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The Red baby Punter

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by sakartechin, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. sakartechin

    sakartechin Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks machanna - let me consider it

    Also thanks DRIV3R i was also not aware of extended warranty rejection IIRC. thanks for my bringing to my note
  2. sakartechin

    sakartechin Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    My First Free Service @ KHT service center

    After many consultation with SA and teamfiatians I took my car for the first service after the long trip. The meter reading was exactly 5286 km.,

    Before reviewing the first service and ownership part . I like to record the new additions I have done in past 3 months.

    New Addition from the time I bought
    1. 3M Paint protection treatment - 3400/-
    2. Palco Car cover -1200/-
    3. Few Car care products and microfiber clothes
    4. Ganesha Idol :)
    5. Abarth Side strips and Logo on the front and back. - 1500/-

    Few Niggles facing during 3 months.
    1. Parcel tray hooks broken on the 1st month.
    2. Wipers quirking sound, when its in action.
    3. Autolock misunderstanding.

    I booked a appointment with KHT service center in Whitefiled road for 9:00 am.I took the car there. The service center is quite large can accommodate 10 - 12 cars at a time i believe. I was assisted by the SA he was kind and polite. He inspected the car and got the feedback from me as well. He told him about the niggles mentioned above.

    Autolock feature my understanding was ,once we remove the key and close all the doors it should get auto locked in 30 secs. But the SA told me it happens only when I lock using the remote.I am quite confused till now , because i seen it auto-close when I come out of the car closing all doors. Though I was partially convinced I thought I would further research the forum to better understand.

    Around 5:30 - 6:00 pm I got the call telling my car was washed. However I had some work so I insisted on car delivery. As mentioned by other teamfiatians same story was told me as well " the lack of drivers" , if I still insist on it I would get the delivery but by next day afternoon. So i went to the center.

    The moment i entered the service station my baby punter came running towards me from the washing area :) ( SA driven it towards me). Cleaning was neatly done , interior and exterior are well polished. interiors were vacuumed well. Good job indeed.

    Parcel tray hooks are replaced I was under the impression it was only hook damaged, both them were replaced . It costs me 2 X 103 - 206/-
    Wiper blades there was some minute dust it seems it has been removd,otherwise blade is soft. Needs to be tested in heavy rains.
    Wheel alignment was done. Report was given to be , minor changes in the front.
    all fluids were checked no top-up required.
    Labor charges - 250/- with VAT and all it came around 486/- ~ approx.

    Here is my Wishlist :cool:
    1. Smoked head-lights and tail lamps
    2. Good GPS.
    3. Cabin LED.
    4. Others Jopasu duster, formula -1 scratch out.
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  3. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Thats what my understanding also, and I see this happening consistently in my Jet.
    But if you open the door once again before it locks then the auto lock will not work we need to lock it manually. This is my observation
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  4. sakartechin

    sakartechin Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Could be due to this, let me observe for a while now. The SA was quite confident :rolleyes: on telling this.
  5. sakartechin

    sakartechin Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Weekend Trip To Tirupati Travel Report

    Day 1 : 21/Dec/2013 Morning 4:10 AM
    Route : Bangalore -Kolar-Chittoor-Tirupati -250Kms

    Road Condition - Excellent till Kolar first 100Kms. Two tolls 15/- and 61/- respectively. The road work is been carried out next 30 - 40 kms and state highway starts. Two lane SH but still its good can maintain a speed of 90 ~ 100 kmph morning time.

    Weather : Very foggy weather while reaching chittoor , Just 50m was visible infront of you. Thanks to fog lamps high beam helped me a lot.

    Mileage : 19.6 kmpl.

    Reached Tirupati @ 7:30 am, Booked a room in Madhavam Guest house, I opted for 5 people stay which was around 800/- per day. We climbed to Tirumala around 11:30 am and joined the queue around 1:00 pm. Finally we had darshan @ 7:00 pm. The delay was due to some technical issues in 300/- sekeradarshan counters so resulted in 7 hrs wait period.

    Day2: 22/Dec/2013 7:00 AM
    Covered Nearby Palaces : Trichanoor, Kalahasti- 22kms, Kapileshwar Temple, hare rama hare Krishna temple, Kondanda ramar temple completed by 1:30 pm.
    Had a good Andhra meals in Mayura hotel :D opposite to bus stand and started back to Bangalore by 3:00 p.m.
    Evening truck traffic was quite high in this route have to switch 4th and 5th gear and two railway gates as well. Took 4hrs to cover the S.H, we reached home around 8:00 pm
    Weather : While return the weather was very hot around 30 - 32 degree celsius
    Mileage : While mileage dropped a little due to AC usage and traffic was around 17 kmpl.
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  6. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Pics please!!
  7. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    i remember when i done the trip to tirupathi-Kalahasthi from my place miraj.it was about 850kms,which includes SH,NH ghat roads,it was full raining,the insects on the highways.trust me it was like test for me to reach tirupathi.At the end of the day reached tirupathi, started at 9 am and reached tirupathi early mornign 2:30am.it was continous drive for more than 16 hours. MJD is incredible.
    Thanks for the moments recall. :)
    My route was Miraj-Bijapur-Hospet-Bellary-Ananthpur-Kadiri-Tirupathi.
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  8. sakartechin

    sakartechin Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    some pics didnt take much of the punter

