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TFI - The Way Forward

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by amogh, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. omzworld


    My guess moderate monetary contribution would not bother most of fiat owners considering the amount of value we have derives out of the forum.
    Small idea, bit commercial. Contribute Rs X and get set of stickers, Rs Y get Fiat key chat, Rs Z Team Fiat cap etc.
  2. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Guys, the substantial growth of TFI has made us alter our decisions/plans many times. We didn't realized that the technical, financial and time restriction towards growth of TFI, will come across so early. We have managed by all means to make TFI up and running along with your support and involvement and we are absolutely sure about the continuous passion and affection of members, towards TFI.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts and views, it will help us set better plans for TFI.
  3. Rajen

    Rajen Regolare

    Thanks a lot to Amogh and Sandeep for running TFI . I am in for any support possible from my side
  4. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Thanks, amogh. Fiat Forum gives donors a few privileges, like having custom title under user's name, extra space for uploading photographs, etc. TFI can also follow the same.


    I am ready for financial contribution. Having a PayPal account would be a boon for that.
  5. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Financial assistance was one suggestion I had put forth when our site was first hacked. Without a proper resource /infrastructure it is really tough to handle these many members.Myself being a family member of TFI it is my responsibility to keep my family safe & sound. Let's not make it a one time investment. Maybe we can have a bank account for this and members can contribute as and when they require . My sincere thanks to all those who are working behind this forum and I really appreciate this AD free policy of TFI. :clapping

    "When the going gets tough the tough gets going"
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  6. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    First of all, thanks to mods and admins for providing such a wonderful platform for Fiat enthusiasts.

    Monetary contribution is a good idea, but one cannot rely on it. What if amount collected through this does not reach the target amount ?

    I think we have to look at other initiatives.

    1. As lots of other members are suggesting, hosting some advertisement is a good and assured source of income.
    2. Selling Fiat or team-fiat goodies (stickers, keychains, T-shirts) will be a great idea. People dont mind some extra bucks for these goodies.
    3. Lots of people (almost everybody) fits after market accessories in their car. Can we negotiate with some vendors and get a bulk deal ? This is a win-win situation for everybody. Buyer is getting accessories at discounted rate, seller is getting a volume deal and team-fiat can cash-in some commission through the deal.
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  7. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Contributions and donations ,I wonder how long they would last. Merchandising is very good option.I would like to see if I can buy some good Products at bargain price.
  8. ishankarve

    ishankarve Novizio

    Since I run a website.. I can understand what the mods and site managers are going through.
    I agree with Toruk_Macto's suggestions made above.

    I am ready to offer my skills (PHP programming). Mods/Site ops may post bank details for TFI members to do voluntary donations.
    Also as this forum provides the best type of feedback and indirect product promotion for Fiat India, I think that there is no issue in approaching the company whose product we review ,discuss and ultimately suggest improvements, for some kind of token sponsorship.

    An online goodie shop is also an excellent idea. Another suggestion is organize road trips and get-together for TFI members at token costs.

    Best of Luck and smooth driving ahead.
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  9. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    Many thanks to the forum owners for creating and supporting the forum in its journey till now!

    I would love to support the forum, but lack of knowledge means that I will restrict myself to financial support. Other than that, I agree with Toruk_Macto & J Ravi's suggestions.
    Regarding ads, there are some specific suggestions:
    1. Kindly do not go for pop-up ads, including the flash ones that has become popular these days
    2. Text (google) ads on one side of the page are acceptable.
    3. Please do not clutter the page with numerous graphic / flash ads. such ads should be very few (1-2) in number, and restricted to the top and bottom of the page.

    I do think that some ads are necessary on the forum for its continued growth.

    Regarding individual contributions:
    1. If you can highlight the amount required every month, and the contributions received till date. I have seen this on some sites and I think its useful.
    2. The contributors may be highlighted in some list or with a rank, with top contributors getting a special mention. I am not implying that the amount of contribution should be mentioned.

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  10. sashank82


    Admins and Mods - We are with you......!

    Rome was not built in day, TFI also will go through these adversities, and it is these adversities that will make us more efficient and scalable (read future ready). We are in a 'once in a lifetime' kind of a situation with an option to choke (with incereasing traffic) and die or rise up and grow.

    As a human we have a few needs, we come to this forum as an outlet of our petrol-head and mingle with like-minded souls. In the process a few branded as experts, superioirs, novices etc - thats our need for recognition and an endorsement of our contribution to the forum - CORRECT? We could leverage this by taking engagement levels a little higher...lets see how:

    My humble action plan:

    Phase:1 : Drive Revenue

    a) Set-up an account (paypal etc)
    b) Collect contribution in fixed dinominations (500/750/1000) from volanteering members
    c) Create credits column below the name (for contrbutions - Financial/Technical/Management) for fixed denominations (like 1 credit for every 500/2 for every 750 and 3 for every 1000) - this will address transparacy in the forum and drive engaement with the forum also recognize contributors

    Phase 2: [/U]Drive Loyality

    a) Procure stuff (like key-chains, accesories like mud-flaps,T-shirts) and let new-comers buy it (at a slight premium)
    b) Have unique high end merchandise (showcase 1 per month on the forum) and let us auction it with our credits (let the life-time credits accumilated remain as a part of the member identity - however available ones can be dropped in our mail-box) - this will keep certain items unique and incentivize our intent to contribute and ring-fence our top contributers with a sense of belonging and push the rest to get there

    Phase 3: Reach-out of the base

    Get exclusive deals from like-minded online portals targeting the youth (and stay away from automobiles) like snap-deal, fashion & you etc kind of sites and get advertizing revenues and commission per Rs. 10 K of sale - trust me they will be game.

    These are just off the hook thoughts (while iam at work)...Open to discussion!

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