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The Confessions Thread

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by PatchyBoy, May 2, 2013.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Thanks for all the kind words people. Let us not convert this into another mud slinging match. I have no intentions of completely staying away from this forum. This forum has given me a lot and I believe I have not given back as much as I have taken from here. Also, looks like I have failed to communicate the message clearly, again. Let me be more specific:

    I went to 3M HSR when my car was still new. I got there at around 1 PM. My car was washed and brought up stairs by 3 PM. Work started on my car at around 4:30 PM. I went across the street for a cup of coffee and a smoke. When I returned 15 minutes later, my car was ready. Personally, though the car looked nice and shiny, I felt cheated out of several thousand rupees I paid for that session. So I decided never to go back there. Please do tell me, do I have the right to feel the way I did, or should I just join with a few that frequent that outlet and applaud? This being an open forum, don't I have the liberty to say this, when you have the liberty to go out on a limb to praise the services rendered by 3M HSR? I still think that Relativity' s car looks way better than any of the 3M treated cars I have seen. Does that opinion of mine automatically empower you to ridicule my passion for DIY, by asking if there is a DIY for a medical procedure? Especially when the post was not even addressed to you? Does my opinion entitle you to send me an abusive PM?

    Just because you bought your car from KHT and you had a great experience, am I expected to forgive them for lying to me that they called my wife? Or am I expected to condone the floor staff stealing my property from my car? Or the fact that they did a jugaad fix for your battery problem, that would be expected from a road side mechanic and not an ASC?

    I am still the same person. When we were on good terms, you felt I was a genius and were all praise for my knowledge. Then things went bad and all of a sudden all the knowledge I have became "Google Knowledge". Does that even sound logical?

    Please do remember - you are not the only one out there that owns a FIAT car and neither are you the only one who knows people in the industry. There are a lot of people who have better contacts than you do. There are a lot of people who have more accurate information than you do. They choose not to share it, as they respect the trust of the person who shared that information with them. Just because I have contacts in the tyre industry, I don't go around offering to send out quotes. That is none of my business. And just because I know people in the ASC, I do not go around claiming that I was involved in the floor design of the workshop. That is none of my business either.

    Bottom line - You like a vendor, great, use their service, recommend them to your friends. I do not like the same vendor - fine. That is my opinion and that will not change, unless I am proven conclusively wrong.

    All I was trying to convey was this - You have your say, so do I. Just because you do not agree with what I am saying, please do not try to take away my right to say it.

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  2. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    To each his own. Lets stop tinkering more. More the rub, more the wound. Pain both ways. Wrong wrong wrong. No mud sling.
    Rajan, please stay. I personally do want to see more innovations from you and more DIYs.
    You may dislike me, hate me but thats your choice. I will be nice, respect you for what you are and what you do. Beyond this is upto you, "i dont care man" (Kapil sharma style) :p :D
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2013
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I guess the 24x7 hectic lives all of us lead have led to some tension on certain matters. Just chill out guys.

    Let's agree to disagree with the opinions we don't agree with and move on. With so much drama here, I believe Ekta Kapoor might join TFI and start a new thread - "Kyuki Linea bhi kabhi Punto thi".

    I had a pretty rough day yesterday with me taking out all of it on poor ol' Zenwalker (sorry dude). All of us REALLY need to loosen up! We already have enough stresses as is in our offline lives ; why add to it from an online board.

    Let's get back to FIAT now.

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  4. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Rajan - i havent met you personally, we have just spoken over the phone and interacted on this very forum itself. If you analyse few of the technical or even non technical threads you will realize that everyone has his own opinion and when someone posts that there will be reactions, counter opinions as well as brick brats.

    In any of the forums where people of different regions, opinions and knowledge participate this is bound to happen. The same used to happen on TBHP and it was going on a large scale. So the moderators there had to jump to the most stringent levels and do a clean up + impose heavy restrictions. Whats the outcome - people abuse the moderators now.

