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The Fiat owned football club Juventus is in the UEFA champion's league finals

Discussion in 'Sports and World News' started by prabhjot, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. prabhjot

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    Juventus, closely associated with Fiat and the Agnelli-s for many decades now has, after many years broken through the German and Spanish club dominance at UEFA level.

    Though I'd share this for football-fan TFI-ans.

    The article lends historical colour to Juventus and also its old association with Fiat, its workers and even its Communist Trade Unions, not to mention the very famous, culturally influential and very innovative Italian Communist Party itself.


    Go Juventus, I'd say, if I weren't more of a Barcelona and Messi fan!

    Interestingly both clubs are very notable and very peculiar in having what can be called a 'left wing popular cultural' history and location, associated with Communism, Socialism, Republicanism, Anti-Clerical/Church or Secularism, etc.

    Now of course they are as much brands and commercial enterprises as any others, although they are administered in a somewhat democratic, participatory etc way.

    FCA no longer owns Juventus, it is owned by Exor, the holding company of John Elkann and the rest of the Agnelli clan, the controlling shareholders of FCA and Ferrari.

    Exor, THE institution of Italian family-capitalism, has been doing very very well financially, even without any dividends from FCA. And Italy itself, under leftist, successfully reformist PM Renzi (a friend of Marchionne it seems, who is widely regarded as a prominent and public adviser of his) is rebounding from the great long European esp Southern European recession strongly.

    So a win in the final for Juventus would be a sign of certain national buoyancy. The success of the new Fiats and Jeeps in Europe (esp the 500X and Renegade) and the huge investments going in for the new Alfa Romeo line-up signify the Fiat/Agnelli contribution to a major revival of Italian manufacturing and design+engineering, after the 'long', rolling recession, globally and especially in Europe ex-Germany.

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