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TFI Official "Aftermarket" In Car Entertainment (ICE) upgrade guide v2

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by PaddleShifter, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    In your factory fitted set up, the HU is connected to a Microsoft Blue&Me box that is located in the glove box where you insert the pen drive. Let me clarify a few things first:
    01. When you change the HU, you lose the function of Blue&Me system. Now, you will depend upon the bluetooth and voice command system of the aftermarket HU. Yes, after market head units also have voice commands and bluetooth. e.g.

    02. You can retain the factory fitted steering controls by getting a Connects2 steering interface for that particular brand of head unit.

    Integration of new HU to existing set up.

    You will have to replace the factory fitted head unit with an aftermarket one and use a Canbus interface like the Connects2 mentioned above. This will allow you to use the steering mounted audio controls. You will lose the Blue&Me system though and will have to use the Bluetooth and voice commands of aftermarket stereo. Also, please note that factory fitted mic will not work and a separate mic will have to be installed at some location of your choice such as A pillar.

    Please note that it is not possible to do this in the budget you mentioned. A Bluetooth equipped head unit won't cost less than 6k for sure and this steering interface costs around Rs5k. Factor in other charges like installation charges, ISO adapter cable, antenna cable adapter and stereo fascia/panel. These 4-5 things will cost you around 1k taking the total to 12k or more.

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  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    For one din go for something like time alignment feature, like in JVC KDR 926BT. Paddleshifter is right, go for something mid-budget to get some good hardware and sound quality.

    MOS-FET 50W x 4
    TI/Burr-Brown 24-bit DAC
    5-Band Digital EQ (DSP)
    My Sound EQ (DSP)
    Bluetooth® Wireless Technology (USB Bluetooth® adapter included)
    (Phone Book Access Profile, Phone Book Transfer, Hands-Free Call, Audio Streaming, SMS Receipt Notification, Voice Recognition Dialling, Compatibility Check Mode, Connects 2 Phones)

    Front/Rear Dual USB Ports (WAV/MP3/WMA/iPod & iPhone Audio)
    USB Audio for iPod/iPhone etc. (<<connectable & controllable via ipod lightening cable, good sq.)
    2-Way Control for iPod/iPhone*2 (Headunit/iPod or iPhone)
    2 Connections for iPod/iPhone
    Application Mode for iPod/iPhone
    External Mode for iPod/iPhone
    MP3/WMA /WAV Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/USB) (FYI - NO other HU at this price point plays WAV!)
    HS-IVi Tuner
    Time Alignment (DSP)
    DSP: Time Alignment
    Loudness Control in 3 Patterns (DSP)
    High-Frequency Compensation (DSP)
    Loudness Control in 3 Patterns
    High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass Filter (DSP)
    5.0V Line and Subwoofer Pre-Out Level
    3 Gold-Plated RCA Pre-Out Terminals (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)

    Subwoofer Control
    High-Pass Filter
    Front AUX-IN
    Full Dot LCD
    Separated Variable-Color
    Detachable Face Panel
    Steering Remote Control Ready

    ^^details copy pasted from another forum.. :)

    Was in market searching this unit mentioned here. Later a dealer offered this one with steering controls similar to connects2 for 15k after discounts. With bill and warranty. Installs costing extra. We could not get this deal because we bought another brand and model HU with similar features at higher costs. PM me if you are interested in this deal, I will direct you to him.
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  3. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I was in the lookout to change the HU and speaker on my Punto. Primary reason is the SQ and no AUX option. I have never felt the need for a USB port or Bluetooth in the HU. Just avoid taking calls while driving. On a tight budget so looking for a HU within 5-5.5K and had shortlisted Pioneer x3590ui. One more reason for only looking at Pioneer is cause of the Pioneer SD-SR100 steering mounted control which can be added later for around 1K. Another reason for choosing this model is cause the color of display and control can be adjusted ( though advertised 21K color options, but not really sure if it can match the color of the Punto Dash orange ).

    Some key features as below

    5-Band GEQ
    LED Backlight
    21k Colors
    Aux Input (Front)
    MOSFET 50 W X 4
    Supertuner IIID
    Display Off Mode
    Rotary Volume Control
    Anti-Dust Design
    Advanced Sound Retriever
    MIXTRAX (MIXTRAX EZ for Quick Non-Stop MIX Play)
    Bright USB Port (Front: High Current 1A Handling Capability)
    Shortwave Tuner
    RCA Preouts 2 (2 V)
    D/A Converter 24-bit
    Loudness 3-Mode
    Can play WAV file from USB

    Dont think it has the time alignment feature, though i am not sure what is the benefit of this. Need guidance

    Another question is will this be a Plug & Play to the Punto or will I need to get some ISO adapter also for this ? And if i am not wrong the power source will have to be drawn from somewhere ( like the cig lighter socket )
  4. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Don't worry about it if you are on a budget. Crudely speaking it allows signal delay to the speaker/s so as improve the sound depending on your seating position.

