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"The White Hulk" - Linea MJD Emotion 2014.

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by King CM, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    Finally... The "White Hulk" arrives...

    Took the delivery on 29th July on Ramzan day(last Tuesday).

    Had been closely following up with KHT Caffe for Registration Process to ensure delivery happens on Tuesday, as planned.
    Sales Personnel Mr. Aftab was supposed to do the delivery process, but due to Ramzan, he handed over the Baton to Mr. Rajesh, another SA.

    Reached KHT at 3.45 pm and the auspicious time for delivery was marked between 4.45 pm and 5.45 pm.
    All through, the process of delivery was prompt as scheduled and on time, the key was handed over to me.
    I had to go through the resale process of my Indigo as well. Signed all the forms 29,30, etc (without name though) & got the Delivery note for my reference.
    Did the Insurance transfer as well.

    SA Mr. Rajesh briefly explained the features again for around 30 mins.
    I had a detailed session earlier with Mr.Aftab during the PDI, so it was kind of repeat for me, still was ready to listen again.
    Small Cleaning issues were there and got it sorted with the KHT support person who cleaned it again.
    In terms of cleaning I would rate KHT Caffe a 7/10, as cleaning could have been much better for a new car.

    For overall delivery process, I would rate them 8/10.
    It was quite Simple and the climax of delivery was kind of underplay than the actual process of wait.
    The expectation set to my kid was so high and he was thoroughly enjoying every moment.

    I had mixed feelings, as I had to let go of my 9 Year Old Indigo, probably some kind of emotional attachment.
    It has served me really well for 120K KMs and IMHO, I had maintained it quite well.

    I did the remaining PDI Check, for Oil, Fluid levels and few other items.
    The Spare Tyre was a 15" Non-alloy and the SA had some explanation for that.
    He said that it is supposed to be used as a Spare temporarily only and the Customer should change it immediately incase of puncture and fit the original 16".
    That is the reason, the spare was provided as a 15". :p

    Took a Drive with the SA along the Outer Ring Road till Ejipura Signal.
    Found the Vehicle to Sway to the left if I leave the steering and probably requires a Wheel Alignment.
    Not Sure if it should have been taken care at the first level as part of KHT PDI Check.
    Informed SA about the same and noted it part of the feedback.
    The Rear Left Door did not give a proper Thud sound as other doors and had a little window crackle noise. Noted down that as well.

    Took the delivery around 5.30 and drove to the nearby Surya Narayana Temple in Domalur(It is literally "Place of mosquitoes" in Kannada, for the non-initiated.. matchargali, kosupettai, KodhuSthalam.. etc, as you can translate in your own languages :D). But Domalur has become a prominent place now, to reach to different destinations and also the real estate cost there has appreciated well, though.
    And the Surya Narayana Temple is also a clean & quite place for relaxing.

    Did the pooja. Took around 1 hour for that and the poojari wrote a big Aum with Turmeric on my bonnet, windshield.
    Some more liberal application of turmeric on the Steering wheel and boot as well. N
    No offence for religious people. All the while, my heart was pounding, not able to stop him and also not able to bear the feeling whether there will be Turmeric stains left over the White Hulk. Someone should have probably seen the reaction on my face, kind of mixed, for the pooja and the turmeric :eek::confused::roll:

    Finally drove down home and immediately took some wet wipes and removed the Turmeric.
    Next day morning, when abt to Start to office, saw that there was visible yellow stains and called up to Mr. Mohsin to check what can be done.
    I had already fixed an appointment with him for the paint protection shortly and he said you bring it, it can be removed.
    But luckily, coincidentaly(Surya Naryana temple), Sunshine removed the stains automatically. Once reached office from home, the stains were automatically gone.
    As an after thought, I started thinking, whether the turmeric stains I had seen were real or some kind of Illusion in mind.
    Either way, the end result was, I was back in peace.

    Bangalore(Karnataka) had called for a bandh on Thursday(31st Jul) and chose that day for Paint Protection, in case Ultimate Detailerz were working.
    Based on morning situation,(was calm), did the Paint Protection as well. Will detail that process and experience, probably in the other thread.

