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The BIG Fight !

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by gautamkhadse, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    FIAT is not going to die. For sure with these many launches the cars sold might dip, but that does not mean FIAT is going to wind up. Once FIAT had only sub 100 cars sold in India and only one platform Palio (1.2, 1.6 1.9D Siena Adventure GTX) they survived.

    FIAT has invested huge at Pune, they will utilise the facility.

    FIAT cars are bought by people who are well informed and have every detail of the car they buy.

    Now coming back what FIAT Should do :

    1. Linea and Punto they can add few add on features, change the interiors (Black as optional, touch screen, GPS, RPS) and Place some bottle holders please, wife always complains

    2. Bring a new product for masses, 1 Ltr diesel (Forget saftey features)

    3. Have exclusive service centers and sales points in metros
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  2. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Just to enlighten you guys with a classic example .

    A few years decades ago , the only washing powder known to every Indian was NIRMA . So much so that when people would go to the Kirana shop they wouldnt ask for washing powder , they would ask for NIRMA . Thats the kind of reach they had . And that , probably because it was the only and the most in expensive powder available to the common man .

    A few years later when UNILEVER came to india they were against a heculean task of brainwashing Indian brains . To get the NIRMA name out of people heads and to set in RIN and SURF and they did successfully . From what I know about this whole story is , UNILEVER bought all the stocks of NIRMA from all markets and just dumped them . This went on for quiet some time until people had no other option but to buy RIN/ SURF . And so they didnt see much of NIRMA and so SURF became the hot fav . So today when we go to buy washing powder we say "SURF dena bhaiyya "

    Thats competition and thats the way to de throne competition .

    So taking a cue from the above example . What I see is FIAT engines going into a lot of other cars , in india , majorly into the SWIFT and the swift selling like hot cakes , while teh actual FIAT car does just a fraction of what the SWIFT sells .

    So a day might come when FIAT would just be left with the tasks of making engines rather than CARS .

    So , I dont think FIAT would ever die , but it would become hard for them to sustain the passenger car business .
  3. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    He ha ha ha ha... Johnny , it's hard to stop laughing after reading your comment. Very well said.
  4. sungoa2010


    I have read in other forums were people complaing about the poor quality of Etios.Let us see how Tayota is handling it. One good thing about Fiat ia that they have always trying to improve. It is a very positive thing.

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