    On TFI we are a small pond bonded by FIAT cars, we all are passionate and enthusiasts. So within a small family i think we should not keep any ego and let things go easily. (not telling you personally, but it applies to all and even me)
    Not keeping any ego will help ourselves by fullproofing us against getting hurt :)

    Cheers and enjoy. Forget and Forgive is the best policy
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  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    @Gurji bhai,
    Well said paaji. Yep rough times takes things ofcourse. Take a break, have a beer. Chill out ;)
  6. shams

    shams Esperto

    Rajan, popularity comes with side effects! people who are not confident of themselves, often start mud slinging at the ones they envy.
    We need to take that in our stride and move on. and most importantly, keep doing what we are best at, without getting affected by things that we are not convinced about!

    Sometimes we do end up getting personal, but atleast on the forum we have Mods to take care of such situations!
    I also have done that on some occasions and would wan't to say sorry to anyone who got offended by any of my post.

    Life outside forum is already quite complex for all of us, let us all use the forum for positive things and filter out/ignore the negativities!
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  7. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Well this is a confessions thread and here I am going to confess a lot. Yes a LOT!!

    I would firstly like to start with a reply to our honourable member who calls the mod team, as mere puppets acting on someone's likes and dislikes. You are bang on the point. I agree Mods act on one's likes and dislikes.

    But the point which you missed by a very long shot is, that this "ONE" is "ONE Team". Oh yeah!! it is "Team Fiat India".
    Its not only the team of moderators, but also views and opinions of many members that are recieve as feed back or reports, which are taken into consideration. Everything is discussed before taking an action.

    IMO, TFI is the most lineant forum with regard to postings and moderation. Mods come across many posts that are irrelevant, add no value or are examples of just plain stupidity.
    These are overlooked just because imposing strict rules was never the intention. Looks like its high time mods change their stand.

    How would you know? Because you are clueless about what happens in the background. All you could see is the posts by members and posts that have been moderated.
    And you have the tenacity to ask the mods to sit at home? Are you not saying this from what "YOU" like or dislike about the mods? Introspection Dude!!

    One thing I fail to understand is, do members consider Mods to be privileged people just sitting around or in front of their PCs/Laptops having nothing to do except for moral policing and to serve its members requests?
    Moderators are members first, just like every one of you out there. With an additional responsibility to maintain the quality of the forum such that it shares information, knowledge and offers help in solving people's queries and inhibitions w.r.t FIAT.

    Lately, people have found this forum as a white wall where they can just scribble anything at their free will. In this process, the more informative and useful threads are being burried which at the end of the day leaves the forum without any value. Ofcourse it might be entertaining for members who come here to vent out their frustrations, rub their opinions on others or simply find pleasure in mudslinging.

    If the mods edit, delete or lock a thread, there is a lot of thinking, discussion and past experience involved in that. I am not saying that mods never do mistakes, everyone does. But I am sure none of the mod will hesitate to edit, delete or explain his own post if it is reported. Have never come across a single report so far. The sole aim is to make the forum experience more pleasant and informative.
    Mods have jobs/businesses/education/careers to pursue just like anyone of you has. They work hard to make their ends meet. Does anyone realise that? Mods are not just Handles but HUMANS.

    The founding members of this forum have maintained it without asking for any contribution monetorily from any of its members. Nor did they depend on ads or contribution from vendors who want to use this forum for their commercial activity (there were many such offers that have been denied). The only contribution that the Admins seek from members, is to help each other out as a family and share their knowledge and passion towards Fiat. Were they expecting too much??

    Some members even are of an opinion that Mods get privilage at Showrooms, SCs and Fiat itself. Let me tell you, thats completey a myth.
    Couple of our mods have moved away from the FASS. Few had hard times to get parts replaced under warranty like many of you and are still living with it.

    When the host (read Fiat itself) gives a limit for the number of people whom they can handle at the Factory meet, which leaves TFI with no other option but to lay its own rules to provide its members (who in their opinion will benifit the most) with an oppurtunity to visit the factory. TFI is labelled as a Racist community.

    TFI is not in a race to show its power with the number of members that it has. They claim that TFI shows step motherly nature towars older models. The time when it was decided to have a forum for the new models of Fiats, there were already groups and forums for the older generation Fiats. Whats wrong in having a dedicated forum for Puntos and Lineas and models henceforth?

    After lot of discussions and arguments TFI tries to make a decision about having a section for Old gen Fiats, with the help of its member's opinion (read voting) and are again encountered with brick bats. Thats understandable. But MAJORITY wins. Its not what some ONE likes or dislikes, but a team decision. When people fail to look at the larger picture, we can't try to explain our every action. There are better things to do.