    Otherwise, I am yet to sit and read the manuals and explore. Anything I buy with a manual, I make sure, I read all the pages, religiously.
    I kind of beleive in "Know your Product" first. And it would be interesting to read these things as well.
    My driving experience till date and other queries will follow later, as I will rest my hands a little after so much typing.. :)

    The Wheel alignment, other niggles correction and the number plate is planned for today.
    I hope KHT Service Center can handle the Wheel Alignment Professionally.

    Time to indulge all in some Pics. All are mobile pics, taken from my G-Flex. Pls, excuse the quality of pics.
    And for privacy, I have hidden the faces of the individuals, including me. I hope you guys are Ok with that.
    Though, all the faces and sides of White Hulk is open for exhibition. :D
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  2. King CM

    King CM Amatore







    - - - Merged Post - - -







    Tats it from my side on the delivery of the Linea. More in the next post after some time.

    And forgot to mention. All the 4 Issues pointed by me in the PDI were taken care by KHT.
    They have done a good job in getting the Windshield replaced as well from FIAT.
    I am not nit-picking here for small communication lags or delays. Even though there is scope of improvement, I positively beleive that FIAT will Evolve.
    I hope i have given that space for KHT to evolve as well.
    Overall it was satisfactory and a satisfying experience, in control.

    Even the other Dealers handled the Pre-Sales process in a decent manner.
    Also, Vecto - Mr. Suhail and Aadya - Mr. Sudhaker, for being patient during my negotiations and handling my followups well.

    As for KHT, Thanks to Mr. Syed, Mr. Aftab and Mr. Rajesh for a decent handling of the Sales and delivery & the resale process as well(Mr. Majunath).
    It was a good experience for me as a customer and I would recommend KHT FIAT Caffe, based on my experience.
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  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice to read your buying and delivery experience.
    White Linea looks gorgeous.
  4. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Amazing car! Looks great.. Hope you have a good time with it!

    OT : Pics taken from LG G2?
  5. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Congrats King!! Now you are king of the road in this pristine beauty :)
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  6. gazgotta

    gazgotta Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Namma Bengaluru
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats! looks awesome!
  7. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Hey congrats man! Welcome to the 'dolce vita' (sweet/happy life) of a Fiat Linea owner!

    As an atheist and anti-religious person, I read your turmeric troubles with some humour! (apologies! ;-))

    You and your kid are going to enjoy long road trips in this beauty, and i am sure he'll grow up with an affection for Fiat, that's how it was for me when I was young.

  8. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    @Ravi, @pabhishek, @gazgotta.. Thanks :) & hope to have a pleasant experience with this ride.

    @jishnu.. The Pics were taken from my LG - G Flex. Original Pic was taken with 13mp. I reduced the image resolution for upload size.

    @prabhjot.. :) Thanks man ! No need to apologize..!! It was just a clash mid-way between 2 state of minds at the same moment.
    My kid is a little crazy about Cars. Till date he has been telling he will get a BMW when he grows.
    But after the Linea, he wants to buy a Linea when he grows !!
    He will also evolve along with FIAT !!

    - CM
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  9. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congratsz King.
    Nice Sedan.Enjoy the drive.

    Thats the Magic of these cars,Emotions.
    When i asked my bro son that we will exchange our Punto with new Punto Evo,he straightly refused it.
  10. King CM

    King CM Amatore

    After a hibernation for 1 month, i am updating this thread.
    TeamFiat was getting a facelift and I was not able to access it for quite sometime even after the facelift.

    Now I can access it from my office N/W someway, by-passing my office proxy.

    The Driving experience has been so far so good.
    Having finally found a seating position comfortable to me (Yet to fine tune it), I had been to 2 short trips outside Bglr.
    One was to Krishnagiri Dam/Jain Temple and the other to Vellore Golden Temple.

