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The story behind your car...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bala, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    You could have test driven the car once before opting for the car....
    What happened with your car??
  2. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Sid,what happened??????,that's a huge story,but not having had a TD is not the reason,because when i test drove(!)the car after the purchase,it was just exactly what I expected of a FIAT car.
    It all started later...
    Wrong engine oil during 1st service,when the car came back,power windows stopped wroking(was sorted out later)
    At 2nd service the service guys did not know that pollen filter had to be changed and I was sweating inside the car,till I knew it from others,then got it changed.
    Door latches became loose and the doors open and close like those of autorikshaws
    Then as the car was nearing 30 K kms,the accident happend and post accident repair every goes wrong.Oil and fuel was leaking as the car came back from TASS,got it fixed,the mudflap/wheel arch fell apart in the middle of the highway and the journey was disrupted,got it changed,paid Rs.250 for the same,again in 20 days for the second time.Within 20 days the a/c Conked off,the new condensor not working and am waiting for the spare for more than 25 days,it was a brand new condensor for which I paid 4.5k and I asked the S.A as to why that happened,pat came the reply,I don't know..Then the Glove box stoped opening and lots of noises from the doors and other minor problems as well.It's exausting.
    Mine is an active version of the MJD Linea.
  3. rohitjha


    the service at tata is poor, they dont know much about fiat and treat it like indica.

    when i went for 2nd service, a serviceman told me that u r very late for service, i told him that the service duration is 1 year but he was not convinced.
    when i showed him the service book than he agreed.

    when i asked the cost of pollen filter they told me 2200
    i confirmed at spare parts section, it cost near 250
    i get my vehicle serviced in-front of me.
    take care what they r doing

    take advice of tfians before going for a service
    i will also do that next time.

    dont know whether the service is improved or not as i didnt visit after 2nd service
  4. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    The first mention of Punto to me was by friend some 4 years back. I was then reviewing the hatches in India. Another friend who influenced me to go the FIAT way was a colleague of mine who owns a Palio Adventure sport 1.6. The hatches then available were Palio, Indica Vista, swift, Getz and so on. For some reason, I had a total dislike for swift. As some one mentioned, it is full of curves, and to me the driving seat looked like a hole in the ground with only the head hardly visible. So Swift was never in my list. The question that I had was this: Why should I go for a Maruti or TATA car that has a FIAT engine, when there are FIAT cars with FIAT engines? The analysis and reviews went on and on. But I was sure I will only buy a new car that stands out on the road.

    Then comes the Maruti Ritz somewhere in June 2009. Maruti dealers displayed Ritz in our office and I had a look. Looked OK to me and was well within my budget. The most distracting part was the looks of the car from the rear, which stands out on the road more than the car itself.
    There is a joke about TATA in the TCS circles (quite old): there will be something truckish in everything thing TATA makes. They just take a miniature photocopy of a truck, makes some modifications here and there, and there is a new vehicle. It can be a car or a pickup truck. One can feel the truckishness in the engine noise of most TATA cars; Vista and Manza I think are probably more refined than the earlier ones. Not saying that TATA cars are good for nothing. Over the years, they have matured much as a car manufacturer and they should thank FIAT for the JV.

    I have quite a few good friends who never had any respect for Marutis nor TATAs, but had great respect for FIAT because of the solid build and stability. I decided to wait for some more time. Then comes the BOLD NEW DRIVE just a couple of weeks later, in mid-June if I remember correctly. The huge hoardings with Yuvraj Singh appeared in various places in Bangalore city. My office was then on the Bannarghatta Road, and at the start of the Road was the huge FIAT ad. Those days, I used to commute to office on my Pulsar and everyday I would stop at that signal, look at the ad, then the green signal, and then proceed to office. Finally I decided to TD Punto at Concorde motors Diary circle. I went there with 3 of my friends. I walked around the car several times. First, all my friends took the TD and I sat in the back seat to get the passenger’s feel of the car. Then I did the TD and was impressed even more. I almost decided to go for Punto.

    Next big task was to convince my family. It was tough; new car from a company that once failed (?) in impressing Indian customers. Some told me better wait for a year and observe the performance. Least bothered about convincing those who raised their eye brows, I went ahead and booked the car. A few days later, I told my wife that I have already placed the order. That was mid July. On Aug 22, I got my car, the car I was waiting to own. One year and seven months, 14000 kms. Till date, I have no regrets.
    -Bangalore-Nanjangud-Gundalpet-Mananthavady-Boys Town-Iritty-Kannur-Payyanur Aug 2009
    -Bangalore-Nagarhole-Kutta-Mananthavady–Nidumpoyil-Kuthuparamba-Kannur-Payyanur Dec 2009
    -Payyanur-Kanhangad-Bagamandala-Madikkeri-Kushalnagar-Bangalore Jan 2010
    -Bangalore-Piriyapatna-Virajpet-Makkuta-Iritty-Taliparamba-Payyanur Aug 2010, Dec 2010
    -Bangalore-Coorg Oct 2010
    It was during these trips that I got the real feel and power of Punto. The more I drive, the more I love my car.

    OT: How many of us pronounce Punto correctly? See http://www.vocabolaudio.com/it/Punto

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