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The story behind your car...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bala, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    My first introduction to Grande Punto – GP, was at AutoExpo 2008, New Delhi – India. I was impressed, but I moved on to take a glimpse of other cars.

    I spent almost 8 hrs exploring AutoExpo 08 and took flight back to Mumbai late evening. Next day while checking out all photographs clicked @ AutoExpo 08 …this car again caught my attention. However I did it again…I moved on checking other cars, bikes and girls. And then finally while filtering final pictures to be uploaded on my Flickr account, this beauty strikes me again…and that moment I felt…this could be the next best looking premium hatchback car for Indian market and how I wish if I could ever drive it or own it someday.

    But it was all in thoughts…I just moved on checking out all other American and European beauties.


    Almost 17 months later…I started hearing again all about its launch in India and yeah I was pretty much excited about it. But nowhere in my plan, dreams or imagination had I ever thought that with in no time this Italian beauty will be parked in my garage. I was pretty happy with my Rock Solid Indian Stud…Indica V2 LSi . I had plans for my Indica of investing few grand’s and give it a makeover to make myself happy for another couple of years.

    But God Tussi Great Ho… he had some different plans for me.

    I had bought Indica while my stay in Hyderabad in 2003 and later due to my job requirement I shifted to Navi Mumbai. The migration was so quick that I had no time left to complete RTO work…I just drove down from Hyderabad to Navi Mumbai and got busy with Mumbaiya life. Time went by fast, without any hassles in terms of driving different states Car in Maharashtra W/O NOC and road tax, until May 2009. The Cops were now stricter and frequent checking made me infuriate especially when I had to shell out heavy amount to keep things under control (you know what I’m referring to…). I don’t blame Cops for that; they were doing their duty, considering all security measures to be taken by them.

    Than sometime in July 09 while driving to my office and back home, I was continuously stopped by cops and fined heavily for almost 4 times in a week. And that was it. I decided to either get NOC from Hyderabad or sell off my Indica and get myself a new vehicle.

    I started looking out for information on how to get NOC job done and other related task to legally transfer vehicle to MH. After pulling out information from friends and online articles on how to get NOC, re-paying road-tax in MH and other formalities…and over all the time involved in it, sounded tedious job especially when you are aware that how Sarkari kaam are done. I even searched over the same information on internet and then things started falling in place and started getting all wise suggestions and tips as needed over online forums. And finally decided to sell my car and get myself a new one.


    I started looking out for information over new cars in the market and started searching over net and almost all searches were ending up with kind of information I was looking for ;), at Grande Punto. I compared some new available models in market and confirmed over pre-decided car – GP MJD 1.3 Emotion in Exotica Red.


    So, that's how my GP came into my life...What's the story behind your car??? :)
  2. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    I had bought my first car, a indica v2 diesel in 2002 ... It was Just that to me - a first car. I bought it brand new with hardly any money in my pocket and did not know to drive. I still don't know why I bought it. But then, I have very little memory of the indica, of the 18 months she was with me and learnt my driving with her.

    The indigo Marina was the next to fascinate me... Just that I like the station wagon look. So, got home the Marina , this time, a petrol car in black. I still have her at 68000km +.....
    Let me tell you all one thing... For these 7 odd years with the tata cars , for me the brand never mattered,I was not even bothered of what I was driving, it was just another car..
    It was in 2009 March that I saw this red beauty parked at tata ass in nerul, where I had gone for a scheduled servicing of my marina. I had hardly heard of the linea or had the faintest desire to see one. But, the moment I set my sight on the gorgeous beauty, I just screamed 2 words - I WANT !

    I am truly crazy and things I do I can't explain to myself..i didn't care about Fiat or for that matter the fact that I hate sedans. This baby blew my mind.
    After that, no test drive, no sales pitch, ... Infact, I was my own salesman...i booked the car after pairing my phone with the blue&me in the demo car :) ... The small drive I did was just a formality on the test car. It definitely had no test driving in it...:) I was already sold to this beauty... Complete surrender....

    And what do I say about her now....oh my God.... If there is heaven, its when I drive her... Its when I drive her...its when I drive her ;)

