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The last delivery tale of Grande Punto 1.3 MJD Active black

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by vsivaku, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. vsivaku

    vsivaku Novizio

    Well, the search for new car to replace the old ageing maruti zen of 1998 in my native coimbatore started an year back and was held back citing various financial reasons. The driving will be primarily by my father, with a usage of 1000 kms per month. Hence diesel made more sense. Though punto was in the wish list, we decided to explore few other cars before zeroing it in.

    Too common, like lost in crowd. Didnt even consider to test drive or own one.

    Was considered during initial discussions, but the blunted rear put us off.

    Ageing one. Not a looker. Why would anyone want to buy one, leaving steering feedback

    Our close relative had one. The price and the confidence de-motivation in higher speeds put us off.

    Grande i10:
    Fear of a missing clyinder in the heart took us off. Did a test drive, all good. price good. City driving is ideal, but something was missing,dont know whats that, did not strike a chord in the heart.

    Dad liked it after the test drive for its peppyness in the city driving. But car was too femine and best for lady driven. Doesnt look as a family car.

    rear is meant for kids or short people. Black interiors resembled dark prison cell :)

    Arrogant VW stories put us off experienced by our close relative. Though the car has everything. Didnt bother to test drive

    Sail UVA:
    Visited prasanna automobiles on trichy road to have a test drive. Same MJD was present here too, it was infact tuned better than punto's for city driveability. Also the rear bench space was amazing and on par with sedans,even my linea doesnt offer this space. The price was also on par with punto active. This car was the final contender to punto, but was ruled out as it sounded chinese and was not premium enough. Sales of this car was also less than punto with no future of the car and it is not a globaal car, which means trouble in procuring spares down the lane. Hence was put away. But to me, this car makes sense than the usual maruthi and hyndais on the road and i dont understand the customer attitude.

    After everything, went to CAI FIAT and made the booking. Booking experience and delivery experience was awful, to say the least, and have completely documented it here- http://teamfiat.com/reviews/item/cai-fiat-coimbatore.58/discussion

    Car has now performed about 1000 kilometers, used by my dad 95% of the time. Here is a summary of the review, as told by him. Not intended to hurt an

    Build.. Build.. Build... 3 notches higher than the competion
    Timeless design.. It wont age and stands like a monument among all other concrete buildings :)
    Feature rich variants- Audio, Rear Fog, Steering adjustment even in base variants to name a few.
    No cost cutting or space cutting evident anywhere, atleast in exterior department. Machine maximum, man mininum

    Rear bench space
    My dad is 5 feet. Driving ergonomics is messed up here totally. He still is not connected to the car.Even after generations, indians cant have long legs and short hands.
    Steering is facing the face. I have consoled my dad that it is a safety feature where airbags are meant to deploy to protect facial injury. :)
    Confused interiors.. Some controls feel modern and some classic.. Should have sticked to classic completely.
    Turbo lag.... My dad has a scorpio too and he feels he has downgraded to moped from a bike :) They could have tuned to city conditions suiting mass market taste. If GM does, why not FIAT?
    Rubbery gear shifting... This is not a city bus :)

    Few pictures taken during PDI and delivery... Planning to chrome the grills and paint red the side mirrors. Thanks for reading
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    IMG_1798.JPG IMG_1799.JPG IMG_1800.JPG IMG_1801.JPG IMG_1799.JPG IMG_1799.JPG
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  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Hi man. Cheers to your dad and you for the Punto, it looks chic and bad-ass at the same time! :)

    The gear shift feel will improve after few thousand kms, as should the engine pep. The gearbox though is bullet proof, and even the gear ratios are fine imo, since both the engine and gearing are meant to function well enough in the city BUT without sacrificing highway performance OR fuel efficiency. Also, the Punto's a heavy car, and thanks to the automotive gods for that.

    cheers, enjoy. I suspect you'll mod the car as you go along? That is just the thing to do with an Active Punto.
  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Heartiest congratulations on the Punto. Happy to note that you father has taken a special liking for the car. Waiting for a more detailed ownership review. Yes the gear shifting is a bit notchy but your dad will get used to it.

    Happy many more mile crunching and drive safely.
  4. himanshu4886

    himanshu4886 Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations for punto. I always find it better than evo. Its front grill and eyes takes my heart.

    Enjoy it.
  5. vsivaku

    vsivaku Novizio

    Thanks Himanshu. The masserti inspired grills is one of the prime reason to make me not wait for punto evo.
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    Thanks Godlur. I think it is more of getting used on my father to get his admiration, as he is a short person.

    DEEPAK BAPAT Novizio

    You will always get an admiration.

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