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The Legend Killer !! Punto 1.4 Emotion

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by amargawade90, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Nerul , Navi Mumbai
    Hello , friends !! After Long Time here is my Ownership Review ::rolleyes:

    ( Note : This review contains too much Text.....If You have so much time then read only otherwise..Directly Jump to Photo Section ;) )

    from last 1 and 1/2 years....When I was asked to DAD that can we buy a new car ?? as Our ZEN is quite old now and No New (Safety )features ...
    Dad : No , I'm not Buying Car at all !!
    Me : can we buy car Next year ??
    Dad : Can not tell you now !!

    next 6 months , every night i always asked question that " Please Buy A New car "....and every day , Dad gave me answer " NO "
    Finally after Nov 2011 , Dad Told me that , They can think for car now , but They will buy a new car after They gets "Promotion" :dancing
    So My Hunting started for the Best car !!

    From many months , i followed thread of Sathya_sc and ansall....After reading there reviews , i was mad for Linea T-jet ( specially , It's killer looks )
    In My Mind , I decided that Linea T-Jet+ will be our Next car ( till i never TD any other car )

    On Dec 11 , Finally we visited to FIAT showroom for to see Linea T-jet+ ,There was 1-2 SA but They wont bother to come and asked to us....anyways:thumbs down

    My Mom-Dad Like Its But They said me that ,is we really needs such huge boot ??
    after thinking few sec , i told them see the features of car , Its Top notch and Its Build Quality also better than any Car...
    But My Dad was Not ready to take such huge car......
    that time Punto was parked near to Linea , My mom-Dad went to see Punto....and They Like it Punto very much.....specially , Front Looks and Door thud noise !!
    But that Time , I'm Not even think about Punto at all.....Finally after some arguments we left the Shwroom !!

    After Coming to Home , I comaparing both Linea and Punto's Brochure and I found out that Both had almost same Feature's....:up
    So finally , I gave GREEN signal to Punto !!

    after few days , we went to See Punto again ...I saw Punto inside/Outside and like it !!
    We called out SA to enquiry about Punto , He explained us features/Model of Punto...
    Then My Dad , asked him to that Our Running is Less than 4000Km/Year...so which model should we choose ??
    SA told my Dad, Punto Petrol will be good as you running is low .
    He suggest us Punto 1.2 but i told him that , i want TOP Model......
    So , SA told us Price was 6,70,000 Rs for Petrol Punto 1.4 Emotion Pack( plus 60,000 will minus , year end offer )
    Price was Good for Features in car.....
    we happilly left showroom.....

    from dec 11 , I starts Following Sungoa210 , MihirC , FiatLover Thread's and I starts feeling that Punto 1.4 is perfect for us !!

    Jan 12 : Fiat India Launches Updated Punto and Linea....

    For to see , what's new in Car , we again went to Fiat showroom to check new changes.....but its minors....but price was gone to 7,30,000rs.:uh
    as Maruti showroom is nearby , We visit and saw Both swift and Swift Dzire.....My Mom Like DZire but Me and Dad , Notify to mom that Boot is not much strong as they used thin metal...
    So , On the spot Dad reject Dzire !! But they liked Swift....we take quote. of Swift...its ~5,60,000rs ....:confused1
    Then We went to Honda Showroom to see Honda Jazz....But Jazz was not available for Display ..so we just checked Honda City and return to home.

    after coming to home , we discussed , Which car should we buy ??
    Swift , Punto , i20 ?? after long discussion...still fixed answer we got !!
    Then i think to TD car's One by One !!

    First i called to Honda for TD of Jazz but TD vehicle of Jazz not available therefor , i decide to TD Honda City.....
    and Here what I felt after TD .

