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TFI Hyderabad Meets Thread - Latest report on Pg. 100

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by atulalvenkar, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. TheDrifter

    TheDrifter Amatore

    P.S: In above narration, Shiva mistyped my name as "Arvind" rather than "Anand" :) Thanks Shiva for narrating eye detailed 3dview in this words. Appreciate your patience.
    Thanks to all for making this meet a great success.
    A good news to share with you all. Finally i booked Fiat Punto 90Hp beast on the same day of meet so i had to drop off in middle without joining you folks for lunch. A big appologies for that. And I added one more RED feather in the group :) after analyzing lot of concerns.
    A special thanks to Shiva, Kiran & Prabhakar for there inputs in clarifying my doubts and questions. Happy to be part of great crew of Fiat Owners.
  2. Sorry man on your name mistype , my memory fails me big time. Congratulations for your 90 and welcome to the flock of 90's here in TFI Hyd.
  3. great writeup guys.
    kiran anna your turn for the next write up!!
    for this side of the city..

    cool pics!!
    need some photography classes from the experts i guess.

    i was messaging pioneeraaron then!!
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  4. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    I hope I never caused panic to the co-passengers in my car. And after the run on the ORR, my respect for my Punto has grown more. I leave the judging of my driving to my co-passengers. Please let me know, if I need to improve on anything or do I still need to drive even faster :p. I am at my work and cannot do the write-up now, but will definitely do it tonight from home.
  5. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    ORR Drive / Osman Sagar Monsoon Meet 23rd July 2011

    As you all would have read the detailed write-up by Shiva, there is nothing much left to write about. Since he has left out the part of the journey that began from the other end of the city (L.B.Nagar), I would try to portray the events that have been experienced by me on the meet day.

    Date : 23rd July 2011
    Time : 06.55 Am

    Suddenly I woke up and thought that the Alarm din't go off (Rather I din't hear the Alarm going off) only to find out that the Alarm time I set was 7.00 Am. This is quite unsual on the weekdays as I only wake up after 3rd snooze. It only happens when I am very excited and very eagerly looking forward for the morning. :p

    Time : 07.00 Am
    Called Srikar who has already reached Hyderabad from his college in Nalgonda (I donot know the exact distance, but assume it to be not less than 150kms from Hyderabad) the earlier evening. He stayed at his friend's place as his parents are not aware of his arrival to Hyderabad. Srikar needs specially appreciation for the kind of enthusiasm and fondness he has for TFI and for the efforts he put in to be
    a part of the meet. :clap
    P.S: He has his final exams starting today. All the very best Srikar.
    So coming back to 07.00 Am. When I called Srikar, he didnot answer and I thought he is too deep in sleep to wake-up. I tried couple of times and then I recieved an SMS from Prabhakar (Probiker) that the TFI website has been hacked. I immediately started my PC and tried to login to TFI, the webpage was fine but when the forum was being accessed the page was diverted to some hacker message page. I immediately called Shiva and informed him about the same. He said he was able to access the forum through his mobile. But anyways a big THANKYOU to Countrock and Sandeep for bring back the website live and kicking. :dance As said by our very own Shashank to me many times "All is well when it ends well" ..... We missed you Shashank at the meet.

    Time : 07:15 Am
    Recieved a call back from Srikar to my relief. I asked him if he has just woken up, and to my surprise he informed me that he is ready for the meet. Should I say the very first one to get ready for the meet on that day. I told him that I was supposed to meet Prasanna on the main road near my locality and we would pick him up as planned at 08.45 Am. Srikar said that he doesnot want to wait and will travel back to the place where I live. I told him that he can do so and asked him to make sure that he is there by 08.30 Am sharp.

    Time : Not sure.
    Made a few phone calls to Sharath to confirm his presence for the meet (He was unsure the earlier evening). Prasanna to confirm the time. Vignesh to inform him about the approx. time we would pick him up. Rizwan to enquire if he can make it to the meet, but didnot recieve an answer. (He could not make it to the meet, because of some personal issues). Recieved a call from Surya and was informed that he couldn't make it as he was sick.

    Time : 08.00 Am
    I was about to go for my bath and my phone rings. It was Srikar and I thought that he is starting from his friends place. But to my surprise yet again he had already reached to my locality and was waiting at a hotel :eek:. I told him that I will pick him up in about 15mins.

    Time : 08.20 Am
    Finished my bath and started from home to pick Srikar. 5 mins later I reached to the place where he was waiting patiently. I picked him up and the very first time he experienced my driving. (Don't believe what he says on this as he would definitely exagarate):boxer. Reached my home where my daughter was being prepared for her first ever TFI meet.

