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"The White Hulk" - Linea MJD Emotion 2014.

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by King CM, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    As I had some urgent personal work cudnt post the snaps yest.
    Here are the snaps with the brief.

    Some good soul's contribution to my brand new white hulk. A small chip of the paint on the rear bumper.

    Reached 555 Km on 8th Aug

    My Visit to KRP Dam in Krishnagiri - Panaromic View

    Panaromic View of the KRP Dam Park

    Some Yellow-Black Spider clinged on to me and the Linea @ the KRP

    My Kid having a good Time @ the KRP

    Snaps @ the Jain Temple in Krishnagiri-Chennai Highway

    Result of DIY :) Cleaning after the Krishnagiri Trip
    (Dont ask me "there is no dirt on the car in the previous snaps. What did you clean !!". It rained during my return to Bangalore and the sides were full of slush/dirt :-D. Believe me !! I cleaned it for 3 hrs straight)

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  2. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    My trip to Vellore was a rush. So could manage only few snaps
    Water Pearls due to Paint Protection
    Touched 1300 Km during Vellore Trip
    A Customary Snap during my return from Vellore to Bglr

    Snaps from my trip to Bannerghatta National Park within Bglr Limits

    Finally Crossed 2K mark, supposed to be Run-in period, for the Engine.

    All pics taken from my mobile. LG G-Flex.
    Tats it from my side for now.

    - CM
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  3. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    The car is looking good, King! And you have already crossed 2000 kms, great. The more you drive it at high speeds, the more you will like it and of course on twisties it will handle brilliantly.

    Was surprised to read about so many niggles in your car after the delivery.
  4. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    @5u3zEr0 : Thanks for stopping by.

    Out of the the queries I have asked, I wanted to know which are really niggles or is that a known Feature :) of the Linea MJD.
    Just reposting again below to confirm from experts.

    1. The Gear shift handle keeps moving back and forth(1-2 cm) for any acceleration press/depress. Is this normal ?

    2. Sometimes(probably after a cold start), there is performance difference compared to other times.
    The lag is more obvious at these times(may be 30 % occurence).
    I am not sure if it is after cold start or depends on the fuel levels or some ECU confusion.
    Anybody experienced this ?

    3. If I ride the vehicle on a not so good, rough road, the Steering gets feedback of the imperfections of the road(moving left and right for the adulations). Is this normal ?

    4. rear suspension is able to take jumps and speedbrakers more smoothly than the front. Is it bcoz of the Engine weight or the suspension setup difference between rear and front ?

    Some help on classifying the above as niggles would really help me in taking it forward with FASS during 1st Service.

    - CM
  5. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Updating my thread again after sometime.

    Today I got a call from IPSOS, a Research Firm in Bangalore(FIAT has outsourced to this firm as per the caller's claim).

    The guy took an appointment with me for a survey about my experience and feedback about my new linea.

    The survey guy came and asked all questions about the Vehicle (Nothing about Service or FASS though).

    Interiors, Exteriors, Seat Fabric, Plastic quality, Smell of the car, Driving, Dash, Audio indication, Display panel, Steering, Music System Quality, Any problems to be rectified, General info about my vehicle, etc.

    Some were subjective inputs and most of them ratings.

    I asked him if I can give feedback about Service or is there any place in the survey for a general comment or feedback ?!!, the guy says, "Saar, Whatever they tell me to Survey, I will do, I cannot go beyond that !!". I was more curious to give some feedback on Service.

    This survey/surveyor was much better than Amico guys who had come for explaining the features.
    That was like some College guys coming for a internship without any knowledge or almost ignorant about the product they are surveying.

    Is there anybody in the forum who have done this survey earlier or now ? Do let me know.
    I hope they include Sales & Service level feedbacks as well later, but this is a good start :).

    - CM

    PS : My trip to Coimbatore recently during Dusshera Holidays is pending to be updated in this thread. Will do it once I collate the pics. Please stay tuned till then and enjoy the customary pics taken in Coimbatore.

    CAM00298.jpg CAM00290.jpg
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  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Yup, I had a rather well-educated albeit in Hindi guy equipped with a tablet who came over for a thorough product (new Linea t-jet emotion) feedback. There was the possibility of general overall comments too: i filled about a page worth. Not sure if he was just humouring me or whether more general comments (including on dealers and ASS) were part of the survey, if not part of the itemized ratings.

    And the points you asked about don't seem to be problems or niggles, just normal i think. Hydraulic steerings do convey the goings-on with the front wheel, that's part of their character (we all like so much). But do idle your engine a bit before moving or switching off.

    cheers, your car looks elegant, effortlessly lovely.
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  7. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    @prabhjot: Thanks for your kind replies for my queries. Appreciate as you are the only soul who replied to these queries as it was lingering in my mind for quite sometime :)

    I am just leaving now to give my ride for the first free service. Will anyway inform them about these points and few other. Will keep the outcome posted after 2 days.

    I have not cleaned it for 2 weeks to get it cleaned by FASS ;).