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  3. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    this is a great thread. for most of the other brand buyers, buying is like "baju wale ne kaunsi li hai, acha maruti hai?, achi hai to hum bhi le lete hai". but with fiat there is always a story, as we are so much passionate about cars. and that defines us.
  4. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    after 12 long years of using uno fire it was high time that we buy a new car. the culprit actually was fiat that we went on using a car for 12 years. uno has done over 2lakhs kms and it always served us without any problem. dad never found a reason to buy a new car as uno was in excellent condition. i kept on saying that it is high time we buy a new car now.
    the process began one day when we had visited our kuldevi. while returning i was tired and sleeping in the passenger seat in the comfort of the chilling a.c of uno on a hot summer day and my mother in the back seat. the car stopped in front of the VW showroom. i woke up and dad told me that he wanted to check out the new polo. i was so happy that finally we are buying a new car. my dad though loves cars but has never taken a TD (unlike me) saying "whats the point in driving when we dont want to buy". so i was pretty sure that we are definitely going for a new car. i was so happy that day as the process has started (at least) after 12 years. had a look at the polo everyone loved the car. the only problem was the back seat comfort. that was really a deal breaker.
    next was the figo. this car is not supposed to win any beauty contest so none of us liked the car(especially my mom).she said it is another uno. dad said it is great value. i then tried to convince dad for fiesta (much better that figo at least). there was a limited edition variant which was 7.6l on road. dad was reluctant on paying for the fiesta.
    then came the manza. a great VFM car. everyone liked the car. mom was very impressed with the back seat space and comfort. but then everyone was reluctant to "TATA".
    linea was always my dream car and whenever we visited the showroom for manza i used to drool over that car and say "ise gadi bolte hai". my dad used to agree, but was costly for us. i had forced my uncle to go for linea when it was launched. he was confused between the ANHC and LINEA. i convinced him for linea. linea had been my choice since its launch. but it was out of our budget.
    then came the decider. i had convinced dad to go for a saloon instead of a hatch. so it was between fiesta limited and manza. went to the tata-fiat showroom to have a final look at the manza. test drove it. everyone was looking at manza while a black linea pulled me towards her and went to check it. i told dad to at least have a look and inquire the rates. the sales person gave us the rates and the petrol dynamic was the most we could go for. but that was a petrol against the top end diesel manza. i insisted that we at least have a test drive. they did not have a proper TD petrol car(people here dont buy big petrol car). they got a car from there basement. we went for the drive. what i noticed that being a dynamic it had music system and ABS. on asking he told me that this is a 2009 dynamic pk model which is now discontinued. i asked what if we want this car. he said of course it is for sale. and i knew we will get a discount on it. the dream of owning a linea seemed to a reality now. reached back to the showroom and he came with the price of 715 on road. we walked out asking for more discount. by now i already knew that its got to be a linea now. two days passed and he called saying sir what have you decided. i siad give us better discount and consider it a deal. he told 7l last. i said 6.80. he finally agreed for 6.95l. and i was jumping with joy as my dream car is going to be in my house the next day. dad also agreed as he knew how good fiats are. delivery decided the very next day. that was a sleepless night for me. i could not believe that we were buying linea.
    after buying i still regret not going for the emotion variant (typical greedy human nature). but i thank god for a linea in our garage.
    (mods pls delete my previous post)
  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Wow whata great site the story keeps pouring, :wow Imagine all the members posting their stories, :wow
  6. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    So,here comes the actual story of my car,Linea.
    I wanted to buy this car even 2 years before it's launch,after Ihad a glimpse of her in CARN BIKE show in NDTV.I owned a SWIFT then and I never liked the car even a bit.So,the wait for 2 years was very frustrating what with the launch getting postponed for ever,first tobe launchedAug 2008,then got postponed to Sep 2008 and then finally it was announced in Fiat's website that the launchwas scheduled during December and the date too was announced(In the meantime,I once did venture into a Honda dealership to have a look at ANHC,after asking the dealer over phone to send me an invoice!,but with in 5 minutes I sped away from the dealership after seeing the car,it was not my kind,so no Td was needed)But alas ,the Mumbai terror strike happened and the launch was delayed once again.I was getting restive and till it was launched I would derive pleasure,imagining myself in the car,looking at the pics from the website.Finally it was launched on 15th Jan 2009 and with in a fortnight,I had booked one after disposing the Swift for a throw away price.I did not take a TD,neither did I even know how the diesel engine would sound(it is the first diesel car we own).All I knew was that I wanted this car and for a formality I did go to a dealership and have a look for 5 minutes.I booked the car through some one else and got delivered through him and I did my TD only after owning the car!
    Well,did I live happily ever after with the car???!!!!!....
    That is another long story and aday do not pass with out me regretting the purchase.
    This is a stupid car from a stupid company and being taken care of by another stupid company.
    With all the awefull experiences I have had with Linea I have totally lost interest in cars per se.
  7. arulvr

    arulvr Amatore

    That's 'freaking' Kool Pic Arun.. ;-)
  8. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Karan ur earlier post has been deleted. BTW Loved the story!!!
  9. rohitjha


    active ?

    diesal ?

    which model/ version of linea do u own.

    your profile says 1.4 emotion petrol but the first story you shared was of linea active version and the second story you shared is of diesal linea .
  10. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    The story of my Linea goes like this: Prior to my Linea, I had owned Maruti Suzuki vehicles [Omni/Versa] for more than 17 years. When I was in Australia during June-August 2009, I used to drive my daughter's feature-enriched VW Golf 2.0 TDI [diesel]. During my stay there, I used to follow the ownership threads of VahanPujari, Bala and other owners of Linea in Team BHP/CarWale. At that time, Team Fiat India was not born!

    Notwithstanding the niggles and issues faced by the initial owners of Linea, I had decided then and there itself that my next car would be a Fiat Linea as I wanted a paradigm shift in the selection of my next vehicle, viz., from a Japanese brand to a European brand, from a van to a sedan and from a petrol-driven to a diesel-driven. After coming back to Bangalore, I did TD of Linea [thrice, 1.3 MJD once and 1.4 FIRE twice], SX4 [twice] and ANHC [once]. Then, as they say, the rest is history. My only grouse was I could not opt for 1.3 MJD due to financial crunch.

    In nutshell, I am happy with my fabulous Fiat Linea - so far, so good! :)

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