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The Italian Stallion - My Multijet (New Pearl White)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Rohan Desai, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Rohan Desai

    Rohan Desai Timido

    Hi guys,

    Attached is the glimpse of what I will be expecting tomorrow. Well there is much to write but I will keep it short as of now..! More from me coming soooooon..!


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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Congratulations :)

    Awaiting more details tomorrow
  3. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Welcome onbaord Rohan.Congratulations.Awaiting a long review of your Linea with lots of pics:p
  4. dhaya76

    dhaya76 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations and welcome to TFI family....
  5. Rohan Desai

    Rohan Desai Timido

    Well, first of all..wishes to all Fiatians a very Happy, Prosperous and Safe Diwali..! :) . As promised, writing a detailed review on the overall experience.

    From past two years, I was fighting a consumer case with Ford India and the Dealer which was filed just after 2 months of purchase. Recently went for an out of court settlement and sold the car to a Ford employee. Now that I was back again on the market in search of a new car, I started my search again. I had previously read about Linea and through the forum 'teamfiat' got to know more about the same. During the same period, saw the advert of the new dealership "Torrid Fiat". Promptly gave them a call and the sales preventative named Sagar was also prompt enough in scheduling the test drive of the vehicle. After the test drive and receiving the quote had a brief discussion with friends and relatives. All in my contact were dead against me buying a Fiat as all were aware of the so called horror stories of people. But i didn't give it much importance. I had a brief discussion with my family and decided to have a final test drive with my wife.

    It was a Sunday and we headed for our pre-scheduled test drive. Since Torrid Fiat didn’t have a working showroom, we were called at the workshop. At around 2.30 pm we reached. To our surprise, the test drive vehicle wasn’t available. Since my contact sales person was on leave, the only option was to call him up and ask him to co-ordinate. We waited, waited and waited...after every half an hour, we were told the car is on its way and reaching in 10-15 mins. My wife was very furious and wanted me to strike it out of my list but I was determined and persuaded. At around 5 pm or so, the car came along with the Sales Manager Mr. Zain. Since he already knew we were waiting for a quite long time, he immediately took us for a test drive. My wife was impressed with the looks of the car at first glance itself. Immediately after that we went in for a discussion on the pricing. On my earlier discussion with Sagar, the discount offered was for Rs. 60,000/-. But here Zain pitched in the Rs. 1,00,000/- exchange offer scheme. Since my Ford vehicle was kind of sold to another person 3 weeks back I was in doubt if I can eligible for the scheme. But to my surprise, he offered me the scheme. Immediately our eyes lit up. Also was offered a 4K corporate discount. On the freebies front, was offered, mudflaps (cup shaped), car cover, mats.

    After going home and discussing with the parents, we thought of going ahead and book the car. But the day we were supposed to book the car, my employer came up with the news that I will have to fly to USA for couple of months. My dreams of having a Fiat just fizzled and with a heavy heart I made a call to Sagar to kindly not come at my residence to complete the booking formalities. But later on we decided to move ahead with the deal and if my travel plan gets materialized we would cancel the booking. Hence after negotiating with the dealer the cancellation amount for Rs.5000/- was decided instead of Rs.10000/-.
    So I called them and gave the booking amount of Rs.25000/- but didn’t sign the booking receipt as it was not an auspicious day. The very next day, after going through the forum I came to know, the car I had a test drive in was post April 2013 model (had 3 headrest) and not the post April 2013 model (2 headrest). I immediately called up the dealership about the same. The reply I got was not a convincing one, they said, since it was a new dealership they were not much aware of the things and will check with Fiat and come back to me. After a day’s gap received a call back from the dealership that I will be getting the new version and not the old version. Also the insurance (i.e. FGI) quote on the car offered by the dealer was on the higher end. I personally checked with the company (i.e. FGI) on the direct line and was offered the same insurance (i.e. 0 Zep.) for about Rs.10,000/- less than that of the dealership. I again went to the dealership and asked them to check for the same. Again I was told after a few calls that since they are a new dealership, they are not been given more benefits by the Insurance Company, but if I want to directly purchase the insurance I will be allowed to do so. Hence after all this commotion I agreed to sign the booking receipt. Since my USA plan was still unclear, I told the dealership not to call for the car now, but to wait for my further instructions, gave them a hold time of 2 weeks, after that I would confirm the order.

