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The Renaissance of my JET - New White FIAT Linea T-Jet + (25,000Kms Update)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by sathya_sc, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I totally agree with the building the momentum and cruising. Once you start flooring the throttle pedal the Inst. Consumption says it all. It'll stick to 4kmply and wouldn't go lower but trust me, its much lower :p.
    Gently squeeze the the pedal and enjoy the drive. As mentioned in my ownership post, we touched 195 and still the car was very stable.
  2. sathya_sc


    Thanks everyone.. Again my jet is due for a long drive Aug month end.. Excited to take her for a long spin again..will post my exp., as i put more miles with her.

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  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Excellent pics, Sathya,

    And as usual, you are munching miles in T Jet like your earlier MJD.
  4. sathya_sc


    Thanks man.. Actually I am driving less than the MJD.. since I drove 30k in my MJD effectively in less than 12 months.. considering my frequent travel abroad.

    and then since a new Ritz Vdi has joined the family in addition to the 800 and the Jet.. running in T-Jet has dropped significantly.. Now its the Ritz that does the daily job. T-Jet is for some adrenaline drives when a dose is required.. its like a stress buster.:devilface
  5. saw your car Tjet being put up for sale(tbhp classifieds).....are you serious/mad??:(
  6. So, you are indeed selling it! Are you really upgrading to a SUV or is the 1.6MJD coming up?
  7. sathya_sc


    Ananth.. Yes but not in a hurried manner.. If i get a decent price I will go ahead or else i may back off.. If its 1.6MJD, then SUV is out of question.. But not sure whether FIAT is going to launch it. latest I heard was no new launches for the next 1-2 yrs. Only facelifts are a possibility.

  8. sathya_sc


    An awesome trip to Kothagiri..

    Earlier this week, completed a 1200km round about trip to Kotagiri and back from Chennai in my Jet. A quick travelogue and pictures from the trip. One interesting aspect of this trip was - my Jet was accompanied by many Multi-Jets (Linea’s and Punto's). We were the "Force Five" on the roads till the trip got over.

    Day 1:

    Started from Chennai at about 9:30PM in the night on Friday - 14th Oct, 2011 and reached Gobi by 4 AM in the morning the following day. Checked in at Gobi for an overnight rather early morning stay. Started lazily in the morning by 11 AM and reached Kotagiri by 1 PM in the noon. Really it was a treat to watch multiple FIATS in a row and all of them commanded admiration from on-lookers. The day ended up talking about cars and some photography. Basically we were just lazing around. The resort we stayed in Kotagiri was "Twin Tree". The resort was super-awesome in one word. Food was equally good there.

    The drive - I was cruising happily at 120+ and my mileage stood at 13.2km/lt from Chennai to Gobi. The multi-jets showed, they are no short in terms of power in addition to being frugal (In short they vanished out of my sight until Krishnagiri) - Thanks to Linea Lover, Ramesh and Teky - All of them were super fast indeed with a special mention to Linea Lover - He is a true "Jetter":D. I was cautious about mileage and was cruising all along. Indeed the Multijets got near 18+ km/lt for this portion of the trip eventhough their speeds were above 140/150 all along.

    Gobi to Kotagiri saw my Jet in action since the road-scapes were awesome (neat winding roads to get some thrills). From Gobi to Kotagiri my mileage stood at 10.9km/lt including the ghats section. Think the Multijets gave 16+ there aswell proving they are frugal and equally faster. The best part was pushing the Jets at the ghats and winding roads - pure bliss is the only word.

    Absolute feedback, stability and control.

    Day 2:

    This day was definitely eventful with all out Jets plying on the Kotagiri-Ooty-Masinagudi roads. Kotagiri, Ooty were simply at its best. Full of mist, rains and green everywhere. We visited Dhoddabetta and it was full of mist and enroute was scenic (esp. the mist covered mountains and lush greenery around).We did some photography there and started towards Masinagudi via the Kaletty route. Man, that route required some skills to drive and as usual the Jets were phenomenal in terms of proving that no other car on the road is a match to their dynamics. Every twist and turn pasted a smile in our face.

    We took the jungle safari at Masinagudi (spotted Bisons, Elephants, Deers and even a bear). After a long drive into the forest in the government van we also took our jets again on thehighway in search of spotting some animals and we did see bisons at a very close range. After around 8PM we started moving towards Kotagiri and reached the resort after an eventful trip. Our families were very happy after seeing those animals in "their" habitat and the undisturbed surroundings. Esp. the kids were having fun all along.

    The Drive – Ghats section and My Jet’s mileage stood at 9.7km/lt for this day.

    Day 3:

    This day was full of some adrenaline drive (damn the mileage attitude) starting from Kotagiri until Chennai. We took the Kotagiri - Satthi - Mettur - Thoppur - Krishnagiri - Chennai route and did some stretches in sheer 15-20 minutes time.. For e.g. Thoppur - Krishnagiri in less than 30 minutes time. And as usual, no words to explain the handling, power of my Jet. But the mileage dropped to 11km/lt when the speedo saw up 180's frequently. Linea Lover proved multiple times that the Multi-jets will rule the road anytime, anywhere. He gave me a tough time all along eventhough I had 114 horses ready to pound. Man, you are just a super fast driver with a equally capable machine!!!!:up

    En-route, all our Jets had some fun with a White elephant (TFORT) but to admit, there is no replacement for displacement. TFORT kept pace with us even at 180s/185s except in areas where there were steep bends/twists.. My Jet saw some redlining (6500+ RPM at every gear) while it was wrestling with the TFORT. One quick observation though is- the T-Jet goes all the way until 185+ in 4th at around 6600 RPM types and it does 140 at 3rd in the same RPM range.

    The Drive - Multiple times the ECU cut-off triggered (Thanks to TFORT guy and Mr Linea Lover) and The mileage dropped to 10.9 km/lt when I came home.

    All in all, it was an awesome trip ending up well. The credit goes to the Jet and it’s companions. T-Jet deserves a round of applause for its brilliant engine, handling and loads of power at any gear.

    One quick change this trip brought was - I have decided to retain the T-Jet and go for an SUV in addition to the Jet. I understood that I cannot get the driving pleasure of the T-Jet in an SUV (I knew that earlier but realized it again strongly). So have decided to retain her for some adrenaline drives (Cannot afford to sell my stress buster indeed).

    Now, a treat to the eyes..

















  9. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    A nice,short and crisp travelogue Sathya.
    Some how I thought that you and Binze(where is he these days,not found in the forum!?)would have started to get a liking to the new XUV5OO!
  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Sathya, its good to hear that you have decided to retain your Jet :up

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