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TFI Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by amogh, Feb 20, 2013.

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    TFI Rules

    Given a choice this thread would have never existed. None of us enjoy being restricted, being made to follow a set of rules. We live in a Democracy and free expression of opinion is our fundamental right. However we do see in our routine life that this right to expression is abused by a few which results in disruption of peace and disharmony in the society. Our forum, similarly, is no different. We would enjoy having no rules. But over the years we have experienced members abusing freedom. The moderator’s team, therefore, has now decided to become stricter. Please read the following rules carefully. This will ensure a clean, healthy and thriving forum environment.

    1. Respect:

    This is the first and most important rule. Respect others irrespective of their status on the forum. You are welcome to bring your personality to the forum and be yourself. But that does not mean you disrespect those who you feel do not agree with your views. Different personalities bring different views and that is precisely why a forum is so exciting. A myriad of opinions are collected at one place. We invite and encourage healthy discussions. If you disagree with someone’s view, voice your disagreement with respect. Keep the topic of discussion in focus and NOT the person at the other end. We are not here to convince each other but to understand and share. Insults, flaming attacks, threats, abuse, personal remarks on the forum or through PM’s will be dealt with seriously. A person’s point of view about one issue is no yardstick to label his personality.

    2. Look good:

    All our interactions here happen online and on most occasions we do not know how the person at the other looks! However the way you post can speak volumes about your personality. Make sure you post “looks good”. Following rules are to be strictly followed:

    a.Keep your signature simple and smart. No large fonts, colours, pictures are allowed. If the moderator team comes across such signatures they will be edited to comply with our norms

    b.Post in the default font and font size. Do not alter the font or the font size

    c.Bold and Italics can be used at appropriate places and if necessary (for eg: to stress an important word, part of a sentence). Typing an entire reply in bold and or italics is strictly not allowed.

    d.Dis is NoT Da FoRuM Maan 2 Typ Da Way U laik. Post in appropriate English. Gangsta talk or SMS lingo is not allowed.

    e.While posting in English a “dot” indicates end of a sentence. That dot is also known as “Full Stop”. As the name indicates the sentence is supposed to STOP. Therefore…..this….is….a….stupid….way…of….typing. Get the point?

    f.Use paragraphs appropriately while writing a long post. Do keep legibility in mind while writing long posts.

    g.DO NOT quote the entire post while replying. Quote only the relevant parts/lines. Appreciate that many members these days access the forum from apps / mobile interfaces and it is painful for them to scroll through a long quoted post. This also unnecessarily increases the page height.

    h.DO NOT quote the entire post and reply within the quoted post using bold and italics. Such replies will be straight away deleted. Again quote the relevant part and reply OUTSIDE the quoted part.

    i.Smileys in succession are not allowed. While we do not have a restriction on the number of smileys per post, please do not abuse this rule. A post where smiley’s stand out more than the content of the post will be immediately deleted.

    3.Trolling and Spamming:

    At times the devil takes over and one feels like raging a war or stir up controversy by posting derogatory messages. Well, TFI is not for the devil in you. Attempts at trolling will be dealt with seriously. Similarly at times we feel the more we post the more respect we gain. That, unfortunately, is not true. Irrelevant and non-value adding posts will be deleted. Remember that every character you type here costs the moderators team money. So make sure you add value to the forum when you type. Blanket statements will also be treated as spam. For eg: “XYZ is the worst tyre brand in the world”. Well maybe for your world. But it might have given extremely good experience to someone else. Instead posts like “I had a not so pleasant experience with XYZ tyres” will be appreciated. Repeated violation of these rules will invite strict action.

    4.Opening a Thread / Posting in existing thread:

    a.Lurk around, search on the forum. The forum search is powered by Google and is accurate. There is a good possibility that the information you are searching for already exists. S-E-A-R-C-H before starting a new thread.

    b.Choose the correct forum / section before opening a new thread. Starting a thread with the line “I don’t know where to open new thread, please move to appropriate section” does not exhibit good netiquettes. Please tag the thread appropriately. Use the tag box at the bottom of the page to include relevant tags. Examples of tags: Punto, Linea, Service, Oil Change Cost, Long drive etc

    c.If the information you are posting is from another site, please link the original source and try not to copy paste exactly what is originally written. Making the information more presentable and highlighting the main points is the best way to grab member’s attention and make your post look good. Your own value adding opinion on the article is required.

    d.If you are member of multiple forums, please do not post links to your posts on other forums. Reproduce the same information here following the posting rules. Also do not post on anyone else’s behalf or ask someone to post on your behalf.

    e.DO NOT claim someone else’s work as your own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

    f.The title of the thread should be relevant and representative. The thread title is not the place to have emotional outbursts (happy or sad)

    g.Marketing/promotion on the forum. Do not promote any commercial activities of individuals or groups on the forum. If you are an individual / freelancer who intend to convey to the forum his/her activities or work please PM any of the moderators and we will take a call.

    h.Photographs must be uploaded on TFI. Links to other portals for photographs will not be allowed.

    i.While we do realize that cars meant to be driven fast and everybody has an urge to drive fast we request you to refrain from posting details about your high speed runs.

    j.Keep politics, religion and any such issues off the forum that lead to inconclusive debates and heated discussions.

    5.Discussing concerns with moderators:

    If you have any concern, feedback, suggestion etc feel free to PM any of the moderators. Public questioning of moderator actions and attacks against moderators will result in your account getting banned.

    6.The moderators team can amend these rules as deemed fit at any point without prior intimation.
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