    First, My in-city driving with Linea experience :
    For the initial days, had some tough experience as the vehicle pull to left took 2 -3 visits to KHT FASS for fixing.
    (Above 80Kph steering started wobbling after first fix for the pull and it required some Wheel balancing to get it fixed again.)
    The left rear door closing issue(not getting a proper thud noise, some rattling of the window glass probably) and driver side plastics rattling noise still needs proper fixing. This is still nagging issue for me for a new car.
    Bcoz of the Driver side plastics rattling, the ICE performance takes a hit as any songs with Bass causes a vibration on Vol > 5
    And during the fixing of Left Rear Door Closing issue, the paint of the door handle got damaged and peeled off.
    Even though the actual door Closing issue is not completely fixed, KHT FASS Manager Sharanappa judiciously repainted the complete Door handle.

    The 1st and 2nd gear needs quick shift to get to decent driveability levels.
    I push them to 2K or 2.5K RPM quickly and get to 3rd Gear quickly if it is not B2B traffic.

    The Gear shift is ok and may be needs some time to settle in.
    During the Shift especially in 1st and 2nd, it doesnt slot in perfectly, has a small hiccup towards the end of the shift
    (Full Clutch pressed. Still I am rechecking if this is bcoz of my driving style, to quickly disengage the looong clutch press). :)

    The Gear shift handle keeps moving back and forth(1-2 cm) for any acceleration press/depress. Is this normal ?

    3rd and above - This is absolute cruising as the Turbo kicks in and gives a smooth linear acceleration for the pedal press and more than that.

    Sometimes(probably after a cold start), there is performance difference compared to other times.
    The lag is more obvious at these times(may be 30 % occurence).
    I am not sure if it is after cold start or depends on the fuel levels or some ECU confusion.
    Anybody experienced this ?

    Suspension setup is too good(even though it is a known fact for Fiat cars like saying world is round), It is my feedback based on other cars i have driven.
    If I ride the vehicle on a not so good, rough road, the Steering gets feedback of the imperfections of the road(moving left and right for the adulations). Is this normal ?
    And for the suspension behavior, the front suspension has some performance difference than the Rear.
    In a sense that, rear suspension is able to take jumps and speedbrakers more smoothly than the front. Is it bcoz of the Engine weight or the suspension setup difference between rear and front ?

    The NVH levels below 1500 RPM is very well controlled, to the extent that people getting into asked if it is a petrol Car. It puts a big grin on my face, but i control and kind of say (silly) its a Diesel one.

    As for the short trips outside bglr, I have taken the NH 7/46 and enjoyed the stability of the Linea to the core.
    Even though it was in the run-in period < 2K kms, I pushed it to 150 Kph (darn the run-in period) for shorter durations to experience the stability & pleasure.
    Could throw the vehicle at turns @ 90-110 Kph depending on the curve angles.
    At normal turns though the White hulk took the turns clutching on to the road without any hesitation.
    During the Second trip to vellore which was during a recent 3 day holidays , whole bangalore was out on the expressway causing traffic jams upto 1 Km in the toll booths. So had to push the linea to meet the time of reaching Vellore by 12.30 pm.
    Been with family and @ one point my Mom asked why are you going slow, when Linea was cruising @ 130 Kph, just to quote the passenger experience in the rear seat.

    During these short trips was able to test the Cruise Control as well for shorter distances to relax my leg a bit and tat was again 1 more pleasant experience. Had tried to set speeds of 70 - 90 Kph for the Cruise Control and could drive for 15 mins without disengaging the Cruise(@ times had to press some gas to overtake < Cruise Speed vehicles).
    15 mins is what i tried, it could be used for more time definitely depending on how you drive.

    Apart from this explicit Cruise feature, I liked the Pseudo Cruise in 2nd Gear and 3rd Gear.
    If you leave the accelerator pedal and without clutch engagement, the vehicle keeps cruising @ 30 Kph in 3rd Gear and around 10 Kph in 2nd Gear (Cruise Control Off). This is sometimes useful in City Driving.

    I have few other queries related to interior cleaning of the facelift, etc, which I will ask in the next post.

    Till then enjoy some snaps of the White Hulk, which i will post shortly.

    - CM

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