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The "SILVER LINE" in my life!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by dr_shiva29, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Nice one Dr Shiva, looks like a really neat install. Looks really great. Njoy the drive.

    Nymore updates coming ???
  2. Re: The "SILVER LINE" in my life!: Windscreen Film

    Hi All,

    The next and last sort of update done to my car on the same day was Garware ICE COOL Anti Glare windscreen film (50% heat rejection, 70% visibility, 99% UV protection and compliant with rule 100 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989); Cost- 3200/- including installation, Jeewajee Car Decors, Anna Nagar.

    http://www.garwaresuncontrol.com/produc ... l%2070.pdf

    [attachment=0:210l556r]Garware Sunfilm.jpg[/attachment:210l556r]

    Having faced difficulties on my trip to Pondy, I felt this can well add to my car's overall driving experience. After the film installation, I had to go out on a party from where at 2.00 AM, I and my friends felt cheeky and decided to drink tea.........but in Mahabalipuram!!!! So we went on this long stretch on ECR at that odd time and I must say, the windscreen film does what it claims to. Even my friend who accompanied me to Pondy, noticed the difference.

    In addition, I also bought Cosmo boot mat for the car (Rs. 250/-). The material is rubberish and very light and hope does its work. If not, might upgrade to Kagu at some later point.

    Further updates in line:

    1. Scuff plates
    2. ICE Upgrade
    3. Car cleaning and waxing kit

    Garware Sunfilm.jpg
  3. Dear All,

    I just returned from a 1066 km trip from Chennai-->Salem-->Namakkal-->Salem (City driving)-->Chennai from 19/Jan/2011 to 23/Jan/2011. Following are the efficiency figures that I got:

    Distance covered: 1066 km
    Highway Driving: 842 km
    City Driving: 224 km
    FE: 19.2 km/l
    Time spent driving: 25.29 Hours

    I am happy with the FE as such and presume the drop in figures below 20 is mainly due to the bad city roads and traffic in Salem. Otherwise the FE on highways was always above 20 km/l.

    Following observations were noted during this trip (am sure all or some of these must have been experienced by other Linea MJD owners as well):

    1. The rear left door is kinda strange as when I open it from outside, it opens as if it was not locked. Meaning the lock mechanism was not tight enough gicing a feeling that the door was not locked properly. Was concerned and showed the car to Salem FIAT service centre, True Sai Motors. As expected, they inspected the door and mentioned that the door locks properly and is active in the central locking system, therefore no need to do anything at the moment but can be re-checked during the car's first service. I insisted on rectifying it and was suggested that they cannot book my car for the issue rectification as they already had more than normal number of cars in the workshop to be attended to. Returned cursing them.

    2. Squeaking noise from the passenger seat. I attribute this problem to Jeewajee and guess some nut or bolt must not have been screwed properly during the seat cover installation. This noise is driving me nuts as had to live with this irritation all my way back to Chennai. Interestingly, this noise was not present on my onward journey but showed up only while I was in Salem. I am for sure not going back to Jeewajee after the horrible experience with them so might drop in to Concorde Sevice center. Please pray that the service center accepts my complaint and not turn me down with some reason!!!

    3. The ACC is not very effective when the external termperature goes above 30 degree celcius. This resulted in faster in-cabin warming and I was quite surprised at that since my Santro, for which I got some cheap sun films, does not warm up like the Linea which has got 3M sun films, provided complimentary by Concorde.

    4. The car is a charm while driving on highways. Very good brakes and handling is superb.

    5. Overall: The car is a delight to possess but the interiors are VERY VERY poor/cheap quality plastics. Every time I take my car out, a new rattling can be heard in-cabin.
  4. I must share this with you all. On Saturday while dropping my brother and his family at Salem bus stand, I saw a beige Linea parked on the road skirt opposite to private bus pick-up point and the owner getting out of it. My brother was already late and I was desperately trying to find a parking space for my car and spotted one. This was between a Mahi Scorpio and an Ambassador but unfortunately the space between these two bullies was seemingly not enough to accommodate my car. I still went for it and must say was worried so much that I might bump my car. Although the reverse parking system helped, I saw the owner of the beige Linea coming forward and helped me in my gruel, with hand signals.

    A really sweet gesture from another FIATian. Never seen this passion in any other car brand :clap .
  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    I've the same feeling as well. Each door locks with a different sound/thud. Also the front driver side door looks like a bit mis-aligned, I want to get this checked at the TASC - But don't want my car standing for couple of days.

    Have the same problem, But it's barely audible in my case and I can hear it only over bumps, potholes and whilst switching off the car. This was rectified in the first service but has returned again.

    Have you got sun-film installed on the front wind-screen as well? I'm planning to get that done before summer starts.

    I may be lucky but the only rattle I've had so far is the passenger seat and a faint sound from the dashboard area above the meter console. That sound comes only whilst going over pothole so not worried so much. This is after driving my car over 9000 Kms over non-existant Chennai roads.

    Nice to hear, Did you ask him to join TFI?
  6. Did you try to find out what is causing this noise?

    Yes. Please see my post above on Garware Windscreen Film.

    Unfortunately, by the time I parked my car properly, he had left. I didn't try to search for him also since I too was in a hurry.
  7. My agony with Jeewajee continues (read rest of the issues here viewtopic.php?f=39&t=1567#p27565) as last Saturday while I was getting the windscreen cleaned at Privilege Carz Spa, I noticed series of scratches on the bottom third of the windscreen. I let out a gasp as I had never run the wipers dry nor did I try anything sharp on the glasses. On inspection, I noticed that the scratches were rather from the inner side (cabin) of the windscreen than the outer one. It was finally concluded that the person installing the sunfilm on the windscreen had used a sharp object to tuck the film. I also noticed that the sunfilm had cracked at one point.

    Called up Jeewajee immediately and met him in 30 minutes. He checked the film and called his film installer who very quietly told the owner that his hand could not reach the bottom part for which he had used some file like thing. Jeewajee owner told me I can go for a replacement but even that one will have the scratches. I very politely told him that if the replacement also will have the same problem then the issue is with his installer, not the film or my car.

    Jeewajee finally agreed to refund the whole amount, but needed time to remove the film and the cleaning stuff. I booked an appointment with him for the next Saturday as I had not time left.

    The search for a good film installer starts now...
  8. Dr, good that Mohammed is refunding you the amount. Thats a consolation.
    (i had high regards for Jeewajee)

    Why dont you do it at Privilege Capz Spa, Nandanam. They are very good in car care but they are slightly costlier than the market. You would have experienced their workmanship last saturday. They have all brands under one roof (first floor has an exhaustive accessories section). You may contact Mr.Rajesh.

    3M authorised distributer M/s Balaji Agencies, opposite SIET college in teynampet is also very good and pricing is reasonable. They have only 3M products with them. You may contact Mr. Vinayagamurthy.

    Xenos at Nandanam also do sunfilms and they are fairly good. You get personalised service. You may contact Mr. Subramaniam.

    Btw, are the scratches on the sunfilm or on the windscreen ? :A
  9. @bnzjon, the scratches are on the sunfilm, thankfully, although I am not very happy about it. What really beats me is that I never noticed them in all these days!!!

    I have had good experiences with Carz Spa so might go with them. But would like to speak with 3M too as I have heard they too do a good job and are reknowned for sunfilms.
  10. I too want to fix the sunfilms but not finding time. Maybe, this week i will fix an appointment with 3M or Carz spa or Xenos depending on who gives me a good price. I am happy with the workmanship of all of them.

    One good thing with 3M are they donot remove the door panels while fixing films on the sides, which means no rattling from the doors in future.

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