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The Grey annihilator -- My Sublime 90 H

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by cyberdoctorind, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Why Punto why not something else? What am I getting into with the Punto ? Of all what pulled me towards the punto and why were the other so called not so hot hatches given a blind eye? The answer is simple. I am different from the crowd and wanted to be that way. I wanted to beat the hell out the LDI / Vdi folks on straights as well on curves and watch in glee as their technology transferred DDIS engine gasp for breath while trying to catch up with the annihilator and eventually disappear as a speck in the RVM's. I take pride in welcoming myself to the world of 90 with a decent P/W ratio of 81 PS /ton compared to the ... with around 70.

    I don't take pride in running through the 1st / 2nd to get the momentum which my 90 does not like either but she like a fully loaded plane on the runway and I her captain break all the boundaries while taking off .. The 3rd gear onwards is delicious. Cruise / accelerate / brake and my 90 does what's being commanded and what's the order of the day. No funny business of swaying her back or loosing her composure. Does the competition do as commanded? No ... One feels like sailing on water while the other talks about stopping exactly an hour later after I have commanded it to stop. Please I am not a Locomotive pilot who needs to plan his retardation a KM earlier.

    My annihilator comes with dual stage airbags standard / 15 inchers which further up the GC on our craters (Since all of us are not fortunate enough to land on the moon, our Indian government has sub-contracted the mission of displaying craters to the road contractors for all of us to visualize the surface of the moon ) , Not so great GT3's but can live with it, Precise steering at all speeds, I point it goes. Simple WYSIWYG, EBD / ESP standard, Average to good Auto climitiser, Buggy Blue and Me to start with and some bells and whistles like strong build quality which some of the competition cannot come close to and above all a sweet linear VGT. Yet to hear the BOV as I have not taken her to 3 digit speeds yet. The suspension ensures that you glide through the roughest patches without any discomfort but the rear tries to bounce if the car is not loaded and it's irritating at times. How I wish the stabiliser is re-introduced back. The test drive car though was brutalized :anyone.

    The buying experience of my car has been posted elsewhere on this forum and now the first ownership review. The car was delivered to me at H 8Km which was upped to H 15 km as I wanted the PDI folks to do a proper TD, The first 800kms were dispatched within 7 days precise with me not using the car for around 3 days as I also need to drive my first love the Palio D. The initial 100 were kind of painful with the MID registering 8km / ltr but who cares since it's a new car and the initial euphoria were high. With the clock rising higher, the MID registered better figures jumping from 8 to 10 to 13 to 14 and now it's at 18.7 kmpl ::OO. I am taking it easy on the car and have not done any speed stints till now limiting myself to a tad closer to 2000 RPM which is a shade less than 80 kmph and this will be the norm till the car hits the 4 digit mark on the odo. I plan to slowly notch up the speeds / in gear accelerations and shall ensure the running is done in about 3500 kms from now.

    The first issue that I have encountered is a broken glove box :A. Got the one from the test drive car fitted as a temporary arrangement. See this proves that TASS listens :dancing as well the quality needs to be improved. The seats of the 90 H are manufactured by Tata Johnson along with some other plastics. So now you know the reason for a substandard interior quality. A leech is always a leech, hopefully Peter Foster ( if I spell his name right) thinks about having his own engine Rnd and Tata stops stealing Technology from Fiat and return Fiat with good sales and high vendor quality. They will not be selected for volkswagen as a OEM if this is what they want to roll out.

    Dare to dream and care to achieve is what has brought me closer to the Punto. Niggles @ service station are common everywhere so I dont mind devoting some extra time at the service centers during the course of my courtship with this car. Punto's / Lineas to us are like babies and when a baby is unwell, we do not curse god but rather ensure that the illness is cured. so let's not listen to what the mere individuals in the market claim about the Service of Fiat. We are better off knowing what makes our machines tick as compared to most of them not understanding the difference between a 45 ah to a 60 ah battery or changing a spare wheel.

    Addicted to the Brand Fiat and once a Fiat, its always a Fiat.

    Pictures on my laptop shall post them of this thread tonight.
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  2. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Congrats Shiva! Lucky to own so many FIATs! Hope your Elegant will be on road soon.
  3. Thanks Arun . It is already on the road in a garage :mrgreen:
  4. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Is the garage on the road? :mrgreen:
  5. Well practically yes. :dance
  6. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Superb write up Shivabhai. You came and rocked TFI. Hope both tata and fiat should read the same. waiting for photos!!! :dance
  7. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    Heartiest congrats.
    Hope both of you serve one and other well :)
  8. shiva sir congrats on the thread. Do start another thread on the palio please... Also pics of those old,elegant beauties.
  9. Thanks Srikar Sir, but I am not sure how to update pics from my Laptop. Attachments does not seem to work so shall post some from my Iphone which allows uploads of pics.
    Thanks Ichimaru for your best wishes
    Kaale saab hope your parents are doing well. Thanks for your wishes. I shall upload some photographs taken from my i4. From the laptop, the request to upload photographs fail. Any ideas where am I going wrong
  10. Nice Photos & Write up.

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