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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    TFI-Hyderabad Monsoon Meet

    Apologies for the late update.

    With mixed feelings and emotions, I share the details of the TFI-Hyderabad Monsoon Meet held on 14th July 2012.

    It all started when I called few of our members from Hyderabad to inform about the ongoing proposal and plan for the South India meet.
    I knew most of the guys are not active on TFI and was wondering if they would even respond to my phone calls.
    But surprisingly enough, 90% of them answered and were thrilled about the South India meet (atleast they sounded so).;)
    Few members were first surprised that I was still alive and kicking.:eek: Then they expressed their anguish about not planning and organising
    a Hyderabad meet.

    Since there was not much activity on TFI from Hyderabad members and had no clue about the progress of the South India Meet.
    I decided that it is high time we had a TFI-Hyderabad Meet first and share the details about the mega event at the meet.
    I proposed 15th July initially in this very thread and only couple of people replied.

    I then started calling every member from Hyderabad who are in my contacts list (around 30) to inform about the meet. The intial calls were made to the senior members who are regular to the meets. One of them suggested that the meet should be conducted on a saturday which seemed to be more feasable.

    So the date was preponed to 14th July. Called everyone on the contacts list, acquired contacts of members by sending PMs. Around 25 guys
    were ready for the meet, out of which few informed that they will just pay a visit and would not be staying through out the meet.

    I knew that not everyone would turn up as it happens in any or every meet. ;)I was being optimistic and expected atleast 20 people to join-in.
    The day before, it was planned that 4 members, nk4fiat, Vignesh, Prasanna and me would group at Tarnaka and will reach the proposed location
    Necklace Road.

    D-day: 14th July 2012

    I was all ready to start for the meet and at 9.00 am, I recieved a call from nk4fiat. Earlier he said he would be starting from his home at 9.00am, so I was expecting him to say that he is starting. But, he was at the Railway station leaving to Nagpur on some official work. He sounded so disappointed that he is missing the meet and requested to take loads of pics. I wanted the new members who were attending such meets for the first time to meet nk4fiat to know what real passion for FIAT is.:clap

    At 9.30am, as I was taking my car out of the parking, I recieved a call from Prasanna that he is on his way. Prasanna never misses a meet. One hell of a Fiatian.:cool:

    I recieved 2 messages from Vignesh, one of which was sent at 2.00 am earlier which read that he reached home very late and would join the meet directly. Then there was the 2nd message sent that morning enquiring if the meet was intact as it rained heavily the night before. I sent a message that everything was intact.

    I recieved another call from Suman (Bose Suman) informing that he had already reached the meet point and was waiting at the MMTS station.
    I told him that we would reach in about 15 mins.

    Here I would like to mention about Suman. His parents were in town and were leaving the same day as the meet was. He had to drop them at the Railway station that afternoon, and said that he cannot make it to the meet. But, he never wanted to miss the meet and later informed me that he would come down to the meet and leave early. He drove almost 25kms just to attend the meet inspite of the busy schedule he had. I probably might not have done this if I were in his place. The sheer enthusiasm that he displayed to join the meet was really commendable. Thanks a tonn Suman from the bottom of my heart for making it. :up

    I reached the group-in point followed by Prasanna after couple of mins. We greeted each other and left to Necklace road where Suman was waiting for us. We reached Necklace Road at 10.05 am and as I was passing by the MMTS station, I looked for a Fiat Car and there she was standing elegantly under the shady trees, a BNW GP. :car

    I don't know if I can spot a Fiat in 100 cars or Fiats stand out inspite of being among 100 cars, but I realised immediately that it was Suman.

    We parked our cars at the planned location, a large open ground as a median between 2 roads. We introduced ourselves and started discussing about the South India Meet.

    Pramit joined us later along with his brother. Pramit, though not very active on TFI never says NO to a meet and has attended all the meets held so far. He is a rigorous traveller and always pours-in his thoughts and views about places to visit. If there is a meet to be held there is no other person as suggestive as Pramit for some wonderful locations.

    We discussed further about an outing in August to some place nearby to Hyderabad and how we should be travelling to Ooty for the South India meet.

    Suman had to leave, to attend his personal work, and confirmed his participation along with his better half in the South India meet.

    After sometime I recieve a call from an unknown number and I get my surprise of the day.:wow It was Sreejiht (Puntojith), who saw the post in this thread and came down for the meet. He joined us after some time taking in-puts of where-abouts of the meet location. First time some one has attended the meet just by following the thread. Hope more guys do the same in future. Sreejith stayed all the way till the end of the meet. Appreciate his enthusiasm and patience to stay along. By the way he owns a 2012 BNW GP.

    Then comes a call from Rajeev who had some personal work and winded it up earlier to join the meet. Guys like him give us encouragement to organise many more meets like this. We kept on discussing about various issues and checkout the gadgets Rajeev has on his newly acquired T-Jet+. :redcar

    Vighnesh arrived soon looking tired since he hardly slept. If you see the earlier post of him in this thread, you could sense how committed he is to the meets. :drinks

    Pramit left and we continued our discussions.

