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TFI is Hibernating. Now LIVE

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Improvements' started by amogh, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. amneo

    amneo Timido

    Hats off to the team who have been working hard on this Forum, respect your decision to move on. Would be great if you let people have a read only website .
    My state is pathetic with my Linea 2010 E+. Earlier it was Tata ' s bad service , was happy when new centres opened, but their only idea was to fleece the customers . Waited waited waited to upgrade to the 1.6 . Never happened and looks like never will happen. It's become too expensive to maintain the car now .

    Have a Global birdie which worked with Fiat which had given a report to them to bring models and engines from Turkey and Europe and the market is ready for the cars. The top people ignored the report as they were happy to sell their engines to Maruti and the cars to fools like us .

    Heard that the cost of dealership is also high and they are made to take Cash and carry route to procure cars . Dealerships are angry as the support and models promised are not being given and most of them are looking for a way out .
    Jeep cars are going to be too expensive for the normal guy to buy - it does not matter at all.

    The thing is these guys just don't care . I love my car ,I am going to miss her like crazy . Tried my best , time to move on.

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  2. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore

    Oh GOD!!! :jawdrop: is there any chances that FIAT India is closing down!!!!!!!!
  3. jackharrisw

    jackharrisw Amatore

    @amogh , please reconsider this decision. I am a regular joe to this forum from the initial days of it's launch. Let me know in what way I can contribute in keeping this forum alive and I am ready for that. Even last week, while at Fiat service centre I suggested a Fiat owner whom I met there to join TFI. Being a member in TFI itself is a pride. We should be proud, that we are a close knit family here and no other Car manufacturer in India has a forum like this (or) there would be one ever for them. At all the members, is there a possibility for us to start a new thread to suggest the ways, plans, contributions, help, meets to keep this forum alive for ever.
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    There's no way FIAT India would ever close down. They are stong in Engine and AMT business in India and are one of the car companies in India who make profits. Also they have invested several million dollars to set up Jeep manufacturing facility in India. And with the upcoming Jeep brand launch thing are only getting stronger.
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  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Do hope you've had good enough offers of help by email or PM from members to keep the forum going, at least for another year (through the Jeep launch and the arrival of locally-made C-suv+clarity on the fiat brand new-model launch cadence, IF there is to be one!).

    From my side, i can and do want to contribute money (even if not needed, strictly speaking), since i cannot add time or technical skill to the 'cause'.

    cheers, awaiting news of a revisiting, or not, of this decision by the founders/the mods.
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  5. swgaan

    swgaan Amatore

    Panvel, Maharashtra
    Grande Punto 1.3
    @amogh: just would like to say, keep the forum alive, and not on ventilator.
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  6. gpunto75

    gpunto75 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    IMO, It's only when FCA doesn't launch new models under Fiat brand, nor it manages to sell around 500 numbers of linea/Punto. Export oriented new models production in India are at least expected to keep Fiat brand alive here.
    Jeep shall be maintained as a different brand, a separate premium Identity. Looking at the price point, hope FCA cares more for Jeep ASS.
  7. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    It is indeed sad to know that the forum is expected to close down. Hats off to the mods who till date have managed the show. The forum had been of great help to me in deciding the Punto and the first thing I did after buying the car was to join the forum. it has been a fantastic journey to be alongside with the like minded people.

    The decision to close the forum must have been a genuine case and I support the mods in their decision. I sincerely hope that they have a rethink on this and waiting for the day when I will read the good news that the plans have been shelved.
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  8. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I have started browsing TFI from Aug 2011 due to the problem caused by my wiper stalk problem(broken).Also, I have learnt driving with confidence and munching Kms by browsing TFI. Learnt lot of things in automobile at the same time created a kind off spark of passion towards the cars in me.

    From broken Wiper Stalk till Kava Auto(Source),from Black Smoke till Fuel quality, from mileage issues till clutch system, from EGR cleaning to jerk issues, pure for sure(manifold cleaning),Synthetic,mineral,10W40 yes ..no... 5W40... yes.. all about oils and its grades, from wheels to steering feedback, from bents to wobbling, new tires, old tires(front or rear),car detailing, from ball joint to my knee joint, resolution of krrrrrrr sound :- elastic pads no..yes.. suspension yes...no.., from stock ICE till touch screen setup, from tuning box till ecu remapping.... To sum-up all this I have learnt on TFI and maintained my car without going to service center, unless a major part changes. The decisions made on service part are purely based on TFI provided solutions from TFI'ans.

    As you can see, these many years we have done this to maintain our cars, as well as help newbie's in making the decision to buy a FIAT car and not to maintain sales for FCA, still we were always helpful to FCA in terms of current sales figure.

    Finally,a big thanks to all the core/founder members of TFI, Moderators and TFI'ans for maintaining the forum and our cars at its best. Humble request to rethink on the shutdown of the forum.
  9. renjithlal

    renjithlal Novizio

    Punto Evo 1.2
    Dear All,

    TFI Forum is not for Fiat India, it is for the Fiat customers like us. The forum has been such a great platform for all of us not just to share our views on various topics, but it is so informative that it will save our time & energy and guide us in the right directions as far as our issues with the cars are concerned. Fiat customers will not have any other forum other than this which is immensely helpful. It is not the indifferent attitude of FCA we should be concerned of, but the future interest of the customer, who have FIAT cars. Issues of cars, though may be temporary, but some or other issue always bound to happen may be small also, in future, an exclusive forum like this would be precious, which see that the customers are moving in the right way.

    Dear Amogh, u cited, FCA indifference as the reason for closing it down. It is not the Company but its customers like us, for whom this forum should live and stand for. FCA is not the one who started this forum, so quite naturally why FCA should interested in the forum ? I believe, this is a voluntary forum not under the auspices of FCA, not for promoting FCA, but we are all here for the tremendous informative pieces the forum shares and to help each other fellow Fiatians. So let FCA not see us or acknowledge us, that should not be the issue, but while those FIAT cars are there plying, this Forum should go on. As u told, it was started as a hobby.....but see it's been a very helpful hobby..helping us tremendously....why can't you continue the hobby for all those good reasons.

    Appeal to reconsider the decision to shut down because it has all the reasons to live on and we hope you will.
  10. Thiru

    Thiru Timido

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Dear Amog and other MOD,

    I am just 10months old to this forum, This is my first post also.
    Felt very sad about the decision of closing down.

    After reading the long review and discussions in TFI, I bought my fist Fiat – 75 HP in Oct 15 and lost it on the Chennai floods on 15 Nov 15 (during 1st Flood), and again submerged at RDC Service center in Ekkattuthangal, during Dec 15 Flood. Then after a long negotiation, with the insurance company got the IDV in Feb 16, what I did next is ... booked 93HP again (though knowing the quality of service center and issues). I would proudly say that, the one and only reason for choosing FIAT again is TFI and nothing else.
    It is a forum created by FIAT Lovers for FIAT Lovers only and not for FIAT India, It is like an encyclopedia for FIAT CARS, it has everything in it. It is not only me, there are many who fall in love with FIAT, and that too before driving the car is just because of TFI.
    Hence kindly reconsider the decision of closing down, let it be alive as long as possible.

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