    Time : 08:45 Am
    Me, my wife and my daughter joined along with Srikar started to the point where we were supposed to be joined by Prasanna and his family. I called Prasanna and informed him that we have already started from home. Reached the place only to call back Prasanna and know that he is couple of kms away and waited. In the mean time we recieved a call from Prabhakar who travelled back to my area and beyond :A due to some personal work. He said that he would catch up with us on ORR. :redcar

    Time : 09.15 Am
    Prasanna joined us and the 2 Exotica Red Grande Puntos set the journey to the TFI Monsoon meet, weaving through the traffic. Made a quick phone call to Vighnesh and informed about our status and asked him to wait at the planned pick-up point.

    Time : 09:30 Am
    Reached the spot where we were supposed to pick-up Vighnesh and he was still walking to the pick-up point. I was the first to reach and Prasanna joined me a few mins later.

    Time : 09:35 Am
    Vighnesh arrived and we greeted each other, we were meeting for the very first time. This was Vighnesh's first TFI meet too. Vighnesh got into my car and we took off to the next meet point. Called Sharath and informed about our arrival. He asked us to meet just after the L.B.Nagar X Roads. Recieved a call again from Prabhakar who enquired our where abouts. He again said he would go back to his home and asked me to call once we reach the entry point of the ORR. :uh

    Time : 09:45 Am
    Reached L.B.Nagar X Roads. Called Sharath and he was on his way. As we were waiting for Sharath, recieved a call from Shiva asking our position. I informed him and he was a bit disappointed that we haven't reached the ORR yet. Mind you, he is a very punctual guy and you should never mess with his time. Sharath joined us in couple of mins and the 2 Exotica Red Grande Puntos and the Minimal grey Linea EP started on a 12km drive to the entrance of ORR. Yet again I was the first to reach only to be joined by Prasanna and Sharath in couple of mins. :redcar

    Time : 10:10 Am
    Entered ORR and the widest roads of Hyderabad were awaiting for the Fiats to burn their tires on. This drive was not as exciting as it was couple of days ago when Shiva and me conducted a rekkie. I maintained my Punto's speed between 150 kmph and 160 kmph, ocassionally reaching 170 kmph (ODO readings). Loved the stability and the speed it attained with 4 adults and AC on. :wow
    Meanwhile I recieved calls from Shiva and informed him about out position only to be surprised that the Gachibowli Gang din't start at all :hit and were waiting for us to reach half way on the ORR. Prabhakar called aswell to enquired about us and was a bit angry that I forgot to call him when we entered ORR. :uh

    Time : 11:10 Am
    Reached the planned meet point of the two groups at Exit 17 on ORR. We reached first and the Gachibowli Gang joined us after few mins.

    The rest of the story has been already explained in detail by Shiva. :clapping

    Few other personal experiences at the meet

    After Shiva had driven Guru's GP and screached to a stop before us, I got into his car and asked Guru to join me. It was he who asked me to speed up at the neck of the entrace to the Parking lot of Osman Sagar and told me to drift. I quickly twisted the steering to the left simultaneously pulling the hand brake and the car shifted its weight and it kept sliding all the way :redcar and I guess it was in a semi circle tragectory.
    I really donot know how it looked from outside. I wished that some one could have made a video footage of it.

    That made me to do it again, but I didnot want to wreck Guru's car, so jumped into mine and this time Shiva joined me in the passenger seat. :helmet
    I tried to do the same stunt, but Prabhakar warned me about the front tyre being under inflated and that I might damage my alloys. But I couldn't stop myself trying few skids before stopping. I actually wanted to try something which I learnt recently. But there is always a next time. ;)

    The drive from Osman Sagar to "Our Place Restaurant" in the city. There are two roads from Osman Sagar which converge again after 2 kms. I didnot know who took which route as I was one of the last ones to start from Osman Sagar. The car ahead of me was from Tejaswi Motors and they took a diversion. I just went on my regular route (I have been on this route more than 30 times). After few meters I found the two Lineas taking a turn and quickly joined them. I overtook Shiva's Linea which was been driven by Srikar and the other Linea (Sharath's) was zooming away which I later realised was been driven by Shiva. Never believe Shiva if he ever tells you that he is a sedate driver. There was this "T" junction where the 2 roads as I said earlier merged. Shiva took the turn and immediately the Tejaswi motors car zoomed after him which joined from another road. I took the turn at quite a speed and there was this which I passed inches away from. Later I was being appreciated by Bhaskar that turn was awesome (Alas I coudn't see it)

    Then there was this Round-about on the ORR where we were supposed to take an exit. I over took Shiva who slowed down for the first time from left.
    We were supposed to take a left turn and I saw an Indicab coming from that road and I misunderstood that it wasn't the correct exit. Infact the Indicab
    was driving on the wrong route. Shiva intended to take a left and I wanted to go right. Suddenly I see the nose of this Minimal Grey Linea approaching
    me fast (well but for me it was like the slow motion thing like the Matrix, will never forget) only to realise that I was supposed to take left. I slowed down
    immediatley hitting the brakes hard and turned left. Have missed a major collission and would be damned to do that to a fellow TFI member and that too
    on a meet. I sincerely apologise to Shiva and Sharath for that incident.

