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The BIG Fight !

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by gautamkhadse, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    No way FIAT is dyeing, Wait and watch the days dear People are moving towards FIAT, they realize the difference between the cars and the build quality., 99% of the people having FIAT took the car due to his Build Quality the image it has in the ages....
  2. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    SJ : Come on dude we are all from the same pedigree , we have FIAT running in our veins . We are not dumb fanboys , we are passionate about something thats truely genuine and a world class product . The Punto and the Linea engines are the most sought after engines in the world and no wonder every other so called popular car in India has a FIAT in its bonet .

    When you say Honda or TOyota rely on the brand recall and the perception that people have about these cars or the blind faith that people have in these cars , you are absolutely correct . I never denied that fact . What my point is , that a company like Honda or Toyota or for that matter a brand like Hyundai which was typecasted by many as a cheap Korean alternative to the toyotas or the HOndas . These guys have done something right to win the goodwill of people . And that something is marketting , living up to their promises and global quality standards . FIAT has each and every one of those qualities that a HOnda or a Toyota has , if I might , I would say bring one car in Puntos segment that can inspire confidence at 120+kmph on a highway run . The i10 , liva or swift would never even come close to a punto . LIva is plain crap , cost cutting evident to the most ignorant buyer . Even the Brio , horrible looking contraption IMO .

    But when you see a geam of a car like a Linea , go from a 1000 units per month to a mere 200-300 units per month in a nation as big as India , one tends to feel sad rather angry (if thats that right word)

    Most of the buyer reviews that I read on one of the most hated forum here (viz T-BHP) the only reason people back out of buying a FIAT is the ASS . I mean , is that so hard for the FIAT management to understand . For one , people are ready to ignore the low quality plastics that were used . But the ASS leaves so much to be desired . Atleast if you ask me , in pune , the only so called experienced ASS is a good 20 KM away from my home . To get my car serviced I have to take an appointment 1 month in advance . And the spare part availability is such an issue . I mean something as common as brake pads should be readily available . SO most people , back out of buying a FIAT is because of the after sales support which is still a dark spot in peoples head .

    FIAT messed up with the UNO . And it left a bad memory in peoples heads . This time around they should have pulled up their socks and prepared well . I was awestruck when I saw the production facility in Ranjangaon . What an awesome setup . But whats the use of building such a beautiful infrastructure when your partner uses it to build his Manzas and Vistas laden with our beloved FIAT engines .

    I for one would like to see more FIATs coming out of that factory than TATAs .
  3. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    I could not agree more with gautam on seveal points. However thinking from other angle FIAT's stragety is very good and a well thought out one. It sells its engines to maruthi and tata and should be making a decent profit. It brings out its high class cars and sells them in small quantities without any advertisement. Tell me atleast one team fiat folk out here who bought Linea or Punto or Palio by seeing any advertisement? When that is the case, why should some one advertise? It is not goint to bring any additional sales. I bought my Punto this month and its plastics are far better than the earlier versions of the car. In fact my friends who owns a Figo told me that PUnto's plastics it is far better than his car. Everyone in this forum will agree that the after sales service has improved. Parts availability is still a question though.

    Fiat sells its cars for a premium without cost saving like -

    No advertisement
    No seperate showrooms - so maintenance cost / pressure to sell is less
    No cost on sales men / showrrom staffing
    No cost for setting up service centers. Fiat does have max number of service stations after maruthi with the relationship it has developed with Tata. Without TATA - fiat could afford to setup service stations in Metros + top cities alone and that would never be viable.
    No frequent new models - so less expenses on R&D

    With the above points - FIAT has a winning formula in India. Tell me how the new car companies mushrooming will cater to indian market. They can survive only in bigh cities and their overheads will kill them. Remember it took 25+ years for maruthi to get to what they are today in ASS and it is their second best strength after FIAT engines in their machines.

    FIAT will long live in India with its present strategy.
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  4. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Hey Gautam dude... I am completely in sync with the passion that you and I share for the product that we own. I, not for once am going there..

    The only reason to comment was that even if the discussion as in this case was the booking of xuv500 which is a different segment car, we end up with apna FIAT ka Rona :D

    I know what you meant and my views are exactly like yours on TASS... Rest is just for us to fight out in this thread ...THE BIG FIGHT ;-)

    Srini - you are probably the first person to credit Fiats poor showing in India to a Planned strategy :) (not bad)

    But, the fact is Fiat spent the most in marketing as per reports for last year. This I know from officials there and 3rd party reports. Also, a stranger fact is that fiat had had the maximum launches (variant wise) in the laSt 2 years. I wont elaborate, you can figure it out in your head. So, its just our passion for the brand that we think they are not doing enough.