    - CM
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  8. avithe1

    avithe1 Amatore

    (Mira Rd) Thane.
    Linea 1.3
    Replies or not , but do keep posting.
    I am sure there will be a lot of enthusiasts like me who admire (drool over) your white hulk.
    One fine day I will buy this beautiful car , till that time it is experiences of people like you which keep people like me dreaming.
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  9. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Hello King,

    I just booked the Linea in Pearl white and thanks to your great pictures , I started realizing how great the car looks in white and Iam now even more happy with the color choice made in my case.

    Kindly let us know if there are any new updates on your car.
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  10. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    @All - After quite sometime, posting updates on the "White Hulk".
    Year End work had kept me busy to post updates and pics.
    Have been posting on and off in other threads and reading daily posts of other TFIans regularly.

    Buy it quickly. Independent of different comparisons with other cars in the same segment, you will never regret your decision.
    Just a quote based on a movie for people to relate. It's a kind of Sahelu (Avatar) bonding you create with this Ikraan. Its a long time and addictive bonding, that you will relish & want to ride this more & more.

    Now for the updates:
    In approx 5.5 months, have reached the 10000 KM mark in my White Hulk.
    5K in 2.5 months
    2K in 1 month
    All the rides during this 10K milestone have been pleasant experiences with few minor accidents.
    I dont find any difficulty in 1st and 2nd gears. The lags are over sold by skeptics.
    Its just a matter of learning to drive a Diesel Car(told many times by different people in different threads). Since I have been driving Diesel for past 10 years, I didnt find any problem.
    I dont say i am used to the lags, but its about how you handle the acceleration in these gears.

    My usage has been 40 - 50 Km in-city daily and the remaining on highways.
    Off-late, have been doing a steady 200 Kms almost every weekend to my Friend's Farmhouse.

    FIRST SERVICE - ~5000 Km, @ KHT Service Center
    Completed my first service with Rs.0 as bill.
    Except for cleaning of the interiors I didnt have much complaints on the first service.
    Though, there is lot of scope of improvement in better handling of the process of Service, the workflow from taking it for service to handing over of the vehicle.
    My reported problems were partially rectified. Details below.
    Few of the reported problems were attended and resolved completely :

    1. Mainly, Rattle noise in the driver side door has been rectified after 3 attempts.
    This noise was more when playing high Bass songs.
    Final Solution - The Speaker was removed and remounted with padding for proper placement of the speaker.
    I dont have pics of this as I was not there during the final attempt to fix it.
    But all through, KHT FASS have been putting multiple efforts to collect the vehicle and rectify.
    It was one Mr.Velu who can came up for checking the problems finally and rectified this.
    Thanks KHT & @adit for the attempts.
    Mr. Raghavendra Rao FASS has been closely following it up & responding to me actively, all through the attempts.

    2. RUST in the Boot lid closure corner points.
    Was rectified in the first attempt. This one, I had shown them earlier and FASS had got pre-approval for painting it during 1st Service.
    The painting was a decent job and I was told that it is not internal rusting albeit a superficial one.
    Although, the root cause for the same remains unidentified. FIAT Quality check Failure ?! (Painting- QA check or Rusting in Yard ?
    - Not sure.)

    3. Left Rear Door Thud noise Correction - Kind of patched after few attempts.

    I would definitely want to create a troubleshooting database for FASS across India to lookup for any issues in all the FIATs.
    Not sure if FIAT maintains a central Database in their Service system across FASS.
    Few of them still lurching in the dark without proper resolution.

    1. Windshield - Wiper noise. Still this persists for my Left side Wiper. Infact, after 1st service it even got worser :), that I asked them to correct it during Rattle noise issue fixing. Now the noise still stays and waiting for FCA to visit KHT service center for rectification probablities. Mr. Raghavendra Rao has duly noted it down for discussion with FCA and me.

    2. Sudden Jerk in 3rd, 4th gear incase i try to ask for more power (quickly) from the engine. It was kind of discussed as late kick-in of Turbo. But since this issue was not reproduced, they couldnt fix it, even though they claimed they fixed it :). I am also not able to continously reproduce it for them to check and rectify. So kind of stuck up now until i reproduce the issue.

    New Issues.

    1. Mileage - Even though I have not checked mileage by empty tank method, with AC on Highways they mileage seems to be around 17.5 (approx). I am yet to check this properly. But still, will be raising this issue along with other un-rectified issues.

    2. The Rubber beading running along the windshield-bonnet junction point, horizontally, seems to have given out at few points. It is not stuck properly. My Windshield was changed after my PDI, as it had some airbubbles on the IRVM Area. Maybe this beading is starting to give up as it is done in the service center and not factory fitting. Needs to be done.

    3. Seat belt locks - It becomes difficult to unlock the seatbelt by pressing the button, as the button doesnt get released properly with a click noise. Its kind of a spring issue or something and at times passenger seatbelt takes a good 4 - 5 trials to release. Problem is there with Driver side as well. Want to get this replaced under warranty, as it might get critical during some emergency situation.

    Thats the update regarding service and pending issues.

    @8800 Kms - have done the Wheel rotation (Front & back) for even wearing out of the tires. Balancing and Wheel alignment was also done at this time.
    Cost - 840/- Rs.
    Place - Madhus, Langford Road, Bangalore.
    Time taken - 20 mins.
    Waiting time - 1 hour on a Saturday.
    Professionally Done. I would recommend them.

    - CM
    1 Customary pic. Further updates & pics in next post.
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