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The "SILVER LINE" in my life!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by dr_shiva29, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. How will you feel if you have to go away from your wife the very night you got married to her. Well, this is what happened with me the day I took delievery of my car. I had to travel on business the very next Morning and must say these 7 days were the most longest one in my whole life!!! Now that I am back, (but still not spent enough time with the beautiful beast), I thought I will update you how it all went at delivery (photos posted are the ones at the time of delivery. Detailed pictorials will follow after the weekend).

    The delivery for my Linea 1.3 MJD Emotion Pack was 31/Dec/2010; 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm, but surprisingly I get a call from the SE to collect the car at 5.00 pm. He also requested me to be not late as he had plans for the New Year's Eve. I thought I was not going to rush through the process and reached Concorde at 4.00 pm itself. Instead of going inside the showroom, I directly went to the parking area to check out the condition of the car and whether all my PDI observations had been taken care of.

    I saw 2-3 guys working on the car, dressing it up in sun films (3M) and one guy sitting inside the car cabin and fiddling with the stereo system. I politely asked him to get out of the car and mind his business to which he stared at me, but had no choice and left. I then checked each of my observation and must say that these guys had done a fantastic job!! The fresh paint was untraceable, interior looking clean and smelling fresh and the scratch was , well, it was not there anymore. I was also impressed by the sun film work and told the guy so, to which he complimented on my new car.

    After the initial round of inspection, I went into the showroom and completed all the paper work. The SE was very cordial, explained the terms & conditions, and answered all my questions, to his best knowledge. I then collected all the freebies that I was promised: Boot mats, mud flaps, car cover and neck pillows. I asked for the final freebie which was the 3M car polish and the SE told it will be done just before the delivery.

    After waiting for another 30 minutes, during which the last minute cleanup was going on in my car, my car was sent for the polish. Here again, I was very impressed by the meticulous workmanship and must say he was very careful with that polishing machine.

    The time arrived and the car was aligned properly for the delivery, with the ribbons and garlands. The SE took me through the functions and controls of the car but I was not interested as by that time I had already read the online manual 3-4 times ;o)

    Just when about to take the keys, I noticed that the fuel meter was kissing the 'E' letter to which the SE immediately arranged for a 5 Litre Diesel worth voucher to be redeemed at the nearest HP outlet.

    I along with my family, finally took our coveted seats inside the car and was surprised to see that the Concorde employees had assembled outside and clapped, wishing us 'Happy Motoring'. This was a sweet gesture! I was also given a chocolate box by the Concorde Team.

    We reached home in next 40 minutes and everyone on the road either were appreciating my car or shouting at me, as I was trying to be extra careful and thus driving slowly :)

    Hardly would I have parked the car that I got call from my work place for an urgent travel the next morning. Packed up stuff for the trip, and took my Santro to a beach resort for the New Year celebrations with my friends. Unable to control my excitement, I came back home just after 12.30 am and offered my friends a ride to dinner. I was always confused about the Trip Meter and accidentally long-pressed the TRIP button. This reset the odometer, which I learnt later by reading through the forum. We drove for around 50 kms for 4.5 hours, mainly because of the heavey traffic congestion caused by the party goers.

    The following weak was hard and spent my eveinings mostly in the forum as a silent spectator or reading stuff about the car and engine.

    I reached Chennai last evening and immediately, took the car out to feel the curves and an effort to run-in the engine a bit. I drove for about 40 kilometers and below is the average mileage that I am getting so far:[attachment=1:eek:3a55aan]FE_2011-01-06 21.48.36.jpg[/attachment:eek:3a55aan]
  2. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Congratulations... happy miles....
  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats Dr Shiva. :) I read the initial paragraph and saw the photos. I will read your thread at home when my net starts working again. :) Enjoy your beauty.
  4. Rajen

    Rajen Regolare

    Dr Congrats. Enjoy your car and drive safely
  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Congratulations and best wishes, dr_shiva29. Explore and enjoy your brand new Linea.
  6. HammerHead

    HammerHead Novizio

    A Goan In Pune
    Grande Punto 1.4

    Congrats Dr. ::T
    Never heard anyone getting such royal treatment from Fiat during car delivery. Lucky you.
  7. aks_karthik

    aks_karthik Novizio

    Congrats dr_shiva29,

    I am also enjoying the same color and variant Linea.
    Car is trully amazing and i have crossed almost 28K.
    Enjoy and Drive Safe :)
  8. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    hi shiva

    congrats .........enjoy the honeymoon.....

  9. That's interesting. I was told that Concorde does it for all its customers. I must tell you that it is really warming to see all of them lining on both sides of the pathway with flags in hands and looking at you with a smiling face. You almost feel like you won a race :)
  10. teky

    teky Esperto

    Congrats Dr Shiva. Enjoy many miles with this beauty. Hope you can make to one of our TFI Meets.

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