    New Honda City Test Drive Report:

    [1] Very Very Slient Engine
    [2] Powerful Engine
    [3] Light Steering at Low Speed
    [4] Rear LegRoom is Specious

    [1] Breaks are Not Good as Punto ( or even as our ZEN too)
    [2] Shifting Gear is Little difficult for Me.:confused
    [3] Very less Feature compare any other car in the segment or below the segment
    [4] above 80+ speed steering is not much heavy as Punto etc.
    [5] Honda SA Attitude !!:chair:

    after few days (27 Jan 2012 ), I called to Fortune for TD of Punto 1.4 , but Punto 1.4 was not available to TD , so i decide to TD Punto 1.2 and Here is what i felt after TD .

    Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 Petrol Test Drive Report :

    [1] Slient Engine as Honda till 70-80 Km/hr speed. :-D
    [2] Breaks are too much Urgent
    [3] Car is Niggle free , No single Rattling or other sound come from TD Vehicle
    [4] Handling of car is very Good compare to CITY
    [5] Steering is Well weighted at high Speed!!
    [6] Ac is Powerful as CITY( may be more)
    [7] Car going over pathholes and Broken roads very comfortably
    [8] Gear shifting Quality much better than CITY ( My Opinion) etc.
    [9] Fit and finish is Good looks Better than CITY and SWIFT.
    [9] and Last but not least NEW Blue colour looks SEXY on both Punto as well as Linea . :wow

    Dislike :
    [1] 3rd gear is not much powerful to pull the car on Hill Road( Total 3 peoples in The Car)
    [2] No New 1.4 Punto available Yet (For TD)( It's coming soon within 1 week)( Note : Its Still Not avaialble )
    [3] 1.2 Liter is Engine is Not much powerful
    [4] Space between Tyre and Arch is Noticable( if U are Far from car, which is Impossible )

    On second Day , I started Thread at TFI , in What car section "http://www.teamfiat.co.in/what-car/4796-best-petrol-car-under-7-5l.html "....and post this two reviews........

    After this TD , I called Fortune so many time for TD of Punto 1.4 but answer was NO , even i register for TD of Punto 1.4 on Fiat website but Nothing happened !!

    after discussing to TFI member's ,i decide to TD the Punto MJD.
    So on 10 feb 2012 , I TD Punto 1.3 MJD . here is My Obeservation :

    Punto 1.3 MJD Emotion Test Driven !!
    Today , I TD Punto MJD Emotion !!( its my First test drive of Diesel Engine). at 3 pm i goes to to showroom , within 2-3 min they arrange test drive vehicle for me....Vehicle just covered ~430 kms. vechicle is not much clean...dust was every where...anyways !!

    Like :
    [1] Car was Rock steady at speed of 100kmph
    [2] Super light clutch , even ligher than 1.2 ( My Opinion)
    [3] Engine was quite slient and unaudiable at ideal.
    [4] Super breaks with perfect steering
    [5] Super chill AC with OK Music System.
    [6] at incline roads/Hill roads car easily goes at 30 kmph on 3rd Gear

    [1] Sometimes i feels that power on 2nd gear is not much good.
    [2] after 80+ speed , wind sounds comes from driver side windows .
    [3] Little turbo lag at starting of 1 st gear.

    after 4 Day ( on 14Feb 2012 , I TD Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI ).

    Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI Test Drive Report !!

    Like :
    [1] Smooth , SLient but Powerful 1.2L Engine.
    [2] Handling of car and steering is Good ( at speed of 90kmph)
    [3] OEM Music system is Quite good ( for Looking as well as for Listening too)
    [4] Gear shifting quality is better(Smooth) than Punto ( and CITY too)
    [5] Car is much faster in every gear ( pick up) than Punto.
    [7] 5 star EURO NCAP ranking for swift ( as well as Punto too) ( Yes, i know that foreign COuntries Punto and swift have more security features than INDIAN Model....)
    [6] Car Price just 6,32,000 Rs compare to Punto ( 7,31,000 Rs)

    Dislike :
    [1] Maruti SA
    [2] Lower side of Dashboard area keep hitting to my middle of LEG , when pressing Cluch ( Its painfull)
    [3] AC is Not cool as Punto ( but sufficient)
    [4] Boot Space is minimum ( But Not big problem for US)
    [5] No dead Paddle.
    [6] Rear Headroom is not much high !!
    [7] Break is Not urgent as Punto .

