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The Quest for Truth

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by ENKI, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    The quest for Truth

    Sometimes among the tides of useless things coming to mind, i suddenly manage to think
    something that leave me amazed. I was thinking like what could be the most "ignored" things
    in today's world. One is FIAT cars obviously & then suddenly something even more ignored.
    In-fact far far more ignored.

    To understand this, you have to leave your mind & heart "opened" like the wonderful "cosmos".
    You close your eyes & you won't get any logic behind it. If you are he one who prefers to be
    "closed" better stop reading further else it may turn out a big big joke for you.

    I am passionate about something very unusual for today's generation. No i am not talking
    about FIAT car's here. Let's get a break from this automotive stuff on an automotive site
    & spare a few mins for some thing else.... absolutely ridiculous & time killing stuff...
    "The Crop circles"....

    Most of you may have heard these words & many of you won't at all. They are made by people
    with wooden planks/boards who work in a group of 4-5 people & make amazing formations over-
    night (Discovery & Geography channels says so which is the ultimate truth today for sure). Sometimes they just look too cool. Seems to attract our subconscious mind in very unusual way like FISH to water, Lion's in Zoo suddenly when he is left in Jungle & bla bla. Absolutely unlock us so very deep that we don't understand. I think these people deserves much more appreciation & fame than they are getting now. AT present, they are working like thieves & people don't even consider their efforts worth of Yawning.

    I have been closely following up this stuff since last 4 yrs & found it somewhat interesting. So why not to share it with all you, let's kill time..!!
    We will go through one of the series of crop circles during consecutive seasons of 1992 to 1995, analyse
    their meanings & decide further whether it is worth enough for further discussion. Lell me
    tell you the conclusion in advance for these crop circles. The people with wooden Planks/Board's
    don't just play by drawing a random shape, in-fact they like to draw something very meaningful
    & conclusive. The formation appeared between 1992-1995 gave us the complete details of the
    trajectory of a comet called 73P Schwassman-Wachmann 3. These formations started to tell it's
    due course towards our solar system, it trajectory & precised movement details among the asteroid
    belt between Mars & Jupiter, it's close approach towards Earth, it's Perihelion position & it's precised
    date for it's outburst near earth's orbit on September 20, 1995. All this started 3 Yrs in
    advance to the phenomenon & outburst was predicted 3 months in advance. Our Earth's telescope &
    NASA wasn't able to see this comet during that period. That comet could not be seen clearly in
    Earth telescopes until around September 27, because it was lost in the glare of the Sun.
    After it outburst, it quickly increased in brightness or astronomical magnitude (a logarithmic scale)
    from 13 to 6 & clear pictures were taken onwards.

    Pls refer to the link at NASA official site where they have mentioned that comet suddenly split
    into parts for no apparent reason. It already survived it's Perihelion position (the closest position
    to sun) & no reason why it should split later on???
    It was approaching earth by the way.


    Catch those bastards with wooden planks, they only know the future but they destroyed the comet & never let us know about it.

    Those people with wooden planks & ropes are amazing aren't they.
    So here we have a glance to the crop circles which are associated with this phenomenon during the time period 1992-1995.

    uk1995bi.jpg uk1993db.jpg uk1994ca.jpg uk1994cd.jpg uk1994cg2.jpg uk1994cg3.jpg uk1995ay.jpg uk1995ba.jpg uk1995bf.jpg uk1995bg.jpg

    Simple visual images were shown in June and July of 1995 for "a comet in outburst near Earth orbit"

    In June and July of 1995, a series of striking visual images were shown in English crops:

    The first image appeared at Telegraph Hill on June 12, 1995 (above left), and was simply their astronomical symbol for "planet Earth in orbit about the Sun" (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/anasazi/time2007f.html). The next two images appeared at Danebury on June 16, 1995 (above center) or Cheesefoot Head on July 4, 1995 (above right), and were clearly meant to represent "exploding comets", by comparison to another set of cometary pictures shown in 1994 (see www.cropcircleconnector.com/Millennium/scorpiushour.html).

