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The life of the RED BARON

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by AjinkyaBarve, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. AjinkyaBarve

    AjinkyaBarve Novizio

    Well my search for a new car had begun a year ago when my my old car a little chevy spark was starting to get a little borring and a bit too small for the sizes of people that it was being made to carry. Went through a lot of cars intially has got my mind set on the a polo 1.6, never had the chance to test drive one because of the pompous attitude of the volkswagen dealers. Finally was able to drive a 1.2 highline that my uncle owned the car was nice but it was too borring felt like being in a physics lab.
    then the beat came along in its diesel form it would be natural for me to upgrade from a spark to a beat but, i thought that it would not be a upgrade they are basically the same cars, so that idea was dropped.
    alon came october when fiat started to offer some fantastic deals on their cars their top of the line 90 bp diesel would cost me the same as a top of the line petrol from any of its competitors, but being a fiat i was still apprihensive visited the concorde motors showroom at prabhadevi for a looksee at the punto had gone there with the intention of taking a look at the car and picking up a brochure, but before i left the sales adviser just asked me to take a seat in the car and feel it, i thought why not so took a seat in it and it was like everything was perfectly at reach, it just felt right. So in my mind and heart the decision for the punto was made i would not buy anything else, finally convinced my mom to also some and take a look at the car, but the reception at concorde this time was not good, it felt as though they were not interested in makeng a sale was made to wait for over half an hr before the advisor came up, he was able to exalin the car to me pretty well, but he was pushing the car too much as in saying things like the exotica red will be discontinued soon and all that, i gave him the benifit of the doubt asked him for a td of the car he said it was not available rigth now, asked him to get it to my house in a few days he said he would be there the comming monday at around 10, n the given monday 10 came and went but no sign of him a lot of phone calls later he finnally arrived at 6 had also asked him to get someone to evaluate my spark, after he came late in the first palce he was ina hurry to finish the test drive, so was onle able to hake a hurried one, was throughly impressed with the car but not so with the sales advisor, also the amtthey would offer for my spark was over 40 k less than what i was anticipating for her. Didnt tell them them too much said i would get back to them about this.
    So the search for anather dealer began went to wasan motors chembur, the sales adviser maulik was very enthusiastic about expalaining about the car, since i knew about the car i asked him to get some one to evaluate my spark, they were willing to offer my around 5k more than what i had anticipated for her, so that closed the deal i would purchase the car from wasan motors chembur.
    Finally the process of urchasin the car began i wanted the car delivered by the 4th of nov on my bday, so we approached si for the car loan formalities, even though my aunt is on the lawyer panel of sbi but they made us jump through hoops and loops for it finally we called up the head PRO officer to intervene and the the process was completed in 2 days after that. I had made it very clear to the sales adviser that i would not take delivery of the car moder if it was older than july date production. After making the down payment for the car whle i waited for the sbi process to complete the S.A maulik started the process of ordering the car from the factory he called me up with the vin number it was a july manufatured model, told him to go ahead with the pdi and registration process.
    The car arived at the showroom the next evening i reached there all exited to give a look over went through the car clicked pics paid him the remaing downpayment and told him that the he should have the rtgs payment from sbi by tommrow. The sbi rtgs went throught the next day as promised and the car was sent to the rto for registration, but since it wnet in the evening the number woould not be ready by the evening the next day for delivery so told the sales rep that i will take the delivery of the car on a temporary registration.He made me write a letter that i would be taking delivery of the car on my own risk to which i agreed. I was not able to sleep that night due to the excitement of the delivery, the next day went by too slowy for my liking till th tim of delivery reached there in time with my mother in our little spark who would be handed over to the dealer and the red baron would come in to my hands. With the formaities completed we started her up and first found out how to use the blue and me unit for the car the sales rep explained it all to me and we were ready to drive off but the guys at asan moters are so stingy that they put only 3 ltrs of fuel in the car so had to fill pull into a fuel buk to fill her up, then the nervous drive home through peak rush hour traficc through sion was nerveracking but finally got her home and parked her in the parking and i was releaved, spent a lot of the evening just staring at the car not believing how good she looks, to Quote my mother "this car looks royal compared to anything else on the road".
    The pics will come up in a bit

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    here are some pics
    the sparky

    the delivery

    on new years at amby valley

    after a polishing session

    on the way to koyna nagar

    in front of koyna dam

    somewhere on the nh8 on the way back from delhi
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  2. Vikrant Joshi

    Vikrant Joshi Regolare

    congrats for the mighty 90 hp! great pics!
  3. dinesh.90hp


    Congrats for this RED beauty !!

    Is it 90 HP ?? Can you post some interior pictures?? Specially seats.
  4. AjinkyaBarve

    AjinkyaBarve Novizio

    just went through the second servicing for the car it not that grat a experience they were supposed to do tyre rotation but did not saying the tyres looked ok no need for rotation, also had a doubt is the pollen filter and the ac filter the same, also which oil does fiat use i thought they used selina which is fully synthetic but the SC used a semisynthetic oil which cost only 665 for 3.5 ltrs.other than that they did a decent job.
  5. AjinkyaBarve

    AjinkyaBarve Novizio

    had a small incident with my punto today someone broke into car and stole the a bag which had the the service booklet, the extended warranty booklet, the electronic code for the key and the code for the music system, do i need to completely change the lock set due to the lost key code or will it safe to continue with the same key set.
  6. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Better get it done... dont know if he stole that for getting a new key made?? did you file a FIR , to be on the safer side, if something unforeseen happens... ?
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  7. Sorry for incident bro.
  8. AjinkyaBarve

    AjinkyaBarve Novizio

    a month to go till my punto completes its first year so few images regarding the running costs as well as fuel efficiency figures

    1) Running costs

    2)fuel efficiency since November 2011

    3)costs since purchase of the car

    4)car odometer over time
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  9. AjinkyaBarve

    AjinkyaBarve Novizio

    did a little cosmetic makeover to the front of the car


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  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Paint those fog lights holder in black too. It will look good.

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