    They say TFI cribs about other forums being intrested in commercial activities. When a reply is not found for the same, it doesn't mean we do not have enough proofs for it. We just don't want to make it a political rivalry and a mudslinging game. TFI never considered other forums as rivals. But few forums DO. No one has the slightest idea what goes outside the forum. And TFI is definitely not going to divulge that information. Its not a concern for many.

    TFI never questioned anyone's loyality. TFI never questioned its members, why he/she is being a part or being active in other forums. Heck, TFI never asked why one is not being active or contributing on this forum. Many might not get what the point is behind this statement. But I am sure, there are people around who precisely get my point here.

    A dealer/vendor/garage owner is not into social service. He would try to give customer satisfaction by going to extents of losing some of his profits and making sure that the customer is satisfied at the end of the day and will come back again with more business. In this process there can be hiccups, lack of communication might lead to confusion. I believe, no one willingly makes mistakes and particulary the ones in the service industry. And we are all humans and we all do mistakes.

    We say that we invest thousands/lakhs of money in a product or service. Doesn't a dealer/vendor invest lakhs and crores of money in an establishment? At the end of the day he is doing a business and would like to make as much profit as he can. Everyone has their own ways to attract customers. Be it providing a customer with great experience who would refer more people or offer discounts for regular customers.

    Just as an example, there are many grocery stores in my locality, but I choose the one who offers me the best service and treats me well. I would go ahead and refer him to my neighbours. Whats wrong with that?
    A neighbour might find the same guy arrogant or that he doesn't provide the service upto his expectations and cribs about him. Now, whats wrong with that?
    I will still end up going to the same store as long as I am happy and will endorse him for sure. Because I would like others to have the same pleasant experience as I do. Thats the bottom line.

    I completely agree to what few of them posted earlier.

    No two persons are alike. No two people in a given relation have 100% similar opinions. Why do we still stick around? Its not that we are compelled to, but the majority of our opinions align and we choose to ignore the ones that do not. Thats what makes the relation beautiful. Be it parents and children, siblings, best of friends or life partners. This goes to everyone.

    And we are just a bunch of Fiat enthusiasts, who share our love and respect towards the manufacturer and its products. We have chosen this platform to come together as a family. Every family has tiffs, but at the end they all are united.

    What started as an argument between few members regarding their views/reviews about some vendors (Detailing/Dealer/Aftermarket accessories/Non Fiat SCs) have gone to an extent where people are taking sides and are indulging into war of words. And the saddest part is these are the very people (not one but many) whom we (atleast I) regard as sensible, experienced and matured ones. We hold them high with regard and respect for their contribution and all we get is brick bats.

    Constructive criticism is always welcome, but not just for the sake of criticising everything we come across. Sarcasm should be made when the other person gets it. Else he might take it as an insult. POVs can vary vastly.

    We encouter so many people around us, who crib about Fiat and we strongly support Fiat as we, as a user have complete faith in it and are fully satisfied. Neither the people who crib or we who praise Fiat are wrong. Its just what one expects and the POV that makes the difference. Why can't this be applicable to views on service providers?

    Nothing wrong in providing with feedback on any issue, be it positive or negative. It looks more matured when one discusses it sensibly putting forth their opinions.
    Try to prove yourself right, but not by trying to prove others wrong. Just because someone is wrong wouldn't make you right. Right??

    I sincerely aplogize to anyone who has found my post offensive or insulting. There is nothing personal about it. All I did was to pour out my heart to you guys.
    Do not hesitate to report this post if you find it unfit.
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  8. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Woosh, some very longs posts making lot of sense.

    All I would like to say is "PASSION, LOVE and KNOWLEDGE grows when shared", please use this platform for same and lets live happily :)
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  9. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3
    This might be hightime that Kiran was forced to confess on this issue.. We should be sensible enough while posting r views..
    Agreed with you Kiran..
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  10. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Just saw this thread.
    Oh My God, battle of waterloo and now peace with no casuality :). Friendship is getting more compact between all of us.

    TFI =Compact Friendship, TFI=Fight & Love, TFI= True friends group of India :).
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