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The "SILVER LINE" in my life!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by dr_shiva29, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Dr, the more you drive, the more you will fall in love and you understand the dynamics of the car.

    Be careful with the highbeam on highways. Some crazyhead would act funny putting us in danger :shock: :punch

    Regarding the reverse parking sensor, you may get it from Xenos, Nandanam (at HPCL petrol bunk). You may contact Mr Subramaniam there,
    Refer me, Satya & Karthik's name.You will get a good offer.
  2. Couple of pics..more to follow.

    [attachment=2:20x3kd6o]Car Front.jpg[/attachment:20x3kd6o]


    [attachment=0:20x3kd6o]Car Cover.jpg[/attachment:20x3kd6o]

    Car Front.jpg


    Car Cover.jpg
  3. Re: The "SILVER LINE" in my life!: The Party Begins


    I was waiting for 14/Jan/2011 with anxiety for the past 10 days or so as this was the day when my car was getting a make over. Well, not a heavy one but in the short span with my car I had decided on some accessories which I felt will give a new look to my car to my liking or are necessity from a driving perspective.

    Let’s start with the seat cover:

    That I was going to change the seat covers was decided the day I booked the car but which type, model etc. was a question. I always wanted to give the seats an executive angle but not too plain to make it look boring. Following were the options I looked at:

    1. Leather: Called up Stanley (Nungambakkam) to get a quotation but was informed they no longer do for cars. The sales guy provided another number of his friend whom he mentioned is dealing with Leather covers. The quotation provided by this guy was within a range of 28k-45k, based on the materials and quality. Thought against spending this hefty sum at this point of time and decided to upgrade to leather on the car’s first birthday.
    2. Art-Leather: So many options, so many materials, so many dealers… But in short, had finally shortlisted Autoform and G-Sport. I liked both the brands and was inclined towards G-Sport but had to drop it at the last moment since the couple of shops providing this brand have their establishment on GP road, by the road itself where they will do the installation. I definitely did not want my car to be filled with dust and scratches while the seat covers were being fixed. Had finally decided on Autoform ‘U Cheer’ (http://www.autoformindia.com/) and went on checking different shops for the rates and their workmanship.

    a. Auto Associates on GP Road has his own ‘unbranded’ brand and mentioned that he can customize the seat covers that way I wanted!! He had a wide range of colors and was very friendly. He said he would require 5 hours for the stitching and 2 hours for the installation. They fix the covers in a nearby cinema theatre parking area which he claimed was clean. Charges were 6k for the Linea. Didn’t want to take a risk.
    b. Xenos on Mount Road charged 8.8k for the Autoform U Cheer including fixing but wanted ~10 days, which I did not have. Secondly, I did not get any reviews on their workmanship in terms of the seat covers, so decided to skip.
    c. Jeewajee in Anna Nagar was claimed to be the best in terms of Art Leather cover workmanship in various forums. Visited his place and although the area where he works on the cars is a bit cramped, it was still dust free and shady enough. He quoted me 9.2k including fixing for the U- Cheer and was able to get me the covers in 4 days. Although bit expensive that others, I liked the confidence he showed and finally made the advance payment.

    The seats arrived on 10th Jan from dehradun and I fixed up an appointment with Mohammed from Jeewajee fr Friday 14th Jan, 10.30 AM. I drove back home at 8.00 PM and the whole process on the seats took 8 long hours!!!!! (I was getting other updates done to the car at the same time).

    Now, I better let the pictures talk!! Enjoy!

    The front seat being removed
    [attachment=9:2usbaswh]Front Seat.jpg[/attachment:2usbaswh]

    [attachment=8:2usbaswh]Front Seat2.jpg[/attachment:2usbaswh]

    The back seats..
    [attachment=7:2usbaswh]Back Seat.jpg[/attachment:2usbaswh]

    Oh, my dear car!!!
    [attachment=6:2usbaswh]No Seats.jpg[/attachment:2usbaswh]


    The new skin
    [attachment=4:2usbaswh]The New Skin.jpg[/attachment:2usbaswh]

    This guy was very patient in his work


    Front Seat.jpg

    Front Seat2.jpg

    Back Seat.jpg

    No Seats.jpg


    The New Skin.jpg




  4. Dr, looks good and the work is really excellent.
  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Hey Dr. Shiva, Congrtulations on getting the Leather updates on ur beauty. IMO the front seats looks much much better, while the work on the rear seat need a lil more attention, specially the handrest. Overall, looks great. :)

