I went for changing the brake pads of my Linea, I had noticed a circular from Fiat that allows a variation of 5000KM or 1.5 months for the Third Free Service. I used this oppurtunity to extend my third free servicing till the month of September. Went to FASS on 03/9/2014 for the third free servicing when the MID showed 29500KM.

    The cost of servicing was as follows :-
    Engine Oil (3.2ltr @ 517.54) - 1656.14
    DSL Fuel filter with sensor - 1806.14
    DSL Oil Filter - 360.53
    Plug - Oil Sump - 68.42
    Total - 3891.23
    Vat - 544.77
    Grand Total - 4436.00

    However, for the last two or three days the "Check Glow Plug" warning used to come up whenever the car was started. After checking it was detected that the timer mechanism / control unit (not sure what it is called) was faulty and the spare was not available. Also the rubber bush(es) on both the rear suspensions showed signs of wear and the same was also not available at the dealership.

    Though the SA assured me that they would place an order for the parts on the same day and would also ensure that they are replaced as early as possible, but from what I have read about Fiat in the various forums, I was not quite satisfied. Plus I have a planned road trip at the end of this month, so on 04-9-2014 morning I decided to mail the issue to Fiat at PARTSHELPDESK dot INDIA at FIAT dot COM. My mail was sent at around 01:45PM and by 03:30 I received a call from the factory on my mobile enquiring about the issue. After hearing the details from me the official made a conference call with the dealer and obtained the order number, parts number and other details from their side and converted this order (the order was already placed by the dealer, as promised to me) as an "Express Order" so that the spares reach the dealer within a couple of days. During the whole conversation between the Fiat official and the dealership people, as instructed, I was a mute listener. This was a very pleasant surprise for me as I never expected an official from Fiat to directly interact with me as a customer and that to so soon after receiving a mail.

    Both the spares were received at the dealership the very next day by evening and the SA took the pain to call me to inform that they have received the spares. So on Monday afternoon (08-9-2014) I went to the FASS and the parts were promptly replaced in the car. The SA very quickly got the car washed before handing over the car to me. Thank you Fiat. :)

    I had to pay for the Thrust Rings (Rs. 436.00 + Labour Rs. 300.00 + Vat and Service Tax totalling to Rs. 773.00).
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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Great experience, and good job done by Fiat.
    Can you post what parts were changed?
    I am also getting this error and I am treating this as non-urgent issue (http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/my-red-punto-now-wolf-remapped.164/page-19#post-841913995).
  3. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    The detail are as follows :
    Part No. 51888255.
    Description - Electronic Control.

    From what little I could understand there was a problem with the 12v supply to the glow plugs and so this control unit had to be changed.
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  4. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Wow, so Raipur Fiat is not that bad. Good job there!
  5. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    The car is nearing 30K and the stock Goodyear Eagle NCT5 tyres have come to the end of their life. I would not have changed the tyres for another 5K or so If I did not have have a drive to Goa coming up at the end of this month, specially with the monsoon still prevalent in many parts of the country. I was in extreme dilemma for the last fifteen days and ultimately took the plunge yesterday.

    I had the Michelin 3ST and the Continental CPC2 in mind based on the reports in various forums. CPC2 is not available in my town and the only other tyres available at the various dealers in my town in 205/55/R-16 size were the Bridgestone Potenza G III and Yoko S Drive, so inspite of the huge cost decided in favour of the Michelin Primacy 3ST. The dealer qouted a price of Rs. 10,200 per tyre but after intervention of a friend working with Michelin, the dealer agreed at 9800 per tyre including WB and alignment.

    The dealer refused to buy back my old tyres.

    The set of Goodyear GT3

    They have almost come to the end of their life. But I must say that the GT3 served me extremely well with only a single puncture in 30K and two years. Only irritation with these tyres was the huge noise that they created.


    The set of four Michelin Primacy 3ST 205/55/R-16 91W, meaning a speed limit of 168MPH or 240KMPH and load index of 615KG.

    A close-up of the thread pattern.
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  6. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Good decision that you changed the tyres even though they have done just 30,000 kms. Normally, we tend to use the tyres till their death and create a safety concern.

