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The Grey annihilator -- My Sublime 90 H

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by cyberdoctorind, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Pedal force meter is one unique device !

    Anyways, i would suggest you wait for a few more days and then take a couple of readings again.

  2. Lets see, the inconsistency in the pressure hurts my leg a bit.
  3. shiva anna,
    i got my clutch kit replaced at 10k kms under warranty.this was because the initial puntos all came with a clutch plate made of some composite.then they replaced it with a stronger plate.also BMZ and CMZ cars are really having many problems.I have seen two Lineas having a failed AC condenser and they had the VIN No. ending with CMZ.Coming back to the clutch,mine became really soft soon after the replace.it actually became a little harder later(not really hard,a very minimal difference).but on day one after replacement it was awesome to say the least.
  4. Now again it's becoming hard. Don't know why BMZ / CMZ have issues.
  5. again the clutch became hard like the one previously???
    that rock hard??

    this is some serious issue with the car sir..
  6. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    A batch of CMZ Linea and Punto had faulty "O" ring which caused the gas to leak. I am having a Punto EPack March 2011 (CMZ). I have covered 3250kms till now and I do not have any issues with the clutch or the AC. The only issues I had were ill fitting C Pillar plastic trim, misaligned plastic piece between front wind shield and bonnet and squeaking sound from co-driver seat. Both plastics replaced under warranty. Co-driver seat will be looked at during first service.
  7. Ok now for some good news, my car is returning me around 22 kmpl in city conditions :). Problem with clutch still persists but I am now turning a blind eye to it for sometime.

  8. Ok now I have almost lost my brakes, very less brake oil in the system and with luck have noticed oil on the floor while taking the car out. Issue again with substandard piping. Being replaced under warranty. Car has run 89xx kms as on date.
  9. talk to the higher ups sir.
    tell them check the car thouroughly by a qualified engineer from the factory and give it a road worthy certificate.
    that is the last thing..
    or start using your linea
  10. hillram


    Sad News.Seems like the problems are cropping up one after another.When are you making a visit to Ranjangaon Plant to get your car checked thoroughly?That seems to be the only option now..a head to toe diagnostics !!!

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