    All three pictures when studied together would seem to signify "an exploding comet near Earth orbit". Modern astronomers usually use the term "outburst" to describe how an icy comet may explode, when it approaches the heat of the Sun.

    Comet 73P Schwassman-Wachmann 3 later outburst on September 20, 1995

    In fact, a major comet did explode or outburst just three months after those crop pictures appeared, and very close to Earth orbit. As shown below, comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 outburst on Septermber 20, 1995, and quickly increased in brightness or astronomical magnitude (a logarithmic scale) from 13 to 6:

    That comet could not be seen clearly in Earth telescopes until around Septermber 27, because it was lost in the glare of the Sun. All observations prior to that date had to be made by radio waves. But good visual photographs were taken from late September until November 1995 (see above), and showed clearly a bright comet with a long tail

    When would it happen? Three specific dates were provided at Bishop's Sutton on June 20, 1995

    Simple visual images are fine, but did those crop artists provide us with anything more substantial, to prove that they knew about the near-future explosion of comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 three months before it happened? Yes, they did; but in order to understand their calendar-dated codes, first we need to define three specific dates which marked key steps in that cometary outburst or explosion:
    "Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 was seen by K. Kinoshita on August 19, 1995 at magnitude 13, but then something happened. Astronomers using the Nancay Radio Telescope detected an increase in hydroxyl emissions on September 8. Those emissions continued to increase through September 13. By September 17, the comet had moved far enough away from the Sun to permit visual observations, and its brightness was found to be magnitude 8. By the beginning of October, several observers reported that it had increased in brightness to magnitude 6." (see C&MS: 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3). The three specific dates would therefore be: (i) September 7-8, 1995 (start of outburst, dim comet); (ii) September 13, 1995 (end of outburst, exploding comet), and (iii) late September or early October (visual observations, bright comet). In fact, our crop artist friends showed us all three of those dates in a cleverly overlapping single picture, which appeared at Bishop's Sutton on June 20, 1995.

    The first date of September 7-8 (start of outburst, dim comet) was designated in a unique fashion by three orbital symbols for the planets Venus, Mercury and Earth:

    The comet cannot be seen yet on this early date, because it has only started to explode. Another small symbol "x" indicates a close approach between Mercury and the Sun, which may be used to help date the picture more accurately.

    A second date of September 13 (end of outburst, exploding comet) was likewise designated in a unique fashion by two additional orbital symbols for the fast-moving planets Venus and Mercury, while keeping the same symbol for slow-moving Earth:

    The comet still cannot be seen yet on this intermediate date, because it remains in the glare of the Sun as seen from Earth. It can only be studied by radio waves.

    A third date of September 27 (visual observations, bright comet) was designated by two additional orbital symbols for Venus and Earth, as well as by a third orbital symbol for the comet (bottom of picture), which now has become bright enough to be seen from Earth:


    The new symbol for Venus has been drawn with another circle inscribed around it, as if to say, "This is the earliest date when you will be able to see that exploded comet through an ordinary light telescope, after it moves away from the glare of the Sun." All observations prior to September 20 were made on the Nancay Radio Telescope, which detects radio waves rather than light (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nançay_Radio_Telescope or www.obs-nancay.fr/nrt/a_rt.htm

    Comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 later broke up into mixtures of large or small fragments (as also shown at Bishop's Sutton)
    By late September or October of 1995, comet 73P Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 had begun to break up into many different mixtures of large and small fragments. Those were also shown at Bishop's Sutton on June 20, 1995:


    They were portrayed in crops (above left) as completely filling Earth orbit, but that may be just artistic license. Its two brightest mixtures of fragments "B" and G" were later photographed by the Hubble telescope when they passed close to Earth in May of 2006 (above right).

    "Those cometary fragments passed Earth in May of 2006 at a distance of just 12 million km (0.08 A.U.). When the same comet passed close to Earth in 1930, there were as many as 100 meteors per minute. In 2022, those comet fragments will pass even closer to Earth than in 2006, but it is currently unknown what their exact trajectory will be." (see 73P/Schwassmann or Comet Breakup Points to Possible Meteor Shower in 2022 | Space.com).

