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The Grey annihilator -- My Sublime 90 H

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by cyberdoctorind, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. what happened to your windshield??
    how was your trip to banglore??
  2. :( :( Windshield cracked :'(. I am still in Bangalore and will be traveling to pune from here
  3. all the best sir ji.

    hope your car will come home properly fixed.

    how did your windshield get cracked?
  4. While doing a highway trip yesterday, I lost my clutch pedal. The pedal did not come back to it's original position and remained glued to the floor. This was about 40 kms from Hyderabad. Dealer promised to send a tow truck instead of the flat bed which I declined.

    Then used the technique of clutch less driving when you slot gears at them right RPMs without damaging the gear box / without associated grinding noise (karrrrr) and drove back to the ASC without any issues.

    The culprit .. The Metal CSC which was already changed under warranty a month back .. How'z that now.

    Looks like my car is trying to provide me the necessary adventure in my otherwise mundane life ...
  5. The annihilator is back home after a wash behind the ears ... The problem was attributed to a loose lock clip on the slave cylinder. The clutch plate / Pressure plate / release bearing and the slave cylinder were again replaced and the clutch is now super smooth.
  6. sungoa2010


    Suppose the clutch failure happen at say 80kmph where you were about to shift to 5th gear or in a very crowded traffic. Is there a chance of accident.
  7. If you have brakes working for you, you are still fine you can get the car to coast and slow down,take it to the left of the road before bringing it to halt by applying primary brakes on the highways. Slam the brakes and switch off the engine and the damage in town will be minimised though not avoided if you are doing 80 kmph in the city But god forbid such failures when overtaking with oncoming traffic.

    Fortunately in my case there was no oncoming traffic and the clutch was NOT engaged so I could use engine braking to my advantage on the last 10 kms in the city before dropping it in the service station.
  8. I am back with the updates on my 90hp. Now the car has settled in properly and we have done some journeys where roads were no existent. Neither the car lost its beat not did it give the owner goosebumps. I am at 25k and post clutch failures there were absolutely NO issues. The 90 gives me a healthy average of 20 and when driven sedately with ac on,it gives me 29. I am now at 25k and visits to the service stations have faded in my memory. In short, the car is giving me all that is expected out of a 8L car and I am loving it..
  9. sungoa2010


    Thanks cyberdoctorind. Does the possibility of a clutch failure can be find during regular servicing?
  10. When there are issues with the release bearing, it can be found out and replaced. Oil leaks from the cylinders can also be found before the clutch gives up. Hard clutch / less pickup and higher rpm rise also denotes issues with the clutch assy.

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