    After a long wait of around 2 weeks, came the news that my USA schedule hasn’t materialized. Quickly I jumped on the phone and informed the dealership on call for the car and get it ready for the delivery in Diwali. Every 2 days I checked with the dealership on the availability of the car as I had read in the forum, it is not easy to get Fiat cars on time.

    Finally I get a call from the dealership my car has arrived in their stockyard. I informed them to get all the necessary formalities completed and schedule the car for delivery. I had wished to have the car on 4[SUP]th[/SUP] of Nov. however the dealership expressed their views to take the delivery on 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Nov. as they were closed on 4[SUP]th[/SUP] & 5[SUP]th[/SUP].

    On the day of delivery, we were warmly welcomed by the dealership. They were till behind schedule as a lot of deliveries were in line. After a wait of around one and half hour my stallion was ready for delivery.


    However I has told that the tax receipt and other documentation had not arrived from the RTO due to Diwali rush, but since I had taken a choice no. I had collected my number receipt much in advance. They confirmed that I can drive my car within city limits on basis of the same. My papers are due in a day or two.

    IMG_1902.jpg IMG_1903.jpg

    One thing I noticed was that since I had taken original mats (Linea branded), the boot mat not a part of the set and hence was not provided, also no warranty card was given for the illuminated door sills purchased from dealer (Fiat original). But as we were truly excited to drive away the car we overlooked the issue.
    The next way I woke up in the early in the morning to give my stallion a cleaning session. To my overexcitement of joy of something else, to give my stallion a flawless vision, I cleaned the glasses with wet cloth and wiped it with newspaper. Even I cleaned the inner side of the rear windscreen with the same which had defogger grid lines.

    In the evening, suddenly it struck me that my cleaning process of the grid lines with wet cloth and wiping it with newspaper (up & down motion) could result in the damage of the grid lines ran shivers down my spine. There was nothing I could do in the night, I has a sleepless night as it could stop thinking about the same.

    I woke up very early the next morning, went down towards the car, this time I repeated the same process, but wiped it with a lint free cloth. After that I made the outer side of the rear windscreen moist and switched on the AC on the lowest possible temperature. This would generate a foggy surface and I would be in position of testing the defogger. I kept my fingers crossed and continued my other work. As soon as I saw foggy layer, I switched on the defogger mechanism.

    To my wonders it worked, all the lines were found working. :) I was so much tensed the entire time, having nightmares of having the glass replaced and what not. It was such a big relief. I have decided to be more careful in future.

    Was my above action a reason to worry? I kind of thought the grid lines are not so delicate and can only be damaged with they come in contact with something sharp or are pulled out while removing the tint.

    Currently, I am still exploring all the functions of the vehicle and haven’t driven it extensively. More detailed reviews I will post it in future. However I had few queries.

    The attached picture shows the exhaust pipe much below the level of car, is it the same in other lineas too.?


    How do I use the trip function? I have never used it before, my fiesta had only one indication of the distance traveled.
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  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    congrats for the tjet rohit! request you to take some time out and read the owners manual :)
  7. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi Rohit, Congratulations for your Linea and Welcome to TFI family..
  8. Volt

    Volt Novizio

    @Rohan, congratulations. We got our PW Tjet on the same day as yours from Torrid Motors. I saw your car lined up for delivery when we entered the service area and I thought it was our car. Later I noticed it was a Multijet. Wish you many happy miles with your Fiat.
  9. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats Rohan, Its a Beauty on the streets of Mumbai. In Punto we cannot c the exhaust pipe like yours in the picture, Maybe tsome Liena owners will clear your doubth...
  10. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Stunning pics Rohan.Linea looks Beautiful in White.:pyour doubt about having exhaust pipe in your Linea lower than body can be cleared by some Linea owners as said by Tony bhai.

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