    Comet 73P Schwassman-Wachmann 3 orbits the Sun once every 5.3 years. Its closest approaches to the Sun ("perihelions") have been on past dates of May 19, 1990, September 22, 1995, January 27, 2001 and June 7, 2006. Yet that comet only approaches planet Earth occasionally, when the two separate orbits of those astronomical bodies happen to coincide.

    Where would it happen? A specific location in space was shown at Longwood Warren on June 26, 1995
    One of the most famous crop pictures in the entire history of this phenomenon appeared at Longwood Warren on June 26, 1995.

    Well, a unique answer becomes obvious once it is studied in the context of other crop pictures from the summer of 1995, and now everyone will know:

    That crop picture (above left) showed three specific orbital locations for the planets Mars, Venus and Mercury, but omitted to show any orbital location for Earth. One can nevertheless figure out where "Earth" should have been located, using the JPL Near Earth Orbit website (http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/orbits). Its three symbols for Mars, Venus and Mercury designate a unique calendar date of June 21, 1995 (above right), as does the elliptical orbit of Mercury (see below). Therefore, a symbol for "Earth" could have been drawn at the location of the red arrow shown above left, which lies direcly at the bottom of Earth's nearly circular orbit as portrayed there.

    So why was an orbital symbol for "Earth" omitted from Longwood Warren on June 26, 1995? It could not possibly have been because something "bad" was about to happen, since the specified calendar date of June 21, 1995 had already passed by five days! Rather, it was to call attention to the fact that planet Earth on June 21, 1995 was located precisely in space, where comet 73P Schwassman-Wachmann 3 would outburst or explode three months later in mid-September (see the yellow arrow, above right),

    Hummmm.... Again, get those bastards with Planks/board & Ropes. They make such astonishing things which hold such a deep meaning. Want to know more of their intricate properties & see more which holds meanings??
    Here we go.

    According to the researches so far at plants in crop circles, some very high electric, magnetic fields along with sound waves are generated. The electricity flowing through the plants is in order of 100000-200000 volts. Obviously plant would destroy if it will continue even for a second. So it's for very small amount of time, say micro second (split a second into 1 lac pieces).

    Intense magnetic field is created. If you care to notice that plants grow in the direction where the sun rises. Exactly the same principle. Also sound waves (5 khz-5.5 khz) is created. Sound is a very powerful mean & there are sound weapons which could penetrate 12 feet thick concrete wall from a distance of 30 kms without hurting anything in between. It's in development stage in US army.

    The temperature rise to many thousand degrees inside plants. The water inside the plants escapes out in the form of steam by exploding through it's nodes. That's why it grows in length too as the nodes get elongated. The temperature of the soil rises to over 5000 deg which convert them crystalline form. More like glass that we use in homes. That glass is prepared by baking soil to temperature over 4000 deg. There are other materials reported to form in the sand which are magnetic in nature & not found on our planet. Lol..!!

    All this happens with micro seconds & crop circle is ready. There is very precised use of all these energies in ridiculously advanced scientific way that we can't understand for next thousands of years. Absolutely amazing...!!
    Not even a single plant is destroyed or killed. Infact there are many more messages other than predictions. They are telling us how we can make our crops healthier, how to cultivate in deserts where there is no water, how to make food healthier so that hospitals won't be required any more. On top of that, how to use forces of nature (vacuum energy) for our advantage without killing each other for money. We are damn junglees to them, no doubt! Very frustrating!!
    DId you notice the people inside the circles. They don't want to come out till the field owner informs the police. They are feeling ecstasy inside it & even scientists starts meditating unknowingly. Many people have said that they felt the urge of doing meditation even though they never did it throughout there life. The waves of energy felt though the toes/ankle upwards the body & felt like escaping out from the head. True divine state with tears in eyes..!!