    You will feel a world of difference now, driving with the Primacy 3st's. Only downside to them I notice is that there high speed cornering ability is a little less confidence inspiring for me. But anyway they are not made for that purpose so can't blame them.
  7. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    I have changed my tyres at around 30K KM from the OEM GoodYear Eagle NCT5 to Michelin Primacy 3ST. I could probably have carried on with the old OEM tyres for another 5K KM but decided otherwise only for the Goa trip. After weeks of dilemma on the tyre change issue, I decided that I cannot take a chance with the safety and the OEM tyres had to go. Now after completing the trip I thought it was appropriate to give a feedback on the new tyres.

    Tyre / Road Noise : This is the greatest advantage that the Michelin Primacy 3ST provides over the OEM Goodyear Eagle NCT 5. From the huge noise that the OEM tyres used to make, these tyres are absolutely silent and now. At times, specially in the early morning hours, I enjoy driving the car with the windows rolled down.

    Ride quality : The ride quality has increased considerable with the Primacy 3ST and the car now feel like gliding over the roads. During my Goa trip, though I was careful but still I could not avoid the potholes completely; there was a soft touch to the way the potholes were tackled. Even in the very bad section between Adilabad and Hinganghat there was no jarring sound and the tyres managed comfortably.

    Handling : I always carried an impression that tyres with soft walls would compromise on the handling, but the Primacy 3ST has changed that thought completely. These tyres have phenomenal grip and the car stuck to the road surface like it was moving on rails. I felt safe while negotiating the ghat sections at considerable speed. The OEM tyres though had no problem in handling and probably this is one area where they can match the Primacy 3ST.

    Steering Feel : This is one area where I feel let down by the Primacy 3ST. The immaculate feedback of the Fiat steering has become blunt. The steering has become softer than before and some people might like it as it is now easy to turn the car in tight situations, but being an enthusiast I miss the tight feeling and the feedback of the steering to a large extent. I must confess that I could not understand the reason for this drastic change.

    Grip : I have nothing to complain about the grip of the primacy 3ST tyres. I have not driven the car in wet conditions, so no views on that area. In dry conditions the rubber is softer compared to the hard OEM GoodYear, comfortable and grips well on all road surface. In a panic braking situation during the Goa tour I felt that the braking distance has reduced to some extent, but I cannot put a numerical figure to compare.

    Other points :
    a. I don’t think there is any change in the FE as the Goa trip gave a mileage of 17.XX KMPL; I have indeed obtained the same mileage in my earlier long trips also.
    b. Maybe I’m wrong but during the Goa trip I felt that the GC has reduced to some extent as my car under body scratched on four different occasions where I thought that the car would pass. On the first two occasions I thought that it was an error in judgement.

    Overall I'm happy with the performance of the Michelin Primacy 3ST tyres that actually cost a bomb at Rs. 40K (for four tyres). I have used Michelins for the first time and would certainly recommend this tyre to others.
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  8. Arryan

    Arryan Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Due to some emergency with my cousin’s health, had to make a dash for Durgapur, West Bengal. Train reservations were impossible at such short notice, so decided to go all the way by road. The route was familiar and have been discussed at length earlier in this thread, so I won’t do it again. I would only like to touch the changes that I’ve noticed about the road :

    a. The road from Arang, CG to the border crossing is being widened to four lane; at least one side of the road is fully complete except for four patches where you have to cross through small towns like Pithora, Sankra, Basna and Saraipalli. This itself is an improvement from the bad roads that was there earlier, though one has to encounter many diversions in this streach.

    b. The four lane road is complete and functional from CG-OR border to Sambalpur, where Bargar town has been by-passed and a toll booth has been erected outside the town. If you want to avoid the toll then drive straight through the Bargar town.

    c. The portion of the NH6 from Sambalpur-Keonjhar till the JH border is being widened into four lane road.

    Now the stats for the journey :

    There was nothing new in this journey, the road was known and I've travelled upto Durgapur earlier in 2012; but this is the first time I've travelled such a distance all alone and covering 1150KM (approx) in 18:30 hours was remarkable. Another feat was the mileage achieved during the journey; the mileage of 19.2KMPL in the return journey is the highest that I've ever achieved in the Linea.

    A. The onward journey :
    IMG_20150720_114139.jpg IMG_20150720_114150.jpg IMG_20150720_114204.jpg IMG_20150720_114218.jpg

    B. The return journey :

    IMG_20150722_072932.jpg IMG_20150722_073039.jpg IMG_20150722_073059.jpg IMG_20150722_073118.jpg

    C. The overall journey stats :

    IMG_20150722_072813.jpg IMG_20150722_072836.jpg IMG_20150722_072901.jpg IMG_20150722_072918.jpg

    The odometer reading after the journey :

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