    Immediately after that Shiva allowed me to zoom away as he didnot want an immature driver like me driving any where around him on the road. ::D
    The exit was kind of a big curve and this stretch I should particularly mention was been driven by me at around 120 kmph and the Punto never even showed a single sign of distraction. It was going on with the same stability as in a straight line. I could hear the screaches of the tires as I floored the accelator further. I would not hesitate to compare Punto at that particular moment any thing less than the stallions which would never wither to any conditions in a war. The respect and love for the Punto has grown more than ever. :wow

    Then we stopped at the ORR exit at Gachibowli and planned a route to reach the restaurant. Then after reaching restaurant I heard that there were 3 Exotica Red Puntos been driven by some maniacs were weaving through the traffic at insane speeds :rage terrorising the on goers. I missed to see that, I was too busy and concentrated on the traffic ahead of me :steering. Later Guru comes to me and tells me about the 3 car chase seemingly like the one in Italian job. Again someone should have made a video. I would have done that if I was there.

    Then we had an awesome lunch. I couldn't eat well as I was so busy discussing about the whole meet. But my stomach was filled already with the excitement and fun we had the whole time.

    The best moments for me at the meet

    1. I will call it as Srikar's Surprise. The guy who never lifts a call and calls back hours later saying that he was sound asleep gets ready before everyone else and travels back to my place half an hour earlier than planned. And the down to earth nature of this guy definitely has to be appreciated. :clap

    2. The ORR drive. 170kmph and I never felt the speed as the Punto was just cruising all the way. Glad that I made the right choice. ::T

    3. The visit of CRM and the technicians from Tejaswi Motors :car

    4. The formation we had at both the lakes and the on lookers expressions were priceless. :wow

    5. The procession of Fiats. (Prabhakar has the video footage ...... upload the videos asap) :hit

    6. The so called stunts by me in Guru's and my GP. (Thanks Guru for letting me do it):grin:

    7. The save from the collission :helmet

    8. The awesome turn on the curve. ;)

    9. Hearing stories about the 3 Italian job GPs (All 3 were Exotica reds and imagine what a sight that would have been) :redcar:redcar:redcar

    10. Giving ranks to the fast/rash (insane) drivers :confused

    The ranks for me are as follows

    1. Probiker :devil
    2. Shiva :D
    3. Bhaskar ::T

    And last but not the least, I would like to THANK everyone who has participated in the meet and made it a Grand success. All our efforts were given a definite meaning
    by your presence and we would continue putting in more efforts for the forth coming meets and will try to make them bigger success. For the ones who missed out on
    the meet, there is always another meet coming up. Try to be a part of it and make it more memorable for everyone.

    Special thanks to Shiva for being with me from the beginning to communicate, organise and finalise the meet. It wouldn't have been such big a success without you. :clap
    Special thanks to Prabhakar for getting the Tejaswi motors team to the meet. :clap

    It would also be nice if the members who participated in the meet could post their experiences. You can also mention any improvement or things that can done in future meets.

    Sorry for the length of the post, hope I haven't bored you all. Thanks for reading. :D

    And Hyderabadis ...................... WHEN IS THE NEXT MEET ?????? :dance:drinks:redcar
  6. Awesome write-up Kiran. Looks like you are bent on displacing your position from the 2 and putting me in just after probiker and just before Bhaskar ;). Looks like this is a rolling position man. Next time your turn.
  7. hillram


    Beautiful write up Kiran.
    When are Probiker's photos going to show up on the thread?
  8. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    The ranks are according to me as I mentioned above. I have seen you drive Sharath's Linea and I am in no comparision with the driving skills of you 3 guys.
  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Which photos are you talking about Ram garu? :eek: The other 2 meets we had months ago or the latest ones? :p Probiker always has a teaser for us and never uploads the complete set. Its like a movie whose trailers are all around but never releases in the theaters. :dance
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  10. He has taken very less photos I believe. However there are some videos I think he would upload. The piece of the cake were the snaps at himayatsagar ;-)

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