    Spinning_Star,_Wiltshire,_England_-_1600x1200_-_.jpg crop-circles_1024x768_1.jpg Crop-Circles-Wallpapers-2.jpg alien-encounter-crop-circles.jpg crop circle 5.jpg 4181045365_e794538212_o.jpg crop_circle_6.jpg crop_circles_theme-199847-1229654765.jpg Crop-Circle-field-art-14.jpg crop-circle_2048x1536_91505.jpg eastfield-2008-crop-circle-air.jpg crop-circle_1024x835_91514.jpg crop-circle_1600x1366_91502.jpg crop-circle-39.jpg Crop_Circles_5314.jpg crop-circle_1600x1200_91513.jpg 61_15.jpg
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  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    The fact of the matter is "we were told Japanese Fukurishma nuclear melt down due to powerful earth quake in advance":mrgreen:

    Guys Cliffe and “nuclear energy”
    The first of those six crop pictures appeared at Guys Cliffe on July 10, 2010, and showed a standard symbol for “nuclear energy”:


    The second and third of those crop pictures appeared at Woolaston Grange on July 18, 2010, then Beggar’s Knoll on July 27, 2010. Each new picture showed a “subatomic reaction” used to create nuclear energy, whether hydrogen fusion or uranium fission:


    Their ”hydrogen fusion” crop picture at Woolaston Grange appeared just across the River Severn from Oldbury Nuclear Power Station, and pointed toward it:


    Their “uranium fission” crop picture at Beggar’s Knoll appeared just next to a large white chalk pit (a symbol of nuclear devastation), and again pointed toward it:

    On the other side of Beggar’s Knoll, we can see what seem to be “radiative markings in the landscape”:


    Windmill Hill and a “lunar clock”

    The fourth of those crop pictures appeared at Windmill Hill on July 26, 2010. It showed a “lunar clock” along the outside, where lunar months were numbered cleverly from “4” to “9” (see below). It also showed an “atomic bomb” as the hour hand of that figurative clock:


    As we proceed from month “5” to month “7” to month “9”, the hour hand goes from “open” to “partly open” to “closed”. A small “bubble of hot gas” seems to be released at month “8”, which will be shown below to match a date of March 19, 2011. An extra half-Moon symbol appears just after month “8” on March 26, 2011. The entire clock starts with a full Moon on month “0” or July 26, 2010, and ends with another full Moon on month “9” or April 18, 2011.

    How were we able to deduce those precise numbers and dates from the crop picture? Well, so far we have only been looking at its outer part. The middle part of Windmill Hill showed a nine-month lunar calendar, where the relative locations of Earth, a first-quarter Moon and a last-quarter Moon may be seen clearly:


    Then the central part of Windmill Hill showed a series of “crop nests”, which assigned dates to certain lunar months along the outside as either “5”, “7” or “9”. Hence the upper left circle is month “5”, while the upper right circle is month “7”, and the lower central circle is month “9”:


    Each of those “nests” defines another full Moon past the full Moon of July 26, 2010, when the crop picture appeared. In our modern calendar, month “5” equals “five full Moons later” or December 21, 2010, while month “7” equals “seven full Moons later” or February 18, 2011, and month “9” equals “nine full Moons later” or April 18, 2011. A complete lunar calendar, providing dates for all full Moons from “0” to “9”, is shown in the slide below:


    Their “atomic bomb” crop picture told how many lunar months would pass before a major nuclear event would occur somewhere on Earth. In a previous slide, we saw that a small “bubble of hot gas” was due to be released on lunar month “8” or March 19, 2011, and that such a release would continue until March 26, 2011. Then by lunar month “9” or April 18, 2010, those nuclear devices (or reactors) would be “closed” or sealed.

    These CCs seem to tell everything except the place of happening????
    If everything is predecided, the only reason CC makers didn't tell us because it would interference with the creator's will??
    The only answer i can think of. You decide!
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  3. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    It is - by any calculation - a creation stunning in its ingenuity.

    Carved out in a barley field, this 150ft wide pattern is said to be a pictorial representation of the first ten digits of Pi, one of the most fundamental symbols in mathematics. This is the mind of CREATOR...!!
    The crop circle denotes the correct PI (a mathematical constant) up-to nine digits. Researchers have checked with computers & it's dimension bests all precision scales available today in Human technology. Whether it is scaled upon with actual dimension in the field or in high resolution photographs:lol.

