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TFI Team present at Fiat 2012 Launch ; Pics updated on Page 7

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Grandeur, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. mescotc

    mescotc Amatore

    Boisar , Tarapur
    +1 Italia Linea on GC ,

    barring first 2000kms, I never faced any problem with GC even though our roads are not very good , as we've adapted to the existing GC & continue to enjoy the Legendary ride & handling ,

    awaiting for higher GC rewiews...

    But I guess , if Fiat had made a decision for higher GC , certainly they must have done it "responsibly" ,without noticeable difference in ride & handling..

  2. soori


    I somehow like the old punto. can anyone confirm the changes on 90HP? hope the ground clearance is like earlier. and have they increased the price?
  3. 90hp Punto and the Linea T jet continue with no changes.So they are hinting that both these cars get a revision soon.The Punto 90 hp might turn out to be the Punto sports as shown in auto expo last time.Leather,17 inchers,sun roof etc.Lets see.Or i m guessing that they could even make the 90 hp the Evo.Someone told me that the Evo will come later this year.This can also be a possibility.
  4. I missed this by 6 months :(. I am really shocked with the news. I had read everywhere that there will be no facelift/changes/new version till 2013 for Linea. Nice move by FIAT considering competition. I hope at least this time they advertise on the "first in class" features, GC etc. Cost wise I don't think there is any difference. Also I believe that they have stopped or stopping the previous version of Linea. I really wanted to have T-Jet chrome interior in Linea when I bought my car. Now that chrome is available for Linea, do you guys think it will be available as an accessory? (too early to ask but couldn't wait ;-) ). Can you fit auto headlamp and wipers to existing Linea's? If you change the alloys from 15 to 16 inch then can you add to the GC? I mean can I get the same GC like the new version?
  5. no the 16 alone doesnt add to the GC.But why do u want GC when people like me are thinking of getting the GC reduced when i buy my next FIAT 2012.
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  6. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    Got an insider from a FIAT official.Refreshed Tjet and 90HP to be launched somewhere close to June-July!! He also claimed the AC to be very powerfull in the 2012 vehicles cuz he himself was driving back one from the stockyard to the showroom.He said there would be no EVO nor the Dualogic in pipeline for India atleast.
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  7. Kudos to TFI and Gurji

    I am happy to know that TFI was invited for the launch of FIAT 2012 but sad to see that no design change for both the models except for ground clearance and some added gizmos...... :(
  8. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Thanks for the update. Some dealers over here are mentioning April as the timeframe for the upgrade. Looks like stock is still pending for sale
  9. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    FIAT doesn't seem to understand that the low GC is not the reason for the dismal sales figures. Though lots of people including me did complain about the low GC initially, a good majority adjusted their driving style to the point that low GC is not an issue at all, even on the worst roads in India. While other new features are most welcome, and should have been there from the beginning itself as Gurjinder mentioned in his report, FIAT should look at the main reasons that keep customers away from them, that is the brand perception, and percieved quality of ASS in general.
    What is required is a media blitzkrieg.
    Yesterday, when the event was going on, I posted a question on Zigwheels FB page "Why they are not covering FIAT 2012 launch event". While they give live updates of all the launches and releases, they could post a report of this event only today! This is just an example of how media look at FIAT.
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  10. Addressing low GC is a nice move. But still Short 1 & 2 gears, Bottle holders, Better Speakers etc should also be addressed. If FIAT really listened to the customers then they would have easily considered these important upgrades. Would any customer have complained about the AC ???? This clearly shows FIAT India didnt make this upgrade based on the customer feedback but for the sake of upgrade. Atleast if the short turning radius is true, then I get back what I have said about the FIAT India's upgrade motive.
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