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The New Linea Face Lift MJD 2014/15

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by James Vineeth, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. James Vineeth

    James Vineeth Timido

    Linea 1.3
    Dear Fiat lovers. I know there are lot of reviews available here about the new Linea Face lift. However i could not resist myself from sharing here :)

    So i am gonna keep my review crisp and to the point :

    Comparison / Competition :

    I purchased my Linea on 31st Dec 2014. My other choices were Vento, Rapid, Ciaz and Sunny.
    Each of the the competitor have either one of the specialty... Vento - Free and Easy Steering Wheel, Ciaz - Mileage and Touch Screen, Rapid - Just the Skoda Family - nothing more and Sunny - Just a long sedan - nothing much to mention...

    The clear advantages of Linea :
    - Super Cool Look
    - The new back look a little like the Jetta
    - "Driving Comfort" / "Fun to Drive" this is the key word ! None of the competitor cars are fun to drive. That is if you are driving alone from one place to another may be for about 3 to 5 Hrs you will still love it with the Linea! Even if you have your friend accompanying; you will not feel like asking then to drive ! Yeah . . . Another biggest advantage of Linea is it's weight, road grip and steering control. Ex : The same engine is present in few Maruti variants as well. If those vehicles are claiming a better mileage the reason is simply they are light weighted! If you are a highway person, riding above 120Kmph in such vehicles, there is a big threat for your life. That makes the Linea safe for it's weight as well as the damn good steering control. The vehicle will just dance for your beats during every curve, every overtake and every zippy turn!

    Speed and Performance :

    People / Reviews say 1.3 may lag a bit,etc. When you are behind the wheels of FIAT Linea, you dont have anyone overtaking you... Trust me in my drive from Cbe to Bangalore, i drove myself and since it was a new car, i did not throttle much. But however i did touch 170 Kmph and it was awesome. With 3 other passengers including the ladies no one felt the jerk / speed. And when you wanna take the other vehicles by storm, the MJD just delivers in style.

    Passenger Comfort :

    Some cars are meant for chauffeur driven and some cars are meant for owner driven. Linea is such an owner driven car that it makes the owner very comfy:) Imagine a case in your car to keep your shades! Wow(I always wear my shared while driving)... Nevertheless the passengers enjoy great comfort. Leg space, bottle holders, interior lights, rear AC vents, everything seems to be a wonderful thing.

    More Advantages :

    The "blue & me" from Microsoft is a boon ! None of the other cars i know has such a clear and sharp system. I am like - "Call Home" and it calls my Home :) Play Music, Next Song, etc (Love to use em - Voice Commands!). Cruise control - During long drives, just set the desired speed and use the cruise control like a hand gear... Increase / Decrease the speed... Keep your legs relaxed :)

    Mileage :

    I have driven 5000 kms in 75 days ! In first week i had got a mileage of 13Kmpl... My last checked mileage is 15.6 Kmpl (Hills, City, Highway - Full time AC On). Post 5000 / 10000 Kms, surely it's gonna go 18 / 20 Kmpl. That's a very good fuel efficiency !

    Guess i have pretty much covered all the important points here. If i had missed out anything, will share the same through comments !

    Thanks for reading this folks !
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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    We, too, don't get bored of the same @James Vineeth . Congratulations and welcome to TFI:)

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