    Pic 1.jpg

    Sceptics will think it the work of humans with a fondness for figures and a penchant for puzzles.
    But whatever its origins, the experts say it is the most complex crop circle ever seen in Britain.
    The pattern appeared June 2008 near Barbury Castle, an Iron Age hill fort above the village of Wroughton in Wiltshire.
    Initially, crop circle enthusiasts were stumped as to its meaning and even a number of experts said it was 'mind-boggling'.

    I don't think so by the way. There are much important crop circles appeared in last 4yrs that depicts some wonderful & unbelievable happening about humanity's & planet's future. This statement is just to distract people's attention from looking deep into it. They just don't want to let the people know else this world will change within hrs;).
    But that doesn't take the intricate beauty of this crop circle & such mathematical precision, art, beauty... ohhhh..!!
    Who is this Cosmic artist:cool??

    Pic 2.jpg

    Then retired astrophysicist Mike Reed saw a photograph of it and made the mathematical link...

    How it works

    Although it appears complicated at first glance, the puzzle does make perfect sense if approached logically and taken step by step. The coded image depicts 3.141592654, the first ten digits of Pi. How is it done?

    Pic 3.jpg

    Firstly, the diagram is divided into ten equal sections (a bit like a dartboard, or a cake sliced ten ways) because there are ten staggered edges located at strategic points around the crop circle.

    To help understand how this is arrived at, look again at the photo above and imagine a giant ruler being aligned with the edges (ignore the tractor lines, which were there before the circle was created).

    That sets the basic framework. Next, each number in Pi is represented in the diagram by a corresponding number of coloured blocks.

    Beginning in the center with the arrow marked 'Start', the first number, three, is represented by three red blocks from clockwise.

    Follow this round and this takes you to the decimal point, which is depicted by a small circle in the barley.

    The number after the decimal point is one, represented by one green block.

    The same pattern continues for each of the numbers - four purple blocks, one orange, five blue, nine yellow, two purple, six red, five green, then four dark blue, followed by three circles, or dots, acknowledging that Pi is infinite.
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    It's not like, the men with wooden planks/boards & ropes always prefer to draw something really illustrative & sophisticated concepts like future predictions, heliophysics, quantum physics or biological concepts but they sometime make formations which are with such deep hidden meaning & still to be deciphered. I don't think that we have the geniuses on earth who can solve them. Refer a few of them pls...

    Man made 6.jpg

    Man Made 1.jpg

    Man Made 2.jpg

    Man made 3.jpg

    Man made 4.jpg

    Man made 5.jpg

    The fact is "You know it when it is THEM" ;-)
    As above so below 2.jpg
    Magnetic fied lines.jpg
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  5. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    I was checking on US government site for earthquakes.
    In surrounding of Java/Sumatra islands (Indonesia), There are literally shocks that are coming through at intensities more than 5.1 with an avg interval of 30-40 mins. Two times it has been over 8.2 & 8.5 since morning.

    Latest Earthquakes

    Now this is indeed depressing. Last year on 26th Jan 2011, the crop circle appeared in JAVA in Indonesia (adjacent island to Sumatra). The crop circle is making complete sense with vibration coming through the earth's core to the surface. But no one thought it could be this simple since they never were simple to decipher. I have a very bad feeling for people there. Let's pray for them with an open heart in such dire straits & give them strength to face it. I really feel for the kids in such situations:(.

    Crop Circles Found in Indonesia Rice Field

    tjava2011b.jpg Indonesia-crop-circles.jpg Jancc31.jpg java0141.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2012
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  6. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    These are crop circles i guess.Always wondered who made them.Seen a lot on Nat Geo.Mostly they say aliens have made them or so or their ship was like this n what not.All i can say is these are made by those Americans who r jobless :p
  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    They have appeared in 60 countries overnight. I don't know who make them but they are certainly not jobless.
    They must have at least 60 chartered planes & work force of around 50000 people & unlimited money & extra ordinarily advanced. Formations more than 600 mtrs in length appeared in 15 secs. Plants doesn't die, they just bend while increasing in length by 1.6 times, nano tubes have formed in their roots with metals unknown on our planets, Temp of plants rise more than 5000 deg Celsius though just for nano secs else they will burn. Extreme sophisticated use of sound & electromagnetism with full control on the law of Gravity. We are doing experiments like hadron collider to understand gravity only. you can't take any electronic eqnt into crop circles. In-fact your mobiles phones & video camera batteries drain out many 100 ms before entering the field. planes & Helicopters starts swinging awkwardly.