    I Posted this reviews to " What car " section !! after discussing to TFI about it...i decide to Locked the thread as Dad Told me that , They can book car only after They Gets Promotion !!
    within month, Hyundai New i20 was launch.....we all went to hyundai showroom to see the car.....We all are like car very much ( including me ) .....Exterior as well as interior was looks so fresh and top notch and Features are TOP ( Even some 10 lakhs cars dont have )....and SA was Good to talk , i requested to SA that i want TD of New i20 , but SA told me that New TD vehicle is still not comes to showroom , but as soon as its comes you TD it !!
    We left the showroom....

    on 5April 2012 , i reopned thread and started discussing again....
    on same day , I called from Hyundai that I can TD i20 !!

    New Hyundai i20 TD Report !! ::

    Like ::
    [1] Exterior as Well as Interior.
    [2] Features in The Car are One Segment above !!
    [3] Chilled A/C ( Same as Punto)
    [4] Light Steering at Low Speed.
    [5] Hyundai SA !!
    [6] Ride And Handling Quite Good (At Speed of 110 km/hr)( same as Honda City)
    [7] Price Of Petrol Asta version!!( 7,05,000 rs )

    Disliked ::
    [1] Ride And Handling Not Great as Punto
    [2] Small tyres
    [3] steering is Not perfectly weighted at high Speed .

    Some Other Points When I Take TD Of New i20 ::

    ¤ Car Comes To Our Home With Two People ( SA and Other may Be Mechanic)

    ¤ There was little dust on the dashboard ( May Be They Opened Windows For the whole Day)

    ¤ I Started the car with " Start/Stop" Botton ( Which Placed Side Of Steering Wheel )( Cluch Must Be Pressed)

    ¤ Picked Up , On 1st Gear is Same as our ZEN ( May Be Little Better)

    ¤ Car Was Fully Silent as Honda City , No Engine Noise at Lower RPM.

    ¤ A/C Was Chilled as New Punto/City.

    ¤ I Did not hear any Sound From Steering At All ( Yes , I Heard Suspension Sounds , When Goes From Pathholes)

    ¤ SA And Mechnics Both Are Good at Talking ( Mechanics Claims car Will handle till 150-160 , Without any any big Issue )( Yes, We are Not Taking This high Speed at all , Specailly When My MOM is Inside the car)

    ¤ I TD Car for more than 20+min ( 20Kms) , Including Hill Roads , Highways ( Palm Beach Road)

    ¤ On Highways Speed ( at 110 km/hr) , Car Was Quite Stable , But Steering is Still Not Good( weighted at high speed) as SWIFT or Punto.

    ¤ On Hill Road , Car was able Pull at 3rd gear from 30+ speed without any Issue.

    ¤ I Used "Reverse Camera " For Taking Reverse, and Its Very Useful and Simple and Accurate too.

    ¤ IMO , Well Priced ASTA Petrol version Is Totally Value For Money Now !!

    ( Note : I'm First Customer , Who posted review of New i20 on Web/forums )

    In between , My Dad also TD the Punto MJD but My Mom dont like diesel Engine sound at all....so she towards Petrol !!

    Finally after Long Discussion on TFI as well as Mom-dad..... We Finalize Punto 1.4 Emotion ( without TD , I tried my Best but No success)
    and I officially closed thread in what car section .

