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"The White Hulk" - Linea MJD Emotion 2014.

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by King CM, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    I stay just behind Bagmane Tech Park. Got your number from the PM you sent me. Will give you call and we can meet sometime. :)

    - CM
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  2. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Continuation of the earlier post..

    Across this 1 year have done many trips, few of them which I had published earlier.

    I had made trips to Yercaud, chennai and Nagercoil(Infamous "Naroil" : @arun_josie ;) :))

    Yercaud trip was with 5 people including me(Driver) for 2 days.
    We started around 6.30 AM in the morning and reached Yercaud by ~12.30 PM.
    It was during the month of June and Salem City including Yercaud was scorching with the summer heat.
    Had to switch off A/C during the Hill climb as there was some difficulty for the Engine to Pull up.
    Stayed @ Grange Resorts, Yercaud. Nice Resort. Food is good as well.
    But not sure if it is VFM, as room rentals are on the higher side.
    It was not crowded as it was almost End of Season for the Summer time.
    Yercaud is a good place to visit as it is near to Bangalore and suitable for a 2 day trip.
    While coming back, had a good time with one Hyundai Verna(Not sure Deisel or Petrol).
    He was trying hard to keep up. Thanks to him, could reach from Salem to Bangalore in 2.5 hrs.
    It was 9.30 PM in the night I started from Salem and reached Bangalore by 12.00 AM.

    Few Pics.
    Pics from the Grange Resort.

    Few Pics from the view points in yercaud & from the botanical garden

    A short set of random pics from my chennai trip

    - CM
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  3. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Nagercoil trip was for a marriage and we were 3.5 people on board with the 0.5 being my kid. Started at 6.30 AM in the morning and reached around 4.30 pm. Usual route of Bangalore~Krishnagiri~Salem~Madurai~ Tirunelveli~Nagercoil.
    Once i touched Hosur after 1.5 hrs due to toll traffic of 0.5 km, my kid asked if we reached Nagercoil. I was wondering how to keep this guy busy for another 8 hours or so:(:). Luckily he slept off and woke up only @ Tirunelveli.
    The drive till Madurai was good as the roads are good. We had 1 break @ Krishnagiri for breakfast and 1 more @ Madurai for lunch. Apart from 2 Bio breaks for 5 mins, could drive nonstop without any tiredness. And rear seat passengers also did not complain anything apart from boredom.
    During this trip, especially during the return, used Cruise Control extensively, atleast for 2 hours. Ofcourse, it requires resume to be used once in a while due to braking for traffic on both the lanes. The typical set speed would be around 90~100 kms for cruise control. Beyond that it becomes a little unsure and not advisable to set any speed beyond 100 in regular roads except for some expressway like Bangalore-Electronics city type Freeways. When u press resume button after braking, the automatic acceleration for eg. from 50 to 100 kmph pushes you back and it is very linear and quick to touch 100. You need to be double sure that you have a free road in front of you and then press resume, otherwise you will end up hitting the vehicle in front at that sudden pull and speed. If you trying cruise control for first time, make sure you have a free road and try at low speeds(as cruise control in linea works right from 30~40 kms). S
    Disclaimer : Still, all cruise control trials at your own risk, as you should really feel comfortable to remove your legs from all A,B,C pedals during cruise control.

    I did not take pics of White Hulk though. Few pics from kanyakumari sea shore.


    Bonus pics from my visit to Friend's Farm house

    - CM
  4. Saji Babu

    Saji Babu Amatore

    Linea 1.3

    Nice photos there!!

    Btw could you please elaborate a bit on the difficulty you had while climbing up?
    Me too planning a trip to yercaud soon!

  5. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Nice Pics and a neat write-up!

    If it was a long weekend, then for this route we will have to time it properly to beat the toll traffic. Especially the Attibele, Krishnagiri toll.

    And I miss cruise control on this stretch, especially Salem-Kanyakumari since the traffic is also less.
  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Wowsome photos buddy and cogratulation for your new Linea.
  7. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Thanks @Saji Babu.
    Climbing difficulty was related to some steep climbs after hair pin bends.
    It was not continous, but whenever I had to slow down and downshift to 2nd gear, sometimes it required to be shifted to 1st as well.
    It was a matter of shifting and not so difficult probably as you understood. Many places I was continuing 3rd gear and 4th as well.
    But I did not switch On A/C as it eats up some part of the engine power and would require to downshift frequently
    Point is, this was before the ECU Update and probably you have done it and should be much better now !!
    And I have not driven too much on Ghats which could be one of the reasons for slowing down and downshifting. Just my thought.

    @arun_josie - Thanks for the nice words.
    Most of the trips were during weekends or inline with some festival time & Whole Bangalore would be out on the roads to highways !!
    That happens. If we reach these attibele & electronics city toll before 5.30 AM it used to be relatively free than after 5.30 AM.
    You are right when you said we need to time it. But as you know, timing it with family and kids is a little tough ;) :)
    Going by the way you munch miles, you should definitely opt for fitting cruise control(with probably references from @PatchyBoy posts) !!
    He had imported earlier, as per his posts. Currently all Cruise Control setup/spares should be available as standard spares with FASS I beleive.
    Probably you should check it out for fitting in your pre-facelift linea without breaking the warranty part.

    I had used most of the cruise control on the Tirunelveli - Madurai stretch, while returning to bangalore, just to relax my legs as I had done too much of local driving the previous days. I do this on the Bangalore Chennai stretch as well after some 2 hours of drive, just to relax my legs for 5- 10 mins, without break & to maintain the average speed. The only cruise control available in my earlier ride(TATA Indigo) was my left leg, which I used to press A pedal for 5 mins, when my right leg aches !! :)

    @kedarbendre - Nice to see you visiting my thread & All the pics were taken with my mobile (LG GFlex) and came out decently well !!
    I had to downsize a few to adhere to the forum upload limit of 5 MB per image.
    My Linea is 1+ year Old now :), Not so New & have gifted few items for 1st Anniversary as written in my write up http://www.teamfiat.com/threads/the-white-hulk-linea-mjd-emotion-2014.12561/page-4#post-841946597

    - CM
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