    Pls refer the research of main stream scientist on this. Whoever they are, they are friends.
    Pls ignore it if you didn't go parallel. I was expecting this, thanks. These posts are like a crop circles in an open field, no interference with any free will, no copy rights. They are meant for one who can have an opinion on them. your's is really the most informative..
  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    This is regarding the prediction of some significant event on Aug 7 2012 what a crop circles seems to say after being decipher. The wheel crop circle appeared at Temple farm, UK on Aug. 7 2011. Based on records, the prediction could vary from anything like solar Flares & Aurora lights, astronomical event like comet burst or planetary alignments, some natural disaster, some hidden theorems/formulas, blue print of some device, for mathematics/quantum physics/heliophysics that is yet to be discovered. Though people have hardly been able to decipher it correctly for natural disasters etc (as it's very difficult to Fathom when, where or what), They were decoded successfully late 2000s onwards for astronomical alignments, one new mathematical form, use of sound energy with the device blueprint, solar flares etc. The other predictions could be realized after event has happened. Later it was realized that a particular crop circle depicted the event.

    None the less, it's a genuine one & not some man made to create confusions among researchers. Same old traits of appearing in a few secs during broad-day light according to spectators there, UK army's black helicopters immediately gathering there & what not. Whether we have deciphered it correct or not, we will come to know soon.

    templefarm2011k.jpg templecloud2011b.jpg

    The major code at Temple Farm was written in ternary base-3 as 021 22 01 202 1 1. That series of numbers converts to 7 8 01 20 1 1 in decimal base-10 (see www.mathsisfun.com). Such decimal numbers match a calendar date of 07-08-2011 or August 7, 2011 in the early morning hours of 0100 when that crop picture appeared.

    The Temple Farm crop picture does not seem to be coded in decimal base-10, as helpfully suggested above by Laurent Kalensky. For example, it shows no concentric grid lines as were shown in a similar but decimal-coded crop picture at Pewsey on June 21, 2009. Such grid lines would be needed for anyone to read decimal numbers reliably from aerial photographs.

    More recently on August 9, 2011, S
    eries of numbers converts to 7 8 01 20 1 1 in decimal base-10 (see www.mathsisfun.com). Such decimal numbers match a calendar date of 07-08-2011 or August 7, 2011 in the early morning hours of 0100 when that crop picture appeared.
    The Temple Farm crop picture does not seem to be coded in decimal base-10,. For example, it shows no concentric grid lines as were shown in a similar but decimal-coded crop picture at Pewsey on June 21, 2009. Such grid lines would be needed for anyone to read decimal numbers reliably from aerial photographs. More recently on August 9, 2011, several “highly vertical” aerial photographs became available.


    Idealized values of length for ternary numbers “0”, “1” or “2” were drawn at Temple Farm as 1.00, 1.13 or 1.29 respectively, for digits one to nine in a twelve-spoke wheel. Yet in the last three digits we can see three anomalies: digit ten is “2” but slightly short, digit eleven is “1” but slightly short, while digit twelve could be either “1” or “2” based on its intermediate value of length.
    The first two anomalies could be due to slight errors in measuring from aerial photographs. Only If someone would like to go out into the field with a long tape measure, and determine such values directly!

