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TFI Overnight Meet at Rajmachi 11th & 12th Nov 17

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by kedarbendre, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Its been 3 years we went to Rajmachi for TFI overnight meet. Now its time to rejoice the moments.

    Guys let me announce the TFI Overnight Meet at Rajmachi.

    When: 11th and 12th November 2017 (Sat & Sun)

    Meeting Point: Hotel Pingara, Bhel Chauk, Nigdi

    Meeting Point: 12:00 PM

    Plan is as below

    After Meet and greet on Saturday afternoon after lunch, we will meet at 12:00 PM at Hotel Pingara, Bhek Chauk, Nigdi.

    1. Start driving towards Lonavala from Expressway.
    2.Leave E way at Lonavala Exit and stop nearby Lonavala market (near MSRTC Bus Stand)
    3. Buy Chicken, Mutton and Coal for Barbeque.

    Finish above 3 tasks before 4 PM and start driving towards Rajmachi via Della Adventure.

    Della Adventure to Udhewadi (Rajmachi) distance is around 12km and it will take around 1 hour to cover this distance.

    4. Once reached at Udhewadi time for high team and search good camping site.
    5. Put our tents as accomodation for the night. No Accomodation and basic facilities available at Rajmachi so be prepared accordingly.
    6. Camping party, Dinner, Barbeque on Saturday night.
    7. Finish breakfast by 10:00 AM and start driving towards Pune.

    Please note:

    Approximate contribution per head would be around Rs. 1000 for food only. Toll, Fuel charges will be bared by individuals.
    Electricity is not available at Udhewadi so carry you power bank to charge you camera, mobile or tabs.
    If a person wants to stay in tent the please carry you own tent. Most of us bought Quechua T2 Tent.
    You can stay in a village house as well.
    Carry your own carpet & Blanket or sleeping bags for night stay.
    At least 5 liters of driking water per person.
    A bath soap, towel, napkins, paper nakins, hand sanitizer.
    Some fruits, biscuites & some namkin or wafers.
    Mosquito Repelling cream.
    A powerful torch.
    Your camera as well.

    Please do not litter anywhere in the village. Use dust bins. Do not throw used water bottles or chocalate wrappers on the road.

    Remember you will be representing TeamFIAT India on road and in village so behave very well.

    Members who all attending this meet are:

    1. Kedar Bendre Palio Adventure 1.6/TVS Apache
    2. Mahesh Bandel TATA Safari Storme
    3. Amit Nikam TATA Safari Storme
    4. Shashank Natahani

    Please add your name in above list if you want to attend the meet.

    Here is a teaser pic from last Rajmachi Overnight Meet in 2014 :)


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  2. pronoy_banerjee

    pronoy_banerjee Amatore

    Im in !!

    1. Kedar Bendre Palio Adventure 1.6/TVS Apache
    2. Mahesh Bandel TATA Safari Storme
    3. Amit Nikam TATA Safari Storme
    4. Shashank Natahani
    5. Pronoy Banerjee
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  3. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Just 5 names so far :(

    Where are others?
  4. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    So the count stands as:

    1. Kdar Bendre
    2. Italia Linea bringing a Storme
    3. MaheshBandel Storme
    4. Pronoy Banerjee KTM
    5. Vignesh
    6. Sachin Jatale
    7. Shashank Nathani
    8. Rakesh Kushwaha (Tentitive)
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