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The Avventura Alternatives

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Vidhyashankar Kannan, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Vidhyashankar Kannan

    Vidhyashankar Kannan Regolare

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    Much as I love Fiat for practically everything driving related, we live in a country where brands that are less touched in the West do exceedingly well here.

    I have so much wanted to see Fiat grow. The trust in the brand is still so poor in India that each time something new or practical gets released by them, the competition trounces the product.

    The Avventura is such well sorted out car. Nothing exceptional about it. But it is well above average in everything w.r.t. driving pleasure.

    And now Maruti's YBA is to be released with a Fiat 1.5 engine! That itself is sufficient to stop people from going to the Fiat showrooms

    And then the Renault Small SUV. If the Duster has been successful, there is a high chance of this also succeeding. And it has gorgeous interiors.


    Finally the Hyundai i20 Cross. Another Fiat killer. Won't matter than the Avvy is strong, safe etc.

    Only time will tell how bad the onslaught will be.
  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    @Vidhyashankar Kannan

    Fiats are bought by people who (are likely to) buy Fiats, so no I don't think there will be much of an impact, since the sales numbers will at best be a few hundred in any case, and it is so very well priced (version of CUV to version of CUV), even without the inevitable discounts.

    Fiat do have to find a better, more desi-senti emotionally-connecting kind of idiom for their advertising AND do lots of it too, I suppose. + the t-jet in 2 versions? One normal, like the Linea, and an uprated-tune Abarth one?

    btw, IF we believe the table of new releases/refreshes by FCA globally for all brands revealed at their global 5 year plan investor conference a few months ago: this Avventura is meant as a seeding of the brand for an all-new 'b-suv' also to be called Avventura, with the 1.5/1.6 mjd presumably, to be released in 2016, i.e., together with the Maruti Suzuki XAlpha sub 4m CUV with the same mjd engines, more or less. Autocar confirmed this based on Fiat APAC sources in report a few months ago.

    The five year plan was reiterated very emphatically just a few days ago at another FCA investors' meet in Switzerland, though admittedly with no mention of India plans for the Fiat brand (as opposed to Jeep) at all.

    So/but: who knows? All we do know for sure is that Fiat will make money from this segment of cars alright (via the Tata Nexon and the Maruti CUV-s) in any case.;):p
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  3. Vidhyashankar Kannan

    Vidhyashankar Kannan Regolare

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP

    There is no doubt that the pricing for such a strong car is very very competitive against the competition. But like you said, Fiat needs to get a little more involved in the Indian mindset to make sales happen.

    The Italians are typically more of a "I know my best design" type of people. They are very passionate about their products and expect the customers to accept them as they are. The good thing is that they are bang on most of the time. But with Indian mindsets, this does not work. If you just look at the Maserati or the Pagani or the MV Agusta or the Colnago, you will see what it means to put beauty in science. Yet, in a country where fair skin and gold embroidered sarees are considered beauty, accepted car designs seem to range from the weird to the atrocious. And the Italians take their time with new models. Look at Lamborgini. They have released only 19 models in 51 years of existence, each one a gem.

    Fiat also assumed that their global success would automatically translate to sales in India. How wrong they were. it is only the well informed and passionate drivers who go fo it here. I did not know about the seeding plan of the Avventura. This means I can get a 1.5 litre Avvy in 2019 :)

    Anyway, as long as Fiat survives in India, that's enough.
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