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The Official 2-Wheeler Thread :cool:

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by pioneeraaron, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Mods :

    Since there are no any two wheelers thread im doing the honors :D Make it official if u feel so.

    Every boy dreams of a cycle in his school days following up with a motorcycle when he gets to college.A guys first love has always been a bike.Im no exception.After my cycle days i simply fell in luv with bikes.My first hands on was a Kinetic Pride 2stroke.Screwed it big time.I just used to fill petrol in it without 2t oil :p.Finally one fine day the engine got seized and it was lying in the garage :D My cousin who's elder to me bought a newly launched Classic Pulsar 180.I got my hands on it with the 1down 4up shift(learnt the harder way) Finally I told my dad i need a bike.He said "son ur jus 16,what about ur license???" I told him dad i dont care about my license but all i need is a bike.Instantly fell in love with the Hero Honda Passion.Was very keen on booking it too,until i saw the Classic CBZ.Clean bold at first go ;) Booked it the next day paying 10k to Jaydev Motors,Udipi.

    Booked the self start cbz on July '03.After a long disheartening wait of 4months,my baby arrived on Nov 17th '03.Arrived to the showroom payed the balance amount and was riding back my way home.On my way bak, first time in my life got caught by the cops :lol Payed 400bucks and got clean.Cudnt stop admiring my baby from that day.Have been taking immense care of it.It hasnt let me down from day 1.
    Maintenance has been on the costlier side till date cuz the classic cbz commands japanese parts rather than indian ones.It has been running on fully synthetic oil past 10k kms.

    1.Petronas Sprinta 5000T 10w40.
    2.Shell Advance Ultra 10w40.

    The mineral Hero Honda service oil screwed my bike big time.Engine used to get hot frequently and stall.Got a diesel flushing done after 22k kms.Removed all the sludge from the cracnk.Now its rev happy and running on Fully synthetic oil.My next oil to be poured is the Motul 5100.The above mentioned oil's were strictly ok.Nuthin to talk about.Average is nuthing to talk about either.Been gettin 30kmpl strictly sumtimes 27kmpl.Best was 49kmpl long bak.Ive been adding acetone to petrol off late to improve efficiency.Acetone has been giving me gud result with a boost of 5-8% overall.

    Here are some pics :D Dont ask me why i removed those TPFC panels :cool: All i can say is NVH :D

    I would want everyone to share their 2 wheeler story and do post some pics too.Cheers!!




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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    Go Motul. You'll never look back at any other brand again.

    Here's my 2002 RE Bullet Electra , the CDI model. It's original, not a repaint or a restore. Spends most of its time standing indoors , in my room.:p

    Presently using Motul 5100 15W50. But next oil change is with Motul 7100 20W50 Fully Synth.

    And lying in parts, in a box is a Yamaha RD350. Still need a lot of parts to make it run. Recently ordered the RDDreams RD350 Digital CDI kit for it.




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  3. that awesome maintenance gurjinder
    done how many kms?
  4. Gurjinder, what a bike you have. I envy you !
    Pioneeraaron, What is this called as?

    I have a Hero Honda Achiever, which shares the same engine of the Honda Unicorn. When i test drove it i was very happy with its silky smooth engine, of late i feel it is not rev happy and i want to restore its smoothness.
    To add, i am strictly using Hero Honda recommended engine oil. 10W30 grade from Savitha Chemicals.
  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    It's done 33,000km's till date.


    Don't use that Savsol crap. Pure , unadulterated crap.

    Get the engine flushed and use a better oil. Preferably Motul. Don't know which one suits your bike.

    But there is a Motul for every budget.

    P.S. I'm a big time Motul fan.
  6. Thanks Gurji will plan to do that next weekend.

    I went to book a Activa for my wife today, the lady at the showroom said 6 months required to get the scooter. Same words from Suzuki access showroom guys.

    Only available scooters are Mahindra flyte and HeroHonda Pleasure at an on road price of 48,800 Rs each!

    Where the hell are we?
  7. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore


    Buddy the hero honda oil is really utter crap.10w30SJ doesnt suit indian conditions at all esp Honda engines.The only good thing about this oil is it offers gud pickup and slightly better average.But at the cost of heat.This oil looses its viscosity very fast.Doesnt offer protection against wear and tear.Hero Honda says this oil lasts for 6000kms with top ups which is complete BS.Hero honda engines really work great on 20w40 grade onwards.You can try Gulf Pride 4t or Valvoline Premium 4t.

    Regarding flushing.Bcuz of that Hero Honda oil only my engine started to build up sludge and stall frequently.This oil got bad after 1300kms itself.Procedure for flushing :

    1.1 litre diesel
    2.Remove old oil.
    3.Tighten drain plug and pour 1ltr diesel.
    4.Kick start bike.
    5.Run bike in neutral for 30secs.
    6.Run in 1st and 2nd gear for 30secs.
    7.Switch off engine.
    8.Wait for 20-30mins for diesel to cool.
    9.Drains out diesel and pour in new oil.

    Hope u got it :p
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  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Aaron, it is never a good practice to run the engine with only diesel in the crankcase.

    The better alternatives are :
    1. Use an engine flush/diesel. Mix around 200-250 ml of engine flush/diesel into the engine oil and run the engine for a minute or so, and drain immediately.

    2. Another , more safer way is to do quick oil changes.
    E.g. Run a cheap Castrol for 100-200km's, then drain. All good oils have a bit of detergent in them and they'll clean it up.

    Plus, work is only half done if you don't get the clutch plates cleaned. So do that too.

  9. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore


    Buddy "run" means on main stand not to ride.That too on low rpm's(below 3k rpm).Diesel is a better cleaning agent than any other company manufactured flush.Diesel can reach to those corners and clean those areas where there are traces of old oil/sludge.Cleaning agents dont really do a above satisfactory job.I've used diesel and my engine feels really tight now.Redlines without any problem.No problems till date.Recommended to many of my friends and they are very happy.Engine feels really tight after flush and using 20w40 grade.
  10. hi aaron,
    your story is just same as mine. i have a classic CBZ 2001 model with me still. even i had the problem of over heating of engine when i used Hero Honda engine oil. i changed to Mobil 1 20w50 this year after doing full research and my bike is really happy. I have not done the engine flush. i think till i don`t use it regularly it will have the same issue. i go home once in 2 months and drive it. I m not using it as its in Hyderabad :(. i really don`t want to sell it as i m love with the bike looks and the performance till date. Only issue with spare parts for Classic CBZ is not available. I need to get the mud guard front and the TPFC for my bike. I will try from Bangalore to get one.

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