    The last anomaly seems more significant, and far beyond any possible error of measurement. Basically the twelfth digit of that ternary code lies halfway between “1” and “2”. In the former case, we would read a current date of August 7, 2011. In the latter case, we would read a near-future date of August 7, 2012. Will anything important happen exactly one year from now?
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  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Ancient's deep understanding of HUMAN DNA

    Most of the crop circles drawn over Biomedical concepts depict HUMAN DNA. Well, i don't know, how or what basis, but Crop circle makers have been predicting & claiming the DNA changes (evolutionary terms) are an on-going process at present. Our Biological understanding doesn't even understand 1% of human DNA so the rest of 99% of unknown stuff which is still a mystery has been termed "JUNK DNA" after conclusions from 2001 Genome project. Crop circle makers relate our human DNA & it's evolutionary cycles on a much broader perspective. Yes, they directly relate it with Milky way galaxy & shows a co-relation between Human DNA & the big spiral of the Galaxy along it's core. They have also related of the symbols like flower of life, Swastika, OM to convey us that ancients had much deeper understanding of Quantum physics & very sophisticated concepts like DNA in Biology. Flower of life exactly describes the quantum probability of an electron & it's spin which we got to know after 1940s only. They are presently conveying that our double helix DNA is evolving to triple helix DNA. What's the time-frame for that that has been refrained from revealing in crop circles.
    In 1999, when Chandra X ray observatory snapped the core of the galaxy (which is a massive black hole of 25000 light yrs across), they saw it an an eye. A BIG GIGANTIC EYE. NASA got it analyzed with' some reputed eye surgeons/experts & it's indeed similar to an eye. It gives perfect feeling of retina & so closely resembles to an EYE that it can WINK at you anytime:mrgreen:. It has pupils,sclera & even iris. Same Year the crop circle appeared too to acknowledge Chandra X Ray's discovery & emphasized on their findings.
    Crooked Soley 1.jpg
    Mandala (Geometry of vacuum).jpg crooked soley 2.jpg Crooked Soley 3.jpg Crop Circle All seeing Eye of Milky way Galaxy.jpg Crop Circle Yin Yang Grey Wethers, near Temple Farm, Wiltshire. Reported 14th July 2009.jpg DNA 1.jpg DNA 2.jpg DNA 3.jpg DNA 4.jpg Galactic Spirals.jpg Hamonics (The sound wave).jpeg Helix 1.jpg Human DNA animation.jpeg Human flower.jpg Magnetic field toroid.jpg Mandala.jpg Mandala.jpg catseye_chandra.jpg 13434-bigthumbnail.jpg HourglassNebulaEyeOfHeaven.jpg catseye2_hst_big.jpg
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  10. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    What happens to a genuine crop circle when crops are harvested??
    Interesting question...

    harvested crop circle 7.jpg harvested crop circle.jpg harvested crop circle 1.jpg harvested crop circle 2.jpg harvested crop circle 3.jpg harvested crop circle 3.jpg harvested crop circle 5.jpg harvested crop circle 6.jpg


    Not only crops but type of soil is changed. They become crystalline in form, much like a glass. Plants bend sideways due to exploding cavities & their DNA is altered in a good way. Magnetic particles form at their roots not known in our existing scientific understanding. Not only this, but crop inside grows astonishingly quick, size increase in the ratio of 1.6, don't require water & fertilizers henceforth. The grain/wheat size multiplies to more than twice. The crops which were formed in early 90s are still growing like mad & there have been many witnesses that report cure of deadly disease like AIDS & Brain Tumor after eating them:lol

    Most of the farmers receive govt orders (especially in Europe & US) to harvest their immatured crops immediately. A genuine crop circle is immediately harvested as the phenomenon is intensely followed by corresponding Govt & Army. Now what the hell involvement of ARMY means in harvesting crops:confused:? Farmers are also compensated this under an unofficial transaction:confused:?

    Especially when self supported researchers & media persons are bringing these facts in front of the world, a bigger question than even crop circles arise? Why the hell Discovery & National Geog are hiring manpower to make a crop circle & then tape it & broadcast to the world:mrgreen:?

    There are some people surely that know exactly what CCs are for, they are on the top of the ladder of our societies & they don't want us to know it!!! No way, I can ignore this! I am hardly concerned by whom & why they are made but inclined towards their meanings.

    Crop anomailes 6.jpg Crop anomailes 1.jpg Crop anomailes 2.jpg Crop anomailes 3.jpg Crop anomailes 4.jpg Crop anomailes 5.jpg
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