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The Best Toyota Etios Ad Ever

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Cinju, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Adding the workhorse Qualis also to the list.
    Toyota is THE dependable brand every were in the world, but with Etios and Liva, they totally lost the plot - and amusingly, Honda showed them you need not cut too many corners to make cheap cars. Toyota did too many price cuts, and if it is not for the brand value, I doubt the cars will have any takers at all.
    On the other hand, with the price cuts and sensible new prices, Honda cars have suddenly become VFM.
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Honda should atleast equip their ''top model'' City with climate control. It's available in markets of S.E.Asia, but not in India. And give the City 195 section rubber.

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    Yes Anoop, also the Qualis and it's legendary 2L (not 2litres) engine.

    At a local taxi stand there is a Qualis which has done 6,00,000 km's and the engine has not been overhauled yet.
  3. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    I think one field where Toyota is not going to compromise on quality aspect is the Engine. Even for this ducklings the engine should be trouble free. Even recently I came across an Innova which has run 3,00,000 Kms and it is still running hot. No lag, no unnecessary engine sound, not even any unnecessary rattling and this is being driven as a Taxi.
  4. I agree but more due to fact that it's diesel engine, it's built to withstand high compression and torque.
    Now a days i see people want to change the their mobiles and cars after 3 years, if that was not the case we would have seen more instances like that with end users as against taxis.
  5. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    I think it is a deliberate ploy by Toyota to reach the masses with an ordinary no frills offering. All that is built inside that is cheap for you and me actually doesnt tickle toyota at all. All the mass customers of Etios and Liva who didnt bother about the quality inside and had a good ownership experience will follow Toyota products when they upgrade. That is exactly what Toyota did when they launched the Qualis and we all know how well the Innova is doing.

  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Abdul, unless Toyota offer basic quality at the lower level, why will anyone want to upgrade to better offerings from Toyota, after having experienced sub par vehicles.

    The gentleman who posted that ad will most probably never look at a Toyota vehicle again.

    In the case of Etios n Liva, it was sheer arrogance from Toyota when they calculated that Indians would happily purchase even a wheelbarrow with a Toyota logo :). And people did.

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