    Also, I keep reading that fiat is not doing much with the automags and that they are biased. All I know is that almost all the magazines voted Linea as the car of the year in 2009. Did Fiat buy that award.? Again, its our love for the brand that we hate the auto mags today because linea doesn't win awards anymore.

    We have visited their plant in Ranjangaon and Srini , if you seen the investment gone into that place you wont maintain your opinion that they are here only to sell engines and cut costs.

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  5. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Fast Love, I perfectly understand and share the same passion for FIAT as you all do. I have always advocated that FIAT is not doing justice to itself deliberately and that feeling came in another form as in my earlier post. Would luv to see FIAT being given the due resepect it deserves. Remember the kind of booking UNO had. Still i believe that is a record.
  6. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Nice thread thanx for posting Gautam.

    Healthy debate on here.My 2 cents on this.As of now FIAT is "majboor" in the hands of TATA IMHO.They are happy with the money that their making on engines.The TATA tie up is just to bring back the faith in people and show hardcore FIAT fans, that FIAT is alive and here to stay.But the bitter part is no one would want their beloved FIAT's to be serviced along with indica's and indigo's.Last year when we were having a tour of the factory i spoke to one of the floor supervisor and he told me "after 2012 FIAT's plans are goin to be very aggressive"

    And that is where i got a thought that the venture would only last till 2013 and after that they might kiss goodbye to TATA.
    So i guess there would be some points where they want to introduce the Multiair,E-torq-MJD II etc of which TATA is really not capable of handling/servicing such cars and FIAT would want Manza/Vista to be cuming with E-torq or the MJDII engines.So FIAT is just holding on to their horses till 2012.FIAT makes luvly add's abroad which we all aware off.So lets wait and watch guys.Anything can happen :)
  7. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    XUV5OO is a success that Mahindra deserves as they have truly put in hell lot of efforts and i am proud that an indian manufacturer launched such a product as rock bottom prices. i felt similar pride when tata launched nano.

    fiat also has 2 best products aka linea and punto, but they are lacking in strategy related to marketing and service and reaching out more and more customers.
  8. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Srini , I didn't quiet understand what you said here . I couldn't really understand how this becomes a winning formula . Recalling a very old lesson that I was taught in my very first marketing classes and that is the 4 P,s of marketing. Refer to the image below .

    Also , we are not comparing FIAT to the new mushrooming brands (are there any BTW ) If you are referring to Force motors, I don't think its a new brand , they have ample mini buses on the road today and they have a huge rural transport audience . After the SUMO (gen 1 ) was phased and the victa and grande was launched , the FORCE gurkha and its siblings took over the role from SUMO .

    I don't think its a mushrooming brand. Its foray into the luxury consumer vehicles is a first , but I believe they have delivered a marvel but they would be sidelined because of the XUV . And now because of the XUV lot of other players would lower their prices and so the Force One would loose the race . But although they are small time players and first time entrants , look at who they roped in for promotion , none other than Amitabh Bachhan .

    So IMO promotion plays a very important part . The VFM proposition is also a must . you just cannot have a good engine and expect the mass market to accept the product .

    Theres passionate fans like us who , no matter what , would swear by a FIAT compared to a Toyota or a Maruti .

    But a Linea or a Punto is a mass market product and it needs to live that way . They are not selling ferraris for gods sake . Linea is not a niche market product that would survive with such small sale numbers . It definately needs to have the numbers right up there with the honda city and vento and the likes .

  9. Tarun

    Tarun Amatore

    Bhiwani, Delhi
    let me tell you guys sumthing straight fwd ..
    like how FIAT had to suffer from hez image of past .. this new SUV of mahindra will suffer the same ..
    this particular product will have a image that only driver/ politician/ gunda people will own this kindah vehicle .. and thus with this image i can say less decent people will think about buying the XUV 500 ..
    Only few people who thinks practically will have this { only if xuv 500 stands up to the mark }
    i really don't think it will be a big hit .. but i really like the front of the SUV, can't have any hope of driving comfort from a Mahindra. NO SIR !!
  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I still cn't figure out how to tag a car as Gunda mawali, Politician's car etc. and thus a decent man will stay away from XUV. :p
    Does it really work like that? If I had the money, I would look at it for sure if it is a good product.

    Many new launches are turning out to be dead themselves if low sales are a criteria. e.g. The new Fiesta.

    THE MAJOR ISSUE with FIAT is that:-
    - firstly, they could not sustain ""FLAT Stile"" in the market.
    - Second, they have no marketing. Even the festive season AD is CRAP. They need to "demonstrate" the features, e.g. the voice commands or door open indicator etc., rather than simple writing Blue&Me technology.

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