    Krishna called in and said he was passing-by and wanted to meet us. I informed him about the location and he came along with 3 of his friends. The last time he came for the meet, he was waiting to decide on the car and ended up buying a TW GP. He asked me to drive his car for feed back. I did so and informed him about what I think about his car, I then let him drive mine to realise what I meant.
    Then Prasanna whom I informed in the last meet that his clutch needs to be replaced got it done and asked me to check it out. :steering

    I was dying to lay my hands on Rajeev's T-jet+ but it was a pretty new one with in the run-in period. So I opted to wait until the next meet by which he would complete the run-in and would let me open the throttle to my heart's content.:devil

    Krishna left after some time and the rest decided to have some thing to eat. 4 members reached KFC and Vignesh reached there later after collecting his new aquisition, a car cover specially ordered from Delhi for his Black Panther (I gave his HHB 90HP the name, you are welcome Vignesh ;) ). The cover was made of some special material and is very light and strong. More details are requested from Vignesh.

    I know a lot of you after reading this long write-up would expect loads of pics. But, I am sorry to disappoint you all. :uh

    There are only few clicks of the whole meet. We only took couple of pics, I was expecting Prasanna to carry his camera and would do the photography for this meet, but he didnot get his camera. I had one, but I donot like the clicking job :chair:. Sreejith got his camera and clicked couple of pics. I had mine, but I was more involved in the discussion than taking pics.

    @ Sreejith: Please post pics taken with your cam.

    I know, the meet was not well planned and organised. Could have been way better.
    There were no meets held after July 2011. This is the first meet for 2012, but definitely not the last.
    Next meet, I expect a lot of participation from the members in planning, organising and attending the event and making it a grand success.

    Though this meet cannot be called a Grand success, it has its own success in many ways.

    A BIG THANKS to all of them who have attended the meet :clap. I promise that the next meet or event would definitely reach your expectation and I would even work harder for that. For now this is the best I could do.

    Looking forward to meet you guys again and many more members soon.

    Phewww !!!! This post is longer than the actual meet.:A




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  2. sungoa2010


    Nice photos. Which is the place of meet. I was in Hyderabad for 7 years. Now unable to locate the place.
  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    @Sungoa: It means you have not read the entire post. :mad: :A :chair: :ban

    Just kidding. The place is near Sanjeevaiah Park at Necklace Road.
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  4. macky

    macky Amatore

    I think the red GP with after market alloys is Kiran's. Thats one heck of a post!! Kudos to Kiran for taking the initiative to organise the meet and taking all the pain to call up every one and made sure the event was a success!!
  5. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Bingo !!! That ER GP is mine indeed. We can still call it a success as the number of cars in the earlier meets were just around 10. And this time it was 8 Fiats in total. Was expecting to break the magic number 10 and even better 20. Hopefully next time, my dream will come true.
  6. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    I'm seeing Indra Sena Reddy in you :D ,just kidding.

    Nice clicks,though i have nice memories with that sanjeevaiah park ;)
    Necklace road is awesum during evenings and once i saw Nagachaithanya and samantha for a shoot of movie "Thanu maya cheshindhi" :D ,Viru thandu varuvaya movie in tamil, Ek deewana tha in hindi.
  7. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    @ Ganges: Indra Sena Reddy ????? :eek: For now I take it as a compliment. :p
    I guess I know what you mean by "Nice memories" at Sanjeevaiah Park ;)
    BTW, the movie was titled "Yem Maaya Chesave".
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  8. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    Thank you for doing all the organizing work (yet again) Kiran. I hope i'll be able to help out next time like i promised. :D

    And about the car cover, i guess everyone here already knows "Dupont TYVEX" very well and that's what i got. Just that this one is a Custom fit for my Punto. Not available for online purchase, but i contacted company and they gave me the details of the Distributor in Hyderabad. Since we all know that FIAT's are best seller's, they didn't have cover's for FIAT's in stock and had to get it shipped from the company. Took over a week to get. They quoted 2500 but threw in some discount upon pestering.

    .:: COVERWELL ::.

    Material looked good but i'll have to use it for a few months to be able to give proper feedback. If any one in Hyderabad is interested, i'll post the local dealer's contact details.
  9. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Many Thanks to you Kiran. Photos are really good.
  10. puntojith


    Hey Kiran, thanks a lot for the post. Its very well written. It was a wonderful experience meeting you guys. How much ever we interact online, meeting in person brings in a whole new level of camaraderie that cannot be achieved over the internet. Also to be frank, your post is helping me remember all your names-Suman, Prasanna, Rajeev, Vignesh, Pramit, Krishna!
    I have only one picture to share with you all...will click more the next time.

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