    What other updates were you getting at the same time, din mention those ??
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Congratulations, Dr Shiva

    I assume you were driving on highway. If so then on highways High beam usage is advisable. Low Beam in Linea are felt weak even in City driving. That example you mentioned that you almost hit someone while in Low beam is a perfect example to drive on highway with High beam. Sometimes I put on High beam even while driving in city when visibility is an issue. The 1st rule is that you got to be driving safe yourself & do not bang others. If any one feels your beam higher, he'll flash & let you know to lower. That's the case you also experienced.
  7. Thanks bnzjon. Lets meet up someday to check each other's cars ;)
  8. @ansal11, actually the arm rest is not seated properly as I had retrieved it and not closed properly. But still I feel you hit the nail on its head because, I was not too happy with it. Its a long story and would require a separate post. Will write one as soon as time permits.

    No time to writ about them so thought will update you all in separate post. See my next post. :)
  9. @Vahanpujar, thanks for the suggestion and I indeed was driving with a high beam and lowered it because of a request from another car. I was too couteous to lower the beam whenever was asked to but I noticed many did not reciprocate it. Thats what proved a bit risky for me.
  10. Re: The "SILVER LINE" in my life!: Reverse Parking System

    Alright guys, here goes my second update to the car, The Reverse Parking System. [WITH THIS POST, I COMPLETE MY HALF CENTURY AS WELL :)]

    As I had mentioned in my previous posts, I nearly missed banging my car’s butt while parking in non-negotiable spaces, I thought the reverse parking system to be a mandatory addition in my car.

    Bit of looking around made me understand the 2 types of reverse systems, the sensor type and the video type. In both cases, the monitors were flexible in the sense, the RVM type and the dash display one.

    I chose camera plus the dash display. Following brands were considered:

    Minda (Rs. 6500/-): This brand was being sold by the guy in Concorde Motors itself and my SE mentioned if I get the stuff through him, my car will be safe as it will be handled by experienced people rather than novices in the market. Had to reject this brand as the display was of an odd color which would not have gone well with the car’s interiors, the camera was huge (due to night vision provision), and that it was black. Not too keen on adding the big black round dot on the rear bumper, which definitely would attract on-lookers.

    Xenos (Rs. 6,000): I liked this small compact showroom on Mount Road but somehow was not comfortable dealing with the people there. Strangely enough they could not differentiate between a CMOS and a CMD camera and I felt they just wanted to sell me off an expensive stuff. Secondly, the dash display that Xenos produces, does not have a stiff stem which can lead to constant rattling of the display, if it comes in contact with any solid part. There were many displays and cameras and the offer that I was proposed, made my head spin and I just left the place. One thing I knew for sure was that I was not getting what I wanted in specific.

    RD (foldadble display version, Rs. 6500/-): Had heard so much about this brand and was glad when one of the dealers had the ones I wanted. Visited the shop on GP Road and although I liked the parking system, I was horrified to see how they install the stuff….right on the main road!!! Heavy heart, decided to go with RD.

    I discussed the above choices with my dad and he told me that although a camera will show who or what is behind, it still is a 2-Dimensional presentation, and lacks depth. Which means although I can see the stuff, I still cannot make out how far the actual object maybe. Now this was a valid issue.

    Unfortunately, I revised my decision to go for a sensor parking system, but somehow was not happy as I would have liked to give my car that techno look with the display and camera etc.

    While speaking to Mohammed from Jeewajee, I was told that Hiker has a model which comprises of sensors and a camera and one dash display which was capable of projecting the camera’s inputs as well as the sensor’s, together.

    Got very interested and went on overdrive mode, searching for this particular model. Mohammed helped me find this one by calling multiple distributors and finally we were able to nail it!!!!

    I was happy with the build of the display but now came the big question, the camera as well as the sensors were black, which could have spoiled the wide voluptuous look of the boot and bumper. A little friendly talk solved that problem too. Mohammed promised to get the sensors as well as the camera (sans the lens) painted to match the minimal grey!!!!!

    Model # HK-RVMS 110-S (http://www.hikerindia.com/html/parking%20sensor.php), Rs. 11,500/- including installation and painting.

    Enjoy the pics!!!


    After Installation:










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