    A professional installer will provide all necessary harness or adapter for the install, nothing to worry about. If I may suggest please opt. for atleast a 3RCA headunit at slight budget increase if needed, so you are in much better position to control sound after adding Amps and/or Sub-woofers etc. should you feel the need for same later.
  5. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks for the quick response. My understanding about the RCA might be incorrect, if so do let me know. 3RCA needed so that there could be separate output given to front, rear and sub speakers. If that is correct i would be content with 2RCA as will never be putting in a sub. Not an audiophile, neither i spend so much time in the car and hence dont find it justified to spend over 10-12K overall along with speakers.
  6. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    You could go for 3RCA at much lesser price. Anyways under seat active subs are bound to get cheaper and do improve sound quality considerably. So do rethink. If you are happy with 2RCA, do add good component speakers but there is not enough SQ improvement without an amp, atleast a cheap 2 channel one for front components. Anyways, the things that I am mentioning are far from an audiophile's requirements.. :)
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  7. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Now, before finalising the HU I wanted to check some specifications of the unit and found the PDF manual online. the manual states " Use speakers over 50W and between 4 -8 Ohm. Do not use 1 - 3 Ohm speakers for this unit" . Though strange but started looking online for some speakers. Interestingly all in the range of 3-4K were of 3 Ohm and around 50 - 70 W. The ones I was able to get to which have 4 Ohm capacity

    Hertz - DSK 165.3 - 2 Way Component System (4450.00)
    Hertz - ESK 165.5 - 2 Way Component System (6800.00)
    Polk Audio - DB 6501 - 2-Way Component System (6055.00)

    I don't mind spending the extra 2400 if the ESK is really worth the value, couldn't find any comparison online, but read in one place that the tweeter of DSK is really bright and bright treble is not my taste, I like it just at mid. Another issue with Hertz is I am unable to find one for the rear speakers in size 5 inch. Based on the popular method will put in coaxial at rear. Now with co-axial at rear would a 4Channel be any better than a 2Channel Amp ? Found a lot of video samples of the Hertz on youtube, but not much of the Polk. Basis what i heard on youtube like the Hertz ESK, but there are various factors that could alter the actual output of sound on youtube

    I dont hear at high volume for long periods, maybe some particular songs at times. Also, dont like very bright highs, like good bass but not boom boom.
  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @kunwar.g : I did a lot of research on this myself. Thing is that JBL and a few other brands have the following explanation:
    - When a speaker has been running for some time, the coil gets a bit hot and the resistance increases.
    - The wiring etc. itself increases the resistance.

    Hence, some brands have started reducing the resistance to 3 ohm or 2 ohm. So, go ahead and buy any speaker even if it is 2 ohm. Many people are using 2 ohm speakers with the factory fitted stereo of FIAT Punto/Linea.

    Regarding your queries...
    01. One should always use co-axials in the rear doors, as much as possible for better sound stage.
    02. You should consider installing 6.5" co-axial speakers in the rear doors. Bigger size means more bass in general. 5" is small for Punto.

    4 channel amp vs 2 channel amp.
    If you buy a 2 channel amp, you can only power 2 speakers from it (e.g. the 2 front component speakers) or 1 subwoofer alone.
    If you buy a 4 channel amp, you can power all 4 speakers from the amp, or power front 2 component speakers in the front and a subwoofer in the rear.

    Personally, a 4 channel amp is much more value for money for this reason, i.e. it is future proof in case you wish to add a subwoofer later on. Plus it can power all speakers of the cars if a subwoofer is not added.

    EDIT: Just saw your older posts
    01. 3690UI is a good head unit. Go for it.
    02. The color of the HU display and buttons can be matched exactly with the orange color of the cabin instrument panel back light.
    03. You do not need 3 RCA. Even 2 RCA are perfect if adding a 4 channel amplifier.
    04. If you are adding an aftermarket HU, you need the following items:
    - Head Unit
    - stereo panel/fascia (to cover empty area around the head unit)
    - Antenna adapter
    - ISO adapter cable (not the canbus interface I was talking about but just a cable set so that no wire needs to be cut).
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  9. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Thanks for your response PaddleShifter

    Okay, now you made things complicated, gotta go back and filter out the list again :-(

    Well how will i fit a 6.5" co-axial in rear when the slot is for a 5". Is it possible ? how ?
    Am sure you must be thinkings - " God, does this guy knows anything at all"

    I might have done a typo, its actually the 3590UI and not the 3690UI. the 3690UI has android capability whereas the 3590UI has only Ipod/Iphone. Gotta check again though. Any online link where i can get the ISO and Antenna Adapter or should i search on ebay.
  10. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    If you are worried about overall sound quality of speakers including tweeter brightness, you should go for something like Pioneer D1720C Elite for front which has very good SQ and reviews.

    You can if you want use components on rear also.
    For rear you could use something like a Blaupunkt CX130 5.4" or CX170 (3ohm stable). The tweeters will need to be mounted on B-Pillar of car. And tilted-directed towards rear passengers ear/head area. Many setups are done these ways also.

    Speakers that are 1 or 2 ohm stable can definitely run easily and well on lower impedance such as 3 or 4 etc. as per amp ratings and settings. Even real world 30-50w RMS per channel from the 2 or 4 channel amp. is good enough. You will find that amps can be configured/wired for 2 or 4 ohm, best to run them at 4-ohm and increase gains on amp. till the level of zero distortion at 75% vol. levels on HU. Either ways high volume listening can damage hearing or be very tiring, so the tip is only for initial configurations. :)

    IIRC, DB6501 is 100W@4ohms, something like Infinity Kappa are rated 90W@2ohms. So assuming you have Kappa in front and Polk at rear all should be run at 4 ohm to be safe.

    With spacer rings either MDF or Plastic, available in shops and part of package of some 6.5" speakers.

    So no plans for a 3 pre-out HU finally ? :)

    Disclaimer : Links are for specs only, sometimes some speakers maybe cheaper in shop than online. So please ask around. :)

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