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    So true never in a single point I felt tired driving MJD really fun to be with :p
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  9. sakartechin

    sakartechin Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    On the way back from Chennai - Bangalore on a pongal eve....
  10. sakartechin

    sakartechin Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    RED PUNTER crossed 10000 KM Mark - REVIEW
    It’s been since long time I have update my ownership thread. I just thought of put down a detailed review of 10000KM. :)



    1. Looks, definitely a head turner.
    2. Gear Shift , Highway rides
    3. Solid body , no shakes while cruising on 100 km/hr
    4. Mileage (gives me a smile, more than I expected)


    1. Cheap plastics. Black colored plastics turned white. (one on the front bonnet)
    2. Material used on gear knob turning white.
    3. Poor fitting, rubber beading on doors (Rear RHS door beading came out)

    Proud Moment

    • I was in the sticker shop @ Kormangala for the abarth stripes on doors , A College grad spotted my car and he came around my car twice to see the stickers, I was looking at him for a while and he went to nearby juice shop still staring my car. Sticker work was finished and I inspected it and got the keys. The College grad so long staring at the car approached.

    College Grad : Is this your CAR ?
    ME : Yes
    College Grad : Your car looks great . Red is awesome . Is this a sports one?
    Me: Thanks. It’s not the sports
    College Grad: How much it cost you? When did you buy?
    Me: around 7.5 lakhs its diesel, a month ago
    College Grad: Congrats, this looks great
    Me: Big Smile :D

    • Other day I was cleaning the car on front of my house. A guy came on city stop by was asking for an address. After getting the address.

    City Guy : Is this abarth?
    Me : No
    City Guy: Its not yet launched inINDIA.
    City Guy: Nice Car,Looks awesome (staring for while)
    Me : (as usual) Big Smile :D

    Now I will jump on to the some stats. Also I come across folks choosing petrol car rather than diesel. As the increasing diesel price doesn’t make a huge difference. So I decided to make a check on my decision going for diesel car on 2013. How much I save? Or how much I lose? Calculating this needs lot of data your diesel bills , service bills and other expense bills .Luckily I saved my diesel bills so I started entering in it excel. I am an IT guy so what can you expect from me. Basically will split up my review to Mileage report, Expense report and Finally Whatif Analysis.

    Mileage Report
    Simple graph of Diesel from the date I purchased. It has increased from 56 – 60 Rs per litre. Some decreases seen in paisa, that difference could be fuel filled on highways or in Chennai Fuel stations.

    Diesel price.png

    Above graphs makes me worry of the Diesel price which is gradually increases. Who knows might equal the price with petrol sooner.:evil:

    So listed down all my fuel bills, I used to fill it with my credit card so I cross verified with monthly statement. Now I did a reverse calculation I remember my odometer reading during my first service and taken note of the current reading. I have made note of my best mileage I get during my long drive. Arrived the below through which I get the current odo reading for 24[SUP]th[/SUP] refill.


    • Average Mileage – 17 kmpl
    • Best Observed – 20.5 kmpl
    • Worst Observed – 12 kmpl (Blr city traffic condition)

    City vs Highway Split

    I am basically from Chennai relocated to Bangalore for work. Idea behind buying Punto is for frequent visits to Chennai. My daily commute to office is just 10km from where I stay. Occasionally I do pickup/drop service to my wifey, working in Hebbal.

    • No of trips to highway trips : 7
    • Highway KM’s covered (6 months) : 4000
      • Chennai: 3
      • Trichy: 1
      • Mysore: 1
      • Nandi Hills: 2
    • Longest trip: Bangalore – Sringeri covered around 800 kms.
    • City KM’s covered: 5300
    • Average Monthly Drive: 1750 kms

    It comes upto 47% Highway and City 53%. I was expecting more Highways miles on the time of buying.


    Monthly Fuel Expenses

    • Average monthly fuel expense 5800/- My expectation was 5000/ per month not bad.
    • Highest – 6500
    • Lowest – 5500 (Not considering September month)

    Monthly fuel expense.png

    Total Expense includes Fuel in red, Toll /Accessories and other bills in White and Service bill in Green. As it was first free check-up. So it didn't contribute more. Fuel has eaten most of the expense

    Cost Splitup.png

    For now I have put down all my expense for 10000KM. Its clear Fuel contributes 80% of the expense. It time for Whatif Analysis, what if I went for petrol car. So I need a same to same comparison.If I was going with petrol car I would have chosen between Punto 1.4 Fire, Swift 1.2 ZDI or i20 1.2 Sportz. The Current Fuel expense was around 33,935/- for a 10,000km run with diesel. I am able achieve 17kmpl which 84% of the ARAI 20.3 kmpl. I used the similar calculation for the petrol.

    Diesel vs Petrol


    Costs of cars are taken from the website and from few ownership threads. Not sure how accurate the Car cost is? If above is the case I will be able achieve the break-even within a year or year and half. That means cost of diesel and petrol car would be equalized within a year or around 20,000 km run :). Rest all miles would be a saving.

    But the big question is service cost of diesel vs petrol?:evil: Let see in coming months.:)
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