    ( Note : "Best Petrol Car Under 7.5L" is Still Most Viewed( 9,000+) and replied (285 ) thread in "What Section " in TFI History !!
    But Not longes period , its just 6 months.....
    Whereas "Basis " ,"http://www.teamfiat.co.in/what-car/2933-punto-1-3-decided-but-version.html" is almost 18 months old thread )

    After Long wait (1 Agust 2012 ), finally I got TD of Punto 1.4 But from dealer , from 3M owner "Karthik ali " (@kartikail)....He was Nice and Gave me his car for TD !!
    After TD , My confidence was high for choosing Punto.!

    within Two Days , My Dad Get's Promotion , So All problems are sorted for bokking car

    Finally , on 11 August 2012 , We booked BNW Grande Punto 1.4 Emotion on 7,57,000 rs !!:clapping
    we take from SBI around 5 lakhs for 7 years at 10.75 % Floating Rate !!

    We just Got Very few accss./Discounts :

    [1] Mud Flap.
    [2] Door Sill Plated
    [3] Car Body Cover ( instead of Mat's )
    [4] free insurance + RSA !!

    So Total Price was : 7,35,008 INR ( Punto was Manf. in July Month )

    on 11 Sept. 2012 :

    After almost 1 month waiting , Finally Our Punto 1.4 Comes to our Home !! I was Like a :dance :dancing

    Till Date Our Punto Completed 1040 Km's....One Mumbai-Kolhapur Trip Done !!

    Some Member's thinks whats about SA ? Hows He ? Hows Dealer Experince ? Hows Loan Experince ??
    All Question will be answered in "Dealership Reviews " and "Insurance & Loan Reviews".

    Here Is Hottest Few Snaps of Our "The Legend Killer" :-

    Interior :















    Exterior :













    Special Thanks to , Nithin Sir For Suggesting Good SA , Karthik Sir For Giving Test Drive OF His Punto , Sungoa and other Punto 1.4 Owner's for Excellent Reviews...and Of Course.....All TFI Member's for their Supports !!
    ( Sorry , If Forgot someone Name Here !! )
    ( Please Forgive me for Bad English )
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  2. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Nerul , Navi Mumbai
    Hello Friends , I'm Starting Thread To Specially TFI's Only:D , as All waiting For My ownership Thread.....
    Right Now , I'm Not Writting Much ( as My Exam's Are starting very soon) so , I will Update this thread (Post1) with Full Review after Exam Over(Within Month).
    Let's Picture Speak's Now!!( More Photo's Coming Within 2-4 Days )

    Mod Note: 1st Post edited as user requested
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  3. wolverine_arnab

    wolverine_arnab Esperto

    nice pics....Congrats on buying punto...btw best of luck for your coming exams...
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  4. sungoa2010


    Congrats for your Punto . You have some good photography skill. Nurture it.
    Please write a detailed report after exam.
    Good luck for second exam. First exam(purchase of car) was a super success:)
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  5. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Nerul , Navi Mumbai
    Thanks You very Much Mate !!

    Thanks For Wishes :D
  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    congrats amar!
    first exam was given by many tfians also along with amar.. i am glad we all passed :D
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  7. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Congrats Amar for your Punto. And best of luck for your exam.

    You have owned Punto not against the world, you bought a peppy punto actually ( It has 90BHP power). Don't go with kitna deti hai funda, just enjoy your wise decision.
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  8. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Nerul , Navi Mumbai
    Yes , Punto is Against World ( atleast For Me) , Most Of Our Relative's/ Dad's Cousin's/My Mama's..Etc are Suggesting To Go With i20 or Swift Only.....But Dad's Give me Authority To Choose car ....So Its Punto :D
    This Engine is Not Made at all For "Kitana Deti Hai " , I know this fact !!! Our Current Milege is 8km/l ( as per MID , for ~80kms)
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2012
  9. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Not exactly right Amar. Lot of factors depend on the mileage. The Driver, Traffic condition, fuel quality, etc., Just read the ownership thread of sungoa2010. He recently got a mileage of 20+ KMPL in his 1.4 Punto.
  10. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    Nerul , Navi Mumbai
    But For this , We needs Control our feet :cool: Which Little Difficult for Petrol Owner......Anyways .....